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    16/07/2021 23:00 - Europe/London
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A research position for one Research Grant (“Bolsa de Investigação para Mestre”) is open under the scope of the R&D project “Aplicação da ferramenta COAST ao litoral português”, (PT-INNOVATION-0016 – COAST4US), financed by Mecanismo Financeiro do Espaço Económico Europeu (MFEEE 2014-2021) and Orçamento de Investimento da DGPM, with the following conditions:

1. Research Field: Civil Engineering or and related areas.

2. Admission requirements: Students enrolled in a PhD in civil engineering, or related areas, or Masters enrolled in a non-degree course.

In compliance of the Decree-Law nº. 66/2018, of August 16th, article nº. 25th, which approves the legal regime for the recognition of academic degrees and diplomas in Higher Education, assigned by foreign higher education institutions, and paragraph e) of indent 2 of article nº. 4 of the Decree-Law nº. 60/2018, of August 3rd, qualifications granted by a foreign higher education institution must be recognized by a Portuguese higher education institution. Thus, any formalities established therein must be completed by the date of the contracting act.

3. Eligibility: candidates are eligible as long as they comply with the provisions of paragraph a) of paragraph 1 of article 2 of the Research Fellowship Statute, in the wording given by Decree-Law no. 123/2019 of August, and also the provisions of article 9 of the Regulation of Scientific Research Scholarships of the University of Aveiro.

4. Work Plan: The granted student to be hired must define modelling scenarios corresponding to the coastal stretches: 1) São Jacinto - Gafanha da Boa Hora; 2) Cape Mondego - Cova Gala; and 3) Cova do Vapor – Cornelia, in Costa de Caparica, contributing to the research of cost and benefit analysis of different mitigation strategies for the coastal erosion problem. The specific objectives to be achieved by the scholarship holder will be the shoreline evolution projection in the different scenarios and collaborate in the analysis and interpretation of the results. Participation in the preparation of activity reports and in meetings within the project is also expected. The scholarship holder will contribute to improving the performance of the numerical modelling capacity and to the development of cost and benefit analyses.

5. Applicable legislation and regulations: Statute of Scientific Research Fellows, as amended by Decree-Law No. 123/2019, of 28 August; Regulation of Scientific Research Scholarships of the University of Aveiro, Regulation n.º 292/2020, published in Diário da República n.º 61, 2nd Series, of March 26 (https://dre.pt/application/file/a/130722170); Decree-Law No. 66/2018, of 16 August (Legal regime for recognition of academic degrees and higher education diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions).

6. Work place: The work will be developed at Department of Civil Engineering at University of Aveiro, under the scientific supervision of Professor Carlos Daniel Borges Coelho.

7. Fellowship duration: The scholarship will have a duration of 12 months, starting on October, 1st, 2021, possibly renewable in the case of Masters enrolled in a PhD, not exceeding the maximum duration of the project and/or applicable legislation.

8. Amount of monthly maintenance allowance: The amount of the grant is € 1.104.64, according to the table of monthly maintenance subsidy values, set out in Annex III of the Regulation. Scientific Research Scholarships from the University of Aveiro.

9. Selection methods: the selection methods to be used are: curriculum vitae (40%); experience in modeling and research projects, with special relevance to coastal matters (50%); interview with candidates (10%).

10. Composition of the Selection Board: Jury: Professor Carlos Coelho - President; Professor Paulo Silva and Investigator Paulo Baptista – members; Professor José Claudino Cardoso and Professor Joaquim Macedo – substitute members.

11. Application deadline and form of submission of applications: The call is open from 5 to 16 of July, 2021. Only applications submitted within the established deadline will be accepted.

Applications must be formalized, mandatory, by sending an application letter accompanied by the following documents: Curriculum Vitae, dated and signed; Photocopy of Identity Card/Citizen Card; Document proving academic degree; Copy of the most relevant scientific publications; Other elements of interest to the process. You must also indicate the email address to which, by this indication, you agree to be notified for all purposes within the scope of this procedure.

Applications must be sent in digital format to Professor Carlos Coelho: ccoelho@ua.pt

12. Form of publication/notification of results: the results of the evaluation are published within a maximum period of 30 working days from the term of submission of the applications, by means of notification to the candidates. Candidates are informed, during a prior hearing, under the terms established in the Code of Administrative Procedure, of the draft decision of the final decision, and may, within 10 working days of this notification, comment on this decision. At the end of the period established for hearing interested parties, and in the absence of any written response from them, the list of candidates will become definitive.

Universidade de Aveiro, 29/06/2021

Professor Carlos Daniel Borges Coelho

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