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16-months PhD graduation position / Early Stage Researcher (ESR) within A-WEAR European Joint Doctorate network, Spain – Czech Republic

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    University Jaume I
    Computer scienceInformatics
    EngineeringComputer engineering
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    15/06/2021 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Spain › Castellon
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions


A-WEAR is an international, multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial training network and joint doctorate programme on wearable computing. A-WEAR is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska Curie grant agreement No. 813278.

We are looking for a motivated Early Stage Researcher (ESR) with passion for engineering and dedication towards PhD studies to join our multi-disciplinary A-WEAR team and to work on the project described below. It is to be noted that the ESR will join us in the middle of the project, thus benefiting of about 1.5 years of know-how accumulated in the network and getting 16-month secure funding for completing a joint PhD degree in two universities. If the candidate has a good progress at the end of the 16 months, possibilities will be investigated to extend the position beyond 16 months and until the thesis completion. Please read the description and eligibility conditions carefully before applying.

Urban Mobility: balancing usefulness and privacy. Employer: Universitat Jaume I, Spain. Joint PhD degree with Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Project tasks and objectives: To investigate human attitude towards mobility data sharing, across various dimensions (motivations, willingness, purpose, incentive, etc.); To learn more about methodologies for pedestrian data sharing while walking in the city (ants analogy); To test machine learning possibilities, in real-time and post-processing, of pedestrian data. The ESR will also have the possibility to participate in the Advisory Board of the network (two ESRs are selected annually by voting among the 15 ESRs of the network). The ESR will also be involved in social media promotion of the network, such as Facebook and LinkedIn groups, Youtube video channels, Twitter and blogging. This initial topic is flexible and can be re-adjusted based on the expertise and research interests of the selected candidates, as long as it remains related to the other 14 topics in the network (please check them at https://projects.tuni.fi/a-wear/topics/). The 16-month funding is guaranteed if the selected candidate is able to start the work in Spain at latest by 01.09.2021.

Mobility/cross-country and cross-sector secondments including industrial training: up to 6 cumulated months at Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic and up to 3 months of industrial experience, split between Castellon Police Department, Spain (1 month) and S2 Grupo, Spain (2 months) – cross-country in-person secondments are to be implemented in accordance with COVID-19 regulations, if situation permits.

Preferred starting date – 01.07. 2021

Trial period - 6 months

Target degree - joint PhD degree from Universitat Jaume I, Spain and Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Working and living conditions in Spain - Spain is the 10th country in the world with the highest quality of life and, above all, a mosaic of cultures what is reflected in the hundreds of its heritage sites. In fact, Spain is the third country in the world in UNESCO world heritage sites.

Castellón is a small city open to the Mediterranean Sea. Increasingly, Castellón attracts students from all over the world due to the international projection of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI). Read more about Spain and Castellón:

Universitat Jaume I is a higher public education institution devoted to innovation as a means to socially, culturally and economically develop its environment. It is a technology oriented University as is shown by the fact that UJI hosted the very first web portal in Spain and in Spanish language around the world. The Higher School of Technology and Experimental Sciences is a center noted for the quality of its research, its international impact in the industry and society of Castellón and surroundings areas. Read more: http://www.uji.es

Information about the industrial partner - S2 Grupo is a cybersecurity and critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP) company, established in 1999. S2 Grupo is a leading actor in the security sector at national level and has grown internationally during recent years. Currently S2 Grupo has offices in Spain, Mexico and Colombia. For years, S2G has developed a close cooperation with customers spanning a wide range of sectors: energy, banking, finance and insurance, government, healthcare, distribution, manufacturing, utilities and critical infrastructure. The consistent high investment in R&D has made S2G a technological leader. Proof of this is the partnership with the National Cryptology Centre (assigned to the National Centre of Intelligence) for the development of the first National (Spanish) APT detection tool, and the leading role in several EU-funded projects. S2 Grupo is an advocate to society security and tries to make an impact through the CSR program too, developing activities with a special focus on the youngest at home. S2 Grupo also supports the United Nations Global Compact and has implemented work/family reconciliation and gender equality policies.

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Duration of the research employment: 16 months, with possibilities of extension upon good results

Approximate gross salary - about 2800 EUR/month

The ESR will receive a Living Allowance and a Mobility allowance (i.e., gross salary) in accordance with H2020 MSCA rules. ESRs who have a family (spouse and/or children) will also receive a family allowance, also according to H2020 MSCA rules. Details about the approximate gross salary per country are given at each position. We emphasize that the salary of each ESR is very competitive and it is at levels corresponding to postdoctoral students (or higher) at each employment unit. The salaries are adjusted to the living costs in the countries of each of the participant units, according to H2020 MSCA rules.

Additional benefits: participation to network events, conferences, and workshops; acquiring industrial expertise during the industrial secondment; business and hands-on training; large degree of cross-country academic and industrial mobility; acquiring high competence in terms of innovation, autonomy, integrity, and ethics; benefiting from the interdisciplinary nature of the consortium, gathering together the wearables, wireless communication and localization, geospatial technologies, cybersecurity, digitalization, smart cities, eHealth, and public safety sectors; gaining experience in writing both scientific papers aiming at high impact international journals and flagship international conferences, and social science blog entries on LinkedIn, aiming at a non-technical audience. At the end of their employment in A-WEAR, the ESRs participating in the network will have reached a unique position to become leaders of a growing privacy-preserving smart wearables sector.

