Six innovative Researcer Positions in Metabolomics at Turku, Finland

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We are seeking for innovative candidates to our new Metabolomics research positions in Turku, Finland:

1-2 Senior Researchers/ Post-doctoral Researchers

1-2 Post-doctoral Researchers/PhD Students

1-2 Laboratory Engineers /Technicians

University of Turku is reinforcing its analytical capabilities within metabolomics by recruiting personnel for methodological development of metabolomics technology and its application on research projects across various areas of bio-and medical sciences. The open positions are a joint effort between Faculty of Technology, Turku Bioscience Center and the Faculty of Science. More specifically, the positions will be funded by the University strategic funding and several externally funded projects from sources including Jane and Aatos Erkko Säätiö, Academy of Finland, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, and European Commission. Key focus will be on daily operations of the metabolomics/lipidomics activities, their development, as well as application of the developed methods on research projects focusing on e.g. food and nutrition as well as specific medical areas as part of PhD / post-doctoral projects. The positions will be located in our research teams led by the scientists Kati Hanhineva, Matej Orešič and Alex Dickens.

In lipidomics, specific emphasis will be on further development, implementation, and application of LC-MS-based profiling strategies that include both nontargeted profiling and accurate analysis of lipid structures such as identification and quantification of isomers and double bond position within the acyl chains of lipids. There will also be a focus on the development of novel steroid and oxy-sterols measurements based on a brand new QqQ instrument which will be at the forefront of sensitivity.

Senior Researcher/ Post-doctoral Researcher 

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Day-to-day operating and troubleshooting of LC-MS instrumentation used for metabolomics and lipidomics applications, jointly with the lab technician to be hired
  • Development of analytical methods for advanced approaches within MS-based analytics for targeted and non-targeted metabolomics/lipidomics methods including compound identification  
  • Documentation and reporting
Essential qualifications
  • A relevant PhD degree in analytical chemistry, metabolomics or related field
  • First-rate knowledge of operating and troubleshooting high-end mass spectrometry instrumentation
  • Experience in method development for metabolomics/lipidomics purposes
  • High level of motivation, self-initiative and independency
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English

Desirable qualifications

  • Strong publication record in international journals
  • Hands-on experience with LC-MS and LC-MS/MS and/or GC-MS/GC-MS-MS
  • Previous experience with lipid analysis and understanding of chemistry and biochemistry of lipids
  • Experience with using software such as Topspin, Analyst, Compass , MassHunter, MS-DIAL, mzMine, MassLynx.
  • Proven experience in implementation of new technologies
  • Project reporting experience and/or experience in applying project funding
Post-doctoral Researcher/ PhD Student
Key Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Application of MS-based metabolomics / lipidomics analytics on research projects focusing particularly on medical, food and nutrition fields
  • Operating with various sample sets including plant/food, gut microbiota, and human-borne samples
  • Data-analysis of metabolomics projects, development of data-analytical methods
  • Documentation and reporting

 Essential qualifications

  • A relevant PhD/Master degree in analytical chemistry, food chemistry, biochemistry, metabolomics or related field
  • Knowledge of  basic bioanalytical research methods
  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English

 Desirable qualifications

  • Publication record in international journals
  • Hands-on experience with LC-MS and LC-MS/MS and/or GC-MS/GC-MS-MS
  • Previous experience with lipid analysis and understanding of chemistry and biochemistry of lipids
  • Experience with using software such as Topspin, Analyst, Compass (, MassHunter,MS-DIAL, mzMine, MassLynx.
  • Project reporting experience

Laboratory Engineer / Technician

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Daily operations on sample preparation, solvent preparation, instrument management
  • Refilling of cryogenic liquids in the NMR systems
  • Ordering supplies for laboratory operation
  • Maintaining sample and chemical databases 

Essential qualifications

  • Suitable degree in a relevant field
  • 1-5 years of working experience
  • Good team work skills
  • Good communication skills in Finnish and English and strong organizational skills
Desirable qualifications
  • Experience with operating and acquiring MS/NMR spectra and elucidating chemical structures 
  • Motivation and interest in working hands-on with high-end instrumentation
  • Previous work preparing biofluid samples for analysis
  • Experience with using software such as Topspin, Analyst, Compass , MassHunter, MS-DIAL, mzMine MassLynx.
  • Understanding of basic GC and/or LC maintenance


Our selection criteria is based on the principle of finding the most qualified and suitable candidate for the work. In practice, this means that not only education, publications and working experience but also personal qualities, communication and motivation factors and other relevant criteria will be taken into account.

