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    31/07/2021 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Rector of SUA opens a call for the research postdoctoral post

Eligible applicants for the postdoctoral post are persons who have completed PhD. study at the university or research institution no later than five years before starting postdoctoral post.

Application deadline: 31/07/2021

Offer starting date: 01/10/2021 or negotiable

Employment contract: 1 year with the possibility of extension to 3 years

Applicants for this post must professionally profile themselves to the topic of the postdoctoral post: 

Determination of acrylamide content in selected products using artificial perception methods (electronic eye) and statistical models

Link to Research projects:

Innovation of the bakery production of the company FROST, funded by Slovak Ministry of Economy (OPVaI-MH/DP/2017/1.2.2-13, principal investigator: Dr. Gabríny)

Community on Food Consumer Science, Horizon 2020 Project (101005259, Horizon 2020, principal investigator: prof. Horská)

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Vietoris

Department:  Department of Technology and Quality of Plant Products, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences SUA in Nitra, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, e-mail: vladimir.vietoris@uniag.sk

Topic description:

Determination of acrylamide under food production conditions is expensive but still required by legislation. It is for this case that the legislation allows for alternating analysis using image processing methods. The project comes up with the idea of determining acrylamide using an instrumental methodology (chromatography, currently used methodologies) and parallel image analysis (electronic eye, mobile phone). Subsequently, it should be possible to process data from both analyzes and, using heuristic models, create a prediction model in the selected bakery product (pizza dough). The output of the project should be a successfully applied model for the prediction of acrylamide in products with the potential to convert this model into a mobile application with possible uses in the bakery industry.

Objectives of the topic:

The aim of the work will be the application of artificial perception devices (electronic eye, camera, mobile phone) to determine color profiles and measure acrylamide content. Based on the results obtained to create regression models or techniques of SVN, machine learning, Deep Learning, which will predict the level of acrylamide. Part of the research will be cross-validation of the results. European legislation prescribes possible alternatives to instrumental measurement, but there is no software or application available on the market. The work will therefore be innovative with the expected impact on the business sector (mandatory cyclic quality controls of acrylamide in the bakery industry). The postdoc will also participate in the preparation of the database in the Horizon 2020 project.

Description of the professional content of the postdoctoral post:

Professional specification: Monitoring and determination of acrylamide in bakery products, Image analysis and data heuristics and statistical analysis, preparation and publication of the articles, preparation of innovative procedures (NPD procedures) and modification of the methodologies for the project needs.

Qualifications required: Fundamentals of Food Technology, Mathematical / Statistical Knowledge, English Language, Knowledge of Databases (Advantage), R / Python Programming (Advantage).

Other requirements:  Moral integrity and good work ethic.

Minimum criteria for the publishing activity output during the postdoc post: Minimum 2+ articles in Q2 (WoS), software intellectual protection (not mandatory), and higher.

Selection process:

In the first round, selection committee appointed by the Rector will assess submitted applications in accordance with required conditions and documents defined in this call. Applicants who have not met defined requirements of this call do not advance to the second round.

The second round means interview in Slovak or English. Applicants will present their vision, research proposal and professional suitability with the post offered in the maximum 10-minute presentation. Presentation will be in the form of guided interview between the applicants and members of the selection committee.

Selection committee will determine the overall ranking of applicants. The final decision on selection process will be issued by the Rector of the University.

Application for the postdoctoral post includes the following documents submitted in Slovak or English:

  • Written request to apply for this post
  • Letter of motivation
  • Project proposal
  • CV emphasising scientific research activities relevant to the topic
  • Basic scientometric indicators of the applicant (list of publications with emphasis on works indexed in WOS and SCOPUS and journal works, overview of citations, patent activity, transfer of knowledge into practice, studio/atelier activities)
  • List of research grants/projects and brief description of the most significant results achieved
  • List of completed internships (advantage)
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Other information, if any, illustrating the applicant's professional profile
  • Certified copies of diplomas of the second and third degree studies (master and PhD.)
  • Certified copy of an extract from the judicial record not older than 3 months

How to apply:

Send your application by mail to

Reference number: UP-2021-34

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Human Resources Unit

Tr. A. Hlinku 2

949 76 Nitra

Slovak Republic

Additional admin info: hana.zach@uniag.sk

Additional research info: vladimir.vietoris@uniag.sk


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