Eligibility criteria

Transnational mobility: The ESR is required to undertake transnational mobility (i.e. move from one country to another) when taking up their appointment. Nationality is therefore not a criterion. The researcher must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the host organization (Spain) for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the start date (e.g., July 2021). Note: the mobility rule applies to the (first) beneficiary where the researcher is recruited, and not to beneficiaries to which the researcher is sent or seconded. It is also only determined at one point in time: at the time when the ESR starts working for A-WEAR. If in doubt whether you fulfill the mobility condition, please check at info.a-wear@tuni.fi

Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs)/fresh MSc graduates: All researchers recruited in A-WEAR must have maximum 4 years since the completion of their first MSc degree and have not been awarded any doctoral degree at the date of the employment. If in doubt whether you fulfill the ‘fresh MSc degree’ condition, please check at info.a-wear@tuni.fi

Background requirements: the applicant must be in possession of Master of Science (MSc) diploma in a relevant field, such as: electrical engineering, communications engineering, software engineering/computer science, signal processing, radio communications, mathematics, physics, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, etc.

English language requirements: the candidate must be in possession of an English certificate with good level according to the regulations of the two universities involved in the double/joint PhD degree (see Additional Information)

MSc degree in a relevant degree obtained preferably after Aug 2017 and not having lived or worked more than 12 cumulative months in Spain during Jul 2018-Jul 2021.

Selection process

A-WEAR selection of candidates will be based on a clear, transparent, and open-competition recruitment process, taking into account the gender balance and equal opportunity rules.

After the initial eligibility screening, the A-WEAR recruitment committee will preselect candidates based on their previous training, grades and relevance of their BSc and MSc degrees, list of publications (if any), work experience, positive attitude, capability of work in a team, references, quality and relevance of the Dissertation Proposal, previous mobility experience, language skills, and motivation. The most promising candidates are invited to one or several interviews via teleconference or in person. Candidates will be interviewed jointly or successively by the supervisors from the consortium and their level of English writing skills might be formally tested. At the end of the evaluation process, the recruitment committee will decide which candidates to select for each project, taking into account the candidates’ preferences and potential. In case of equal qualifications between a male and a female candidate for the final position, the balance at network level will affect the decision. We strive to improve the gender balance in our research groups and encourage female candidates to apply.

Selection criteria: Study records BSc + MSc (20%); Work & research experience (15%); Motivation (20%); Clarity, relevance, innovativeness, and technical soundness of the “Dissertation Essay” (25%); Letters of recommendation (10%); Positive attitude, previous mobility experience, good communication skills (10%); English proficiency: fail/pass criterion.

Additional comments

The candidates must submit through https://a-wear.uji.es/online-application/candidates_esr16  the followings

  • Certified copies of the bachelor's and master's degree certificates and the transcripts with official translations into English (if the original documents are in a language other than Finnish, English, Romanian, Czech, Italian, or Spanish).
  • A Diploma Supplement (DS)as approved by the EU Commission for degrees completed in European universities (when applicable)
  • English language certificate
    • IELTS Academic (min. score 6.5)
    • TOEFL (min. score 92 in iBT and 580 in PBT)
    • PTE Academic (min. score 62)
    • Cambridge Language Certificate (Proficiency CPE or Advanced CAE) (min. score C)
  • Curriculum Vitae/CV( in Europass format)
  • List of publications (if any)
  • References: minimum 2 reference letters to be attached to the application and contact details of 2 or more referees included in the CV
  • Motivation letter: maximum 1 page where you introduce yourself and present your qualifications; you may include also your previous research fields and main research results. Please emphasize your future goals career-wise
  • A short essay called “Dissertation Proposal” (max 2 pages) explaining how you would address the research objectives mentioned at the position you apply for or what research directions related A-WEAR objectives you would like to address (e.g., research problem statement, basic methodology, desired inputs in terms of equipment and supervision, software tools that you are planning to use to address the research objectives, expected outcomes, etc.).
  • Copy of the passport
  • Proof of residence: Statement (use template available at: http://a-wear.uji.es/online-application/candidates/template/residence5ye...) and certificates/documents demonstrating your residence(s) in the last 5 years

When hiring people respecting ethical aspects is highly important in science. It means that equal opportunities as well as gender balance are considered, according to the EU initiatives


Required Research Experiences

    Computer scienceInformatics
    1 - 4
    Information scienceInformation management
    1 - 4
    EngineeringComputer engineering
    1 - 4

Offer Requirements

    Computer science: Master Degree or equivalent
    Information science: Master Degree or equivalent
    Technology: Master Degree or equivalent
    Engineering: Master Degree or equivalent
    Mathematics: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent


Machine Learning;

Geospatial Analysis;

Location Based Services;

Programing skills (web and mobile)

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Universitat Jaume I
Avenida Vicente Sos Baynat s/n

EURAXESS offer ID: 640350


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