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    21/06/2021 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Are you interested in fusion plasma physics and looking for a new job opportunity in the field? Do you want to participate in developing the new Advanced Computing Hub and join the European and international fusion research network?

VTT is one of the leading research organizations in Europe. What unites us at VTT are curiosity, a passion of learning and a devotion to finding solutions to global challenges and answers to our customers’ needs. You can familiarize with us further by exploring VTT’s research infra through VTT World.

We are now looking for a Nuclear Fusion Researcher to join our Fusion energy and decommissioning Team at VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety, Otaniemi! We are particularly searching for a person who has experience in experimental fusion plasma physics, plasma edge modelling with wide experience in working in large fusion facilities around the world. In this role, willingness to travel is important since the position requires working on the Advanced Computing Hub (located in Helsinki) and presence in large European fusion devices in Germany as well as on commercial fusion projects in UK.

Fusion Energy and Decommissioning team is part of the Nuclear Energy research area at VTT. Our team constitutes of more than 20 experts performing R&D for both future carbon-free fusion energy resources and safe and cost-efficient nuclear decommissioning solutions.

Please read more (in Finnish) of the EUROfusion Advanced Computing Hub granted to Finland, operating jointly by University of Helsinki, VTT, Aalto, CSC and Åbo Akademi.

With us, you will be responsible for:

  • Working approximately 3-6 PM/year on the Advanced Computing Hub within E-TASC-HEL project under FinnFusion Consortium Participation.
  • Establishing, leading and participating in projects on commercial fusion devices and facilities, such as those in Tokamak Energy, Commonwealth Fusion Systems and STEP. This includes also projects in ITER and DEMO.
  • Participation on present at large European fusion devices such as JET (Joint European Torus, the UK) and ASDEX Upgrade (Germany) experiments and analyzing and modelling data from the experiments together with VTT’s experimental team.
  • Developing diagnostics, such as optical fibers to measure steady-state magnetic fields of the fusion plasmas, with the final tests in a smaller tokamak such as NORTH (Denmark).
  • R&D of cleaning solutions for future fusion devices, for example by applying lasers.
  • Edge plasma and plasma surface interaction modelling for key EUROfusion experiments, for example for ITER and DEMO.

To succeed as a Nuclear Fusion Researcher, the most important requirements are:

  • Strong background and PhD degree in fusion plasma physics.
  • Experience in working in large fusion facilities and leading fusion experiments worldwide.
  • Expertise in fusion edge plasma modelling.
  • Willingness to learn new skills on topics (such as application of artificial intelligence on fusion research, verification, validation and uncertainty quantification in plasma physics codes and large data management and data analysis tools in fusion research) within the E-TASC-HEL Advanced Computing Hub project that will begin its operation on July 1, 2021.  
  • Excellent English skills.
  • Knowledge of one or several scientific programming languages such as Fortran or Python are appreciated.

As a person, we hope that you are

Open-minded, eager to learn new things and interested in research and science, and able to work in an international environment. You have good in collaboration with a natural and professional attitude. You are willing to solve challenges and problems in an innovative way.

What we offer you:

At VTT, we believe that our impact is built on scientific and technological excellence in all our work. Our people is the core of the next generation VTT. Our personnel’s wellbeing and competence development are key priorities. You will be a part of a creative and international working environment. We offer versatile, independent and challenging tasks and the needed support and coaching.

We offer a great opportunity to develop competences in the nuclear safety sector within the field of fusion energy research together with VTT´s top experts. At VTT, we develop solutions for nuclear safety within three main areas: reactor safety, nuclear waste management, and materials technologies. In addition to these, we provide interfaces to other technologies in e.g. materials science, probabilistic methods, civil engineering, instrumentation and control. VTT solutions include experimental and computational approaches and analysis. Infrastructure is housed in the VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety.

Interested and want to hear more?

For more information about the position, please contact:

  • Tuomas Tala, Head of the Finnish Fusion Research Unit, +358 40 5448984 between 2pm - 4pm (Finnish time), tuomas.tala@vtt.fi or
  • Antti Hakola, Fusion research project manager at VTT, +358 40 0102840 between 2pm - 4pm (Finnish time), antti.hakola@vtt.fi.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send your CV and application with your salary request via our recruitment system as soon as possible but 21 June 2021 at the latest.

We will start processing the applications already during the application period and we will fill in the position as soon as we find the right candidate. The interviews will be held on week 26.

Apply between 2 June 2021 and 21 June 2021 23:59 (Europe/Helsinki)

Employment type: Full-time, Permanent


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