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    Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa
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The Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa – ICS-ULisboa – by order of its Director, dated 16/06/2021, made under the authority delegated to it by the Rector of the University of Lisbon (by Order 5018/2020, of 17 April, published in the Diário da República, 2nd series, issue 87 of 27 April 2020), opens an international selection competition for the recruitment of a researcher, for the exercise of science and technology activities, based on a fixed-term civil service employment contract as part of the funding programme contract of the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Refs. UIDB/50013/2020 and UIDP/50013/2020, in accordance with the provisions of the Legal Framework Governing Academic Employment (RJEC) - Decree-Law 57/2016 of 29 August – as amended by Law 57/2017, of 19 July, taking into account also the provisions of Regulatory Decree 11-A/2017 of 29 December 2017 and the General Law on Civil Service Employment (LTFP - Law 35/2014 of 20 June), in scientific areas of the ICS-ULisboa approved by the Order of the Rector of the University of Lisbon no. 8924/2015, published in the Diário da República, 2nd series, issue. 155 of August 11, 2015.

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Type of work contract – As a rule, the responsibilities of this post will be discharged on the basis of exclusivity, in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 7 of the RJEC.

Binding terms – The binding terms of this civil service employment contract are for a fixed term of three years, automatically renewable for periods of one year, up to a maximum total duration of six years, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law 57/2016 of 29 August.

The monthly remuneration to be awarded is as provided for in clause 1 of article 5 of Regulatory Decree 11-A/2017 of 29 December 2017, corresponding to level 33 of the consolidated table of remuneration, as approved by Government Order 1553-C/2008 of 31 December 2008, being 2,134.73 Euros. Basic pay is supplemented by holiday, Christmas and lunch bonuses.

Eligibility criteria

Formal applications - Candidates must complete and submit their formal applications within 15 working days of publication of this Notice in the Diário da República and the Bolsa de Emprego Público. They may be submitted by e-mail to concursos@ics.ulisboa.pt, by registered postal mail with acknowledgement of receipt, or delivered by hand, to the Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, Avenida Prof. Aníbal de Bettencourt, 9 – 1600-189 Lisboa, Portugal. They should contain the following information:

a) Application Form (available at https://www.ics.ulisboa.pt/info/informacoes-legais), addressed to the Director of the Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, full personal details (full name, parents’ names, place of birth and nationality, date of birth, number and date of issue of identity card, citizen’s card, passport or other equivalent identification document, department or authority of issue, tax number, address, postcode, e-mail address and telephone number);

b) Declaration of informed consent (attached to the application form);

c) Copy of doctoral diploma or certificate;

d) Detailed curriculum vitae, dated and signed;

d) A letter of presentation/motivation justifying the interest in the theme of the activity to be developed and the skills with which it thinks it can contribute to its implementation.

By decision of the Director of the Institute candidates shall not be admitted to the selection procedure if they have not complied with the provisions of point 8. Candidates will be automatically ruled out who do not use the application form, or who do not submit all the documentation mentioned in paragraphs a) to d) of point 8 or whose documentation is illegible, incorrectly filled in, or invalid. The selection board is also entitled, in case of doubt and in order to confirm eligibility for the selection procedure, to request documentary proof of statements made by any candidate.

The list of applicants accepted or rejected and the final list of acceptances will be exhibited at the offices of ICS-ULisboa, published on the relevant web page and sent by electronic mail to all applicants, with a request for acknowledgment of receipt.

Time limit for decision – The selection committee shall make its final deliberations within 90 days from the final date for submission of applications.

Preliminary Hearing – Under the terms of article 121 of the Administrative Procedure Code, applicants once notified have 10 working days to respond.

Selection process

Selection Committee – The selection committee for this competition is made up of the following, in accordance with article 13 of the RJEC:

Chair: Dr. Karin Elizabeth Wall Gago, Research Professor and Director of the ICS-ULisboa; Members: Dr. José Luís Miranda Cardoso, Research Professor of the ICS-ULisboa. Dr. Pedro Miguel Dias Costa Coutinho Magalhães, Senior Research Fellow, with Habilitation, of the ICS-ULisboa. 

