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A call is now open for the attribution of a Research Scholarship for graduates hosted by the Lisbon Public Law Research Center (CIDP) research unit, financed with the reference UIDB/04310/2020 with the financial support of the Foundation for the Science and Technology, IP/MCTES through national funds (PIDDAC).
The Research Scholarship for Master's Student is aimed at candidates already enrolled or to be enrolled in one of the Master's Degrees at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon (FDUL) who wish to develop research activities in the area of Administrative Law.
Admission requirements are:
a) Degree in Law;
b) Have a high command of Portuguese and English (writing, reading and conversation).
Are eligible for the grant:
a) National citizens or citizens of other Member States of the European Union;
b) Citizens of third States;
c) Stateless persons;
d) Beneficiaries of the political refugee status.
Work plan
The work plan is part of the activities of the research project Management and Profitability of Public Goods, coordinated at CIDP by Professor João Miranda and includes the following tasks:
i) Research and analysis of legislation on public property, which may constitute a development or a special regime of the Legal Regime of Public Property Patrimony, approved by Decree-Law No. 280/2007, of 7th August;
ii) Survey of jurisprudence that, directly or indirectly, has applied or considered the application of precepts of the Legal Regime of Public Real Estate, as of 2017;
iii) Survey and summary analysis of authorship reports promoted by the Court of Auditors, relating to the acquisition, management, profitability and disposal of public assets, as well as Opinions on the General State Account, issued since 2017;
iv) Survey of foreign legal regimes on the management and profitability of public assets, parallel to the Legal Regime of Public Real Estate Heritage, adopted since 2017;
v) Systematization and categorization of the information collected, as well as other information that will be provided by the research team and that concerns the period prior to 2017, with a view to its availability in the database / online site on the management of public assets by the Public Administration.
vi) Establishment of contacts with the Public Administration, in particular with entities especially dedicated to the management of public assets (eg. Directorate-General of Treasury and Finance, Estamo, Participações Imobiliárias, SA, Fundiestamo, Sociedade de Gestão de Investimento Imobiliário, SA , Directorate-General for National Defense Resources, Commission for the Public Maritime Domain, Institute for Financial Management and Justice Equipment, IP, Directorate-General for Energy and Geology, Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation, IP, Administration of the Port of Lisbon, SA, Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA, Directorate-General for Schools, Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, Portuguese Environment Agency, IP, Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, IP, Municipal Directorate of Heritage of Lisbon), in the sense to assess their availability to participate in the database / online platform on the management of public goods.
Place of work
The activities related to the grant will be developed at the Lisbon Public Law Research Center, under the supervision of Professor João Miranda.
The duration of the scholarship is 3 (three) months, non-renewable, starting in October 2021.
Monthly stipend
The amount of the grant corresponds to €835,98, under the terms of the table in Appendix I of the FCT Research Grant Regulation.
Payment of the monthly maintenance allowance is made at the end of each month by bank transfer.
The performance of functions as a scholarship holder is carried out under exclusive dedication, under Article 5 of the Research Scholarship Statute.
Selection Methods and Criteria
Candidates are assessed through Curriculum Assessment (CA) and Professional Interview (PI), with the weighting of CA*0.70 + PI*0.30.
The results are expressed on a scale from 0 (zero) to 20 (twenty) and only candidates with a total score above 15 (fifteen) will be admitted to the final serial list.
The Curriculum Assessment must demonstrate suitability for the work to be performed and will consider the following aspects, with the weighting AC=0.40P1+0.40P2+0.20P3:
P1=Academic training, P2=Professional experience and scientific background, P3=Proficiency in foreign languages.
Candidates who are classified with 15 (fifteen) or more in the Curriculum Assessment will be invited, via email, for a Professional Interview scheduled between September the 1st and 8th, 2021, which might take place via videoconference.
Jury composition
President: Professor João Miranda
Member: Professor Ana Gouveia Martins
Member: Dr. Jorge Pação
Substitute Member: Dr. Sara Azevedo
Substitute Member: Professor Miguel Assis Raimundo
Publicity and communication of results
The evaluation results are communicated via e-mail to the e-mail address used by the candidate in the application and published on the CIDP/ICJP website within 90 working days after the application submission deadline.
Candidates may complain about the draft final ranking list within 10 working days of its publication under the terms of articles 121 et seq. of the Code of Administrative Procedure.
Deadline and submission of application
The call is open from the 20th July to the 31st August 2021.
Applications must be formalized by sending an application letter accompanied by the following documents:
a) Curriculum Vitae, including a copy of the identification document and indication of the candidate's residence;
b) Certificates of Qualifications, with the final average and grades obtained;
c) Other documents considered relevant by the candidates, namely letters of recommendation or documents proving internships or activities carried out in public or private entities related to the work plan of the scholarship.
Applications and application support documents must be submitted, mandatorily, in digital format (pdf format) to the email address cidp-icjp@fd.ulisboa.pt.
No document that should have been submitted in candidacy may be presented after the deadline set for this purpose.
In the case of academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions, and to ensure the application of the principle of equal treatment to candidates holding foreign and national academic degrees, it is mandatory to recognize these degrees and convert the respective final classification to the Portuguese rating scale.
Documents proving the ownership of academic degrees and diplomas, or their respective recognition when they have been awarded by foreign higher education institutions, may be dispensed with during the application stage for the support in question, being replaced by a declaration of honor by the candidate (annex draft), with the verification of this condition occurring only during the contracting phase.
In the application stage, it will be sufficient for candidates to prove that they meet the necessary conditions to enroll in study cycles leading to the attainment of an academic degree or in courses that do not lead to a degree. At the stage of contracting the scholarship, it will be necessary to present proof of enrollment.
Applicable legislation
The call is governed by the FCT Research Grants Regulation (RBI), approved by Regulation No. 950/2019, published in the II Series of the DR of December 16, 2019, by the Research Fellowship Statute approved by Law No. 40/2004, of August 18, as amended, and by the Scholarship Regulation of the University of Lisbon, approved by Order No. 6238/2020, published in the II Series of the DR of June 12, 2020 and by other applicable national and community legislation.

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