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    FLUP| 2 Investigadores Doutorados Juniores| CITCEM (prog.)


1. By order of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP), of june 08 2021, it was decided to open an international selection competition for hiring 2 (two) Junior PhD Researchers to carry out scientific research, management and communication of science in the FOS scientific areas of History, Archeology, Heritage Studies, Cultural and Literary Studies, Demography, Information Sciences, Communication Sciences, under the multiannual funding program contract for R&D units 2020-2023 between FCT, FLUP and CITCEM, within the scope of programmatic financing (Ref. UIDP/04059/2020), ongoing at FLUP, financed by national funds through FCT, by means of an individual fixed-term employment contract, under the Portuguese Labour Code.

These hirings aim to pursue the following objectives:

i) To propose and to manage research and knowledge dissemination activities taking place within the scope of the Research Lines foreseen in the CITCEM´s strategic program, in direct articulation with CITCEM´s scientific coordination and the coordination of the Research Lines, namely: Otherness Within; Global Exchanges; Shared Territories; Environmental Change; Shifting Transitions.

ii) To design and submit a research project to national or international funding within the thematic scope of one or more than one of the aforementioned Research Lines.

Fulfillment of these objectives assumes the exercise of the following tasks: i) to enhance the involvement among researchers of the various CITCEM Research Groups in joint initiatives resulting in the submission of a research projects to national or international funding; ii) to create or promote international research networks, considered relevant to achieve the proposed aims; iii) to enhance the involvement of external, non-academic entities, in direct articulation with the guidelines of the CITCEM executive board; iv) to work in close collaboration with CITCEM researchers, aiming at promoting external visibility of the research carried out within the scope of the Center; v) managing the image of CITCEM's research and knowledge dissemination, producing dissemination materials, organizing events and establishing solid partnerships in order to enhance the impact of CITCEM’s research.

In order to align his/her candidacy with the CITCEM Research Line(s), the candidate must indicate, in a Motivation Letter, up to two of the Lines in which he/she proposes to work. This indication is not binding, nor does it exclude other attributions that the CITCEM Executive Board may consider relevant in the performance of the selected candidates, in a logic of transversality and internal cooperation.

2. Applicable Legislation

Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29, amended by Law No. 57/2017 of July 19 (Legal Regime of Scientific Employment - RJEC); Regulation No. 487/2020 of May 22 (Regulation of Research, Science and Technology Staff of the University of Porto); Regulatory Decree no. 11-A/2017, of December 29; Portuguese Labour Code, approved by Law no. 7/2009, of February 12, in its current wording.

3. Pursuant to article 18 of the RJEC, this competition is exempted from the authorization of the members of the Government responsible for the areas of finance and Public Administration, namely that referred to in paragraph 3 of article 7 of the General Public Service Labour Law (LTFP), obtaining the prior favorable opinion of the members of the Government responsible for the areas of Finance and Public Administration referred to in paragraph 5 of article 30 of the LTFP and the procedure for the recruitment of workers in requalification situations, referred to in article 265 of the LTFP.

4. In accordance with Article 13 of the RJEC, the Selection Panel of the competition is composed of the following members:


Amélia Maria Polónia da Silva, Full Professor, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP) and Scientific Coordinator of CITCEM

Effective Members:

Luís Alberto Marques Alves, Associate Professor with Aggregation, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP)

Francisco José de Jesus Topa, Associate Professor with Aggregation, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP)

Fernando Vasco Moreira Ribeiro, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP)

Andreia Catarina Magalhães Arezes, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP)3

Substitute Members:

Maria da Conceição Meireles Pereira, Associate Professor with Aggregation, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP)

Hugo Daniel Silva Barreira, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP)

5. The workplace is located at the CITCEM, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, Porto, Portugal.

6. The monthly remuneration to be paid is €2.134,73, corresponding to level 33 of the Single Salary Table, approved by Order no. 1553-C/2008 of December 31 and updated pursuant to Decree-Law no. 10-B/2020 of March 20.

7. This competition is open to national candidates, foreigners and stateless persons holding a doctorate degree in Humanities and Social and Human Sciences, and with a scientific and professional curriculum that shows an appropriate profile for the activity to develop. Candidates with other academic backgrounds may be considered, as long as these prove to be confluent with the aims and mission of the Research Lines to which they submit applications.

If the candidate holds a doctoral degree awarded by a foreign higher education institution, it must be recognized by a Portuguese higher education institution, in accordance with the provisions of article 25 of Decree-Law no. 66/2018 of 16 August, which approves the legal regime for the recognition of academic degrees and higher education diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions and Article 4 (2) (e) of Decree-Law no. 60/2018 of 3 August, and any formalities established therein be fulfilled up to the date of the contracting act.

8. Pursuant to article 5 of RJEC, the selection is to be made based on the candidate’s scientific and curricular career evaluation.

9. Scientific and curricular career evaluation focuses on relevance, quality and up-todateness:

a) Scientific, technological, cultural or artistic production of the last 5 years considered the most relevant by the candidate;

b) Experience of participating in and/or submitting research projects to competitive public selection processes;

c) Applied or practice-based research activities developed in the last 5 years and considered of greater impact by the candidate;

d) Activities of extension and dissemination of knowledge developed in the last 5 years, namely in the context of the promotion of culture and scientific practices, considered of greater relevance by the candidate;

e) Management activities of science, technology and innovation programs, or experience in the observation and monitoring of the scientific and technological system or of the higher education system, in Portugal or abroad.