Evaluation - The selection of the doctorate to be hired is carried out through the evaluation of the curriculum of the candidates. The evaluation focuses on science and technology and innovation management activities, or experience in observing the scientific and technological system or higher education, in Portugal or abroad. The ranking system of candidates will be expressed on a scale of 0 to 5 points.The criteria for the evaluation and serialization of the candidates are as follows:

a) Science and technology management curriculum or observation and monitoring of the scientific and technological system in the field of Social Sciences (50%);

b) Professional experience in science and technology management (30%);

c) Adequacy of the profile and experience of the candidate to the functional content of the job (20%).

The assessment procedure may involve interviews of a limited number of candidates, who will be chosen by the selection committee bearing in mind the provisional order emerging from the assessment procedures described in point 16. The interviews will include the discussion of the candidate’s scientific and professional career. If the selection committee chooses to conduct an interview, it will carry a weighting of 10% of the overall assessment.

Classification (marking) of candidates – Each examiner shall award a mark to each candidate for each evaluation criterion, on a scale of 0 to 5 points, and will proceed to rank candidates in accordance with the final marks obtained by adding up all the individual marks obtained for each evaluation criterion, and taking into account the weighting for each parameter.

Minutes of the meetings of the selection committee shall be drawn up, containing a summary of proceedings, as well as the number of votes awarded by each member and the grounds for those votes. These minutes will be made available to candidates on request.

The list of candidates accepted and those rejected, as well as the final ranking of all candidates, will be posted at the Institute’s premises, at the address mentioned above, and put up on the Institute’s webpage, candidates being notified by e-mail with notification of receipt, without prejudice to the provision of articles 110 to 114 of the Administrative Procedure Code (Código do Procedimento Administrativo).

Additional comments

As a public employer, ICS-ULisboa actively promotes a policy of equal opportunities for men and women in the access to employment and professional development. ICS-ULisboa scrupulously pursues a policy of non-discrimination, avoiding all its forms.

Under the terms of Decree-Law 29/2001 of 3 February 2001, disabled candidates take preference where scores are equal, and such preference prevails over any other legal right of preference. Candidates should state on the application form, on their word of honour, the extent to which they suffer from a disability, its type and the means of communication or expression to be used in the selection process, in accordance with the terms of the above-mentioned legislation.

Offer Requirements

    Other: PhD or equivalent


The researcher to be recruited should:

a) Have knowledge of the main national and international funding programmes for research;

b) Have professional experience in supporting the preparation and submission of applications for national and international funding programs in the area of social sciences;

c) Have professional experience in monitoring applications for the most important European programmes (e.g. ERC, H2020);

d) Have professional experience in negotiation processes with the funding entities after approval of projects, in particular those arising from European programmes;

e) Have and develop strategic planning capabilities for funding, taking into account national and international dynamics;

f) Have communication skills and professional experience to provide advice, guidance and training to researchers seeking funding for their research projects;

g) Have experience in the application of good scientific practices and ethical conduct standards in research projects and service provision;

h) Have knowledge of international networks and consortia in which researchers can participate either with preparation of applications or in the development of other scientific activities;

i) Be interested in the development of individual and institutional skills in science management;

j) Be interested in participating in networks, aimed at technicians, oriented to research in technical areas such as scientific, financial and legal management, in order to support national and transnational projects;

k) Have written and oral expression skills in Portuguese and English;

l) Have a spirit of initiative, autonomy and flexibility.

Specific Requirements

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

a) Hold a doctoral degree in one of the scientific areas of ICS-ULisboa, as outlined in the Rector of the University of Lisbon’s Order 8924/2015, published in the Diário da República, 2nd series, issue 155, of 11 August of 2015. If the doctorate has been conferred by a foreign academic institution, it must comply with the provisions of Decree-Law 66/2018 of 16 August, as regulated by Government Order 33/2019 of 25 January.

Equivalence, recognition or the registration of the degree of Doctor shall be obtained by the end of the time limit for signing the respective contract;

b) Meet other legal requirements, in particular those set out in the General Law on Civil Service Employment (LTFP) (article 17 of Law 35/2014 of 21 June).

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