The salary is determined by the collective agreement system of Finnish universities and will depend on the degree and qualifications of the applicant.  Salaried positions in Finland automatically include payments to a pension fund, unemployment funds, an extensive occupational healthcare, affordable sports services and even a holiday allowance. All these positions belong to the personnel group of teaching and research personnel, expect the techical person who belongs to other staff.

The salary will be in average 2300-2700 eur/month for a technical person or a person holding a MSc degree, and in average 3100-3500 eur/month for a person holding a PhD degree. For a Senior Researcher the salary will be - depending on competence and experience - in average 3400 – 4500 eur/month.

Duration of contracts 

The start of employments is negotiable, preferably in August or September 2021. The positions are fixed-term for 24 months, with a possibility for an eventual extension. The positions are subject to a six-month trial period. The qualification requirements of the positions are written in the University of Turku rules of procedure: https://www.utu.fi/sites/default/files/public%3A//media/file/UTU_Rules_of_Procedure.pdf

What to do next

Please submit your application by the online application system latest on 31.5.2021. Kindly use a link to the online application system https://www.utu.fi/en/university/come-work-with-us.

In addition, applications must have the following enclosures (in English):

1) motivation letter max 1 page focusing on your strengths related to our research topics

2) CV

3) copy of certificates of degree

4) contact details for at least three referees (name, working place, e-mail address)

5) a list of publications, highlighting the five most relevant ones (not required for technical positions)

6) English language certificate, required for a PhD student positions only (https://www.utu.fi/en/research/utugs/how-to-apply/language )

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime 




 In case you need help with the application process, please turn to our HR Specialist Paula Luoma paula.luoma(at)utu.fi

 About us

Turku Bioscience Centre is an advanced core facility and research centre hosted jointly by University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. We offer access to a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge research methods and an opportunity to be involved in internationally competitive science in a stimulating, highly networked environment. We are a truly international community, with more than half of the personnel having an international background. https://bioscience.fi

The Turku Metabolomics Centre is a core service based at Turku Biosciences but collaborates with the Food Chemistry and Chemistry groups to provide cutting edge metabolomic research and services to the research community.  We develop both targeted and non-targeted assays covering a wide range of the metabolome.

Research at the Food chemistry and Food development unit at the Department of Life Technologies focuses on understanding the composition, nutritional properties, sensory qualities, and health benefits of food resources as well as application of the knowledge in food development research. The Unit has excellent infrastructure and research facilities for modern food and nutrition research, and possesses multidisciplinary know-how in food composition and analysis, nutrition physiology, clinical nutrition, phytochemistry, and biotechnology. Versatile state-of-the-art methods of biochemical and chemical analysis, metabolomics, sensory science, in vitro models, and clinical intervention studies are applied to investigate the impact of cultivars, environmental factors, and technologies on composition, quality, and bioactivities of food and its health impact.

The Turku Centre for Chemical and Molecular Analytics (CCMA) is a newly rebranded centre which is based in the new building Aurum which combines the chemistry departments of both UTU and ÅA into the same building. The CCMA is a jointly owned platform for analytical chemistry housing modern equipment. The new building will officially open in the summer of 2021.

To find out more about our metabolomics leader scientists, please have a look at our

Professor Kati Hanhineva: https://www.utu.fi/en/people/kati-hanhineva

Professor Matej Orešič: https://bioscience.fi/research/systems-medicine/profile/

Adjunct Professor Alex Dickens: https://www.utu.fi/en/people/alex-dickens

Working in Finland

We also welcome you cordially to our multicultural working community. In case you are arriving in Finland for the first time, we offer you orientation support.

Please learn more about the culture, the people and us:



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