10. The period of five years referred to in the preceding paragraph may be increased by the Selection Panel, at the request of the candidate, when substantiated in suspending scientific activities for socially protected reasons, namely parental leave, prolonged serious illness, and other situations of unavailability for work that are legally protected.

11. Special requirements are as follows:

a) National and international scientific publication relevant to the area to which the application is submitted;

b) Participation in national and international scientific networks.

12. Preferential requirements are as follows:

a) Experience in submission, coordination and/or participation in research projects submitted to competitive evaluation;

b) Fluency in written and spoken English.

13. The assessment methods are as follows:

Curriculum Evaluation (90%) and Interview Evaluation (10%).

The evaluation process will include an interview to all admitted candidates, which is exclusively

intended to clarify aspects related to the results of their research.

Criteria and weighting factors of the curriculum evaluation:

a) Scientific publications: books, book chapters and papers in national and international indexed journals – 50%;

b) Submission and participation in individual or collective research projects, funded in competitive processes, national or international – 20%;

c) Participation in international scientific networks – 10%);

d) Events organization, science communication and knowledge transfer activities - 10%;

e) Quality of the arguments presented in the motivation letter justifying the confluence of the candidate's curricular profile with the Research Line(s) with which he/she proposes to collaborate – 10%.

14. The final classification system is expressed on a scale of 0 to 100 points.

15. The Selection Panel shall deliberate by means of a nominal vote based on the selection criteria adopted and published, and abstentions are not allowed.

16. The decisions taken at the Selection Panel meetings’ will be registered in minutes, which contain a summary of what has taken place in them, as well as the votes cast by each of the members and respective reasoning and shall be provided to candidates whenever required.

17. After completing the application of the selection criteria, the Selection Panel will draw up an ordered list of successful candidates with their respective classification.

18. The final decision of the Selection Panel is approved by the leader of the institution responsible for opening the competition. The final decision on hiring is the responsibility of the leader of the contracting institution.

19. Submission of applications

19.1 Candidates must submit their applications, addressed to the Chair of the Selection Panel, stating the identification of the position, full name, number and expiry date of the civil identification number (identity card or passport), date of birth, full address, email address and telephone contact.

19.2. The application shall be accompanied by documents proving the conditions laid down in numbers 7 and 11 of this notice, namely:

a) Copy of the PhD certificate or diploma;

b) Detailed curriculum vitae structured in accordance with the items in numbers 9 and 13;

c) Motivation letter, with a brief description of the most relevant scientific activities of the last 5 years, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 5 of the RJEC, and point 9 of this notice, and their convergence with the mission and objectives of the Research Lines under which the application is submitted, in accordance with the provisions of point 1 of this notice;

d) Documents proving the conditions set out in points 11, 12 and 13 (if applicable).

19.3. The candidates will present their applications and supporting documents, in PDF format, to the email addresses candidaturasrh@sp.up.pt and citcem@letras.up.pt. The message’s subject should mention the full position reference “FLUP| 2 Investigadores Doutorados Júniores| CITCEM (prog.)”.

19.4. Applications must be submitted by 13rd june, 2021 [the 10th working day (latest by 11.59 pm local time) following the publication of this notice in the 2nd series of the Official Gazette (Diário da República), the Public Employment Exchange (Bolsa de Emprego Público), the EURAXESS portal, the Recruitment page of the University and on FLUP’s website].

20. Candidates who incorrectly formalize their application, do not instruct it with all the required documents or who do not prove to have the requirements of this competition will be excluded. The Selection Panel has the power to require any candidate, in cases of doubt, to present documents supporting their statements.

21. False statements provided by the candidates shall be punished by law.

22. The minutes regarding the evaluation phases will be sent via email with delivery notification.

23. Preliminary Hearing and Final Decision Deadline: pursuant to article 121 of the Administrative Procedure Code, after notified, all candidates have 10 working days to respond.

The panel’s final decisions will be announced within a maximum period of 90 days, counted from the deadline for submitting applications.

24. This competition is exclusively destined to fill the announced vacancies and can be terminated at any time until approval of final candidate list, expiring with the respective occupation of said vacancy.

25. Based on the final ranking list, a reserve list will be set up to be used in the event of the first ranked candidate withdrawing. This list will remain in effect for a maximum of one year after the final decision of the Jury. In the event that none of the candidates demonstrates to possess the required profile for the performance of the above described functions in the scope of this project the jury reserves the right not to assign this vacancy.

26. FLUP actively promotes a policy of non-discrimination and equal access, so that no candidate can be privileged, benefited, harmed or deprived of any right or exempt from any duty on account of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, economic situation, education, social origin or condition, genetic heritage, reduced working capacity, disability, chronic illness, nationality, ethnic origin or race, origin territory, language, religion, political or ideological convictions and trade union membership.

27. The Selection Panel approved this notice at the meeting held on 1st june 2021.

Porto, Portugal, june 08 2021

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto

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