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    Centro Nacional de Investigación Sobre la Evolución Humana, CENIEH
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    16/08/2021 14:00 - Europe/Athens
    Spain › Burgos
    H2020 / ERC
    10/2021 ERC-2020-STG DEATHREVOL


Dr. Nohemi Sala is the Lead Researcher (henceforth, "IP") for the project DEATHREVOL: The roots and evolution of the culture-of-death. A taphonomic research of the European Paleolithic record, which has been selected to receive financing from the European Research Council (ERC) within the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program (Grant Agreement no. 949330). These funds stand at €1,494,486 and her project will take place over 5 years starting on 01/04/2021, at the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH).

This project, DEATHREVOL, will be pursued through an interconnected network of researchers from different fields of paleoanthropology, taphonomy, the geosciences and other related disciplines, where some participants will work at the CENIEH and be led directly by the IP, and the rest are external collaborators from different Europe and American research centers.

The Grant Agreement signed with the European Commission (no. 949330) includes a specific allocation for hiring a Technician specializing in paleontology and virtual anthropology, full-time, so that this hire will be 100%-financed by the funds of the DEATHREVOL Project, within the cited agreement.

The selection process will be carried out through the competitive merit system, in accordance with the constitutional principles of equality, merit, capacity and transparency, with the valuations and scores specified below, in the corresponding section and annex.

The purpose of this contract will be to perform the duties of a technician in paleontology and virtual anthropology funded by the European project “DEATHREVOL” (G.A no.: 949330), give technical support for data acquisition, digital processing and preparation of 3D models, visualization techniques, data analysis and statistical processing applied to the forensic taphonomy of the project. The person will also furnish technical support with the paleoanthropological and paleontological analysis of the human and faunal fossils analyzed in the course of the project.

More specifically, the duties to be discharged shall be:

  • Data acquisition (virtual data, bibliographic data, etc.) for the fossil specimens to be studied. Documentation and finding data, excavation, data acquisition through direct analysis of fossils and securing virtual data.
  • Digital postprocessing, preparing 3D reconstructions using CT and microCT images, photogrammetry, 3D microscopy and other techniques allowing three-dimensional models to be obtained.
  • Data analysis, visualization and measurement techniques for taphonomic attributes: fractures and marks on bone surfaces.
  • Application of geometric morphology analyses for comparative assessment of marks.
  • Paleoanthropological analyses for the fossil hominin remains analyzed.
  • Paleontological analyses for the other faunal remains analyzed.
  • Analysis of traumas and forensic taphonomy.
  • Management and archival of the DEATHREVOL project virtual library of fossil specimens.
  • Statistical data processing.
  • Excavation and management of osteological and paleontological collections.
  • Contribute to the scientific communication and outreach of DEATHREVOL facilitating availability of the virtual reconstructions to the dissemination plans during the project.

The term of this contract shall be for four years. The start date for this contract is estimated to be October 1st 2021.

This temporary position will report to the IP of the DEATHREVOL project which will finance the entirety of the salary costs of this contract (gross salary, employer's Social Security contribution, raises and incentives, if applicable, and the appropriate severance pay).

This temporary position falls within the Technical Area, Professional Group II, Level B.2, professional category of Specialist Technician, with a tier 3 complement in conformance with the professional classification and salary tables in force of the First Collective Agreement of the Consorcio CENIEH published in the Boletín de la Provincia de Burgos, No. 8, on January 12th 2012.

The employment contract to be formalized will be a fixed-term one for a specific research project, (article 15.1.a of the Legislative Royal Decree 2/2015, and articles 20.2, 26.7, 30 and Additional Provision 23 of the Act 14/2011), full-time, for 38.5 hours per week, so that according to the tables for 2020 this gross annual remuneration stands at approximately €25,979.

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Offer Requirements


Minimum requirements that applicants must meet by the deadline for submission of applications for admission to the selection process:

  • University degree with Master's in Biology, Geology, Archaeology, Geography and History or similar. Applicants with qualifications obtained abroad must also accredit that they are in possession, by the cited date, of the appropriate ratification of those studies or the credential accrediting that those studies have been validated, if applicable. This requirement shall not be applicable to applicants who have obtained recognition of their professional qualification within the scope of the regulated professions, under the provisions of European Union law.
  • Professional experience of at least 2 years, which will be assessed as described in the following section, specifically relating to forensic taphonomy work applied to fossil specimens.
  • Applicants must not possess any previous temporary experience at the CENIEH, by virtue of article 15.5 of the Labor Act.

Specific Requirements

    1. The qualification demanded will be assessed in accordance with how close a relation it bears to the duties and tasks to be performed.
    2. Specific training in Forensic Taphonomy: courses or seminars related to the duties of the post.
    3. Documented experience (high-impact scientific publications) certifying technical skills in virtual paleontology applied specifically to forensic taphonomy.
    4. Documented experience in paleoanthropological analysis of human remains (skull and postcranial skeleton).
    5. Documented experience of faunal paleontological analysis for Quaternary mammals.
    6. Personal skills and ability to interact and collaborate with scientists, technicians or users from different disciplines.
    7. Experience in excavations at Quaternary sites.
    8. Experience in managing osteological collections.
    9. Other merits in the area of virtual anthropology and taphonomy (awards, courses, stays).
    10. Advanced level of scientific-technical English, oral and written (Level B2).

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Centro Nacional de Investigación Sobre la Evolución Humana, CENIEH
Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca nº 3

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