Climate variability and change in Antarctica

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During your PhD, you will study the cloud-aerosol effect and climate variability and predictability in Antarctica, using the regional climate model COSMO-CLM2.
Clouds and aerosols play a significant role in the radiative energy budget and aerosols impact cloud microphysics because they are cloud condensation and ice nuclei. In addition, clouds are an important part of the hydrological cycle serving as the agent linking water vapour transport into Antarctica with precipitation. Because precipitation is the only source term in the surface mass balance (SMB) of the Antarctic ice sheet, it is one of the key factors affecting sea level. At the Belgian Antarctic research station Princess Elisabeth (PES), an observatory for aerosol, cloud and precipitation properties exists. The synergy of the data sets has been exploited in first case studies on the effect of aerosols on cloud and precipitation processes with an improved aerosol-cloud-precipitation parameterisation of the regional climate model (RCM) COSMO-CLM2. You will be continuing this work by further analysing the cloud-aerosol effect in the regional climate model COSMO-CLM2.
Climate changeis caused by external forcing (e.g., from greenhouse gas emissions), but also from natural interaction between the components of the climate system (notably, the atmosphere, the marine and continental cryosphere, and the ocean). Quantifying the specific contribution of each is critical to understand decadal variability. Based on the complementary scientific expertise of the project partners, PARAMOUR aims at revealing fundamental drivers of climate variability and assessing the predictability in high-latitudes by using coupled regional climate models in both hemispheres. You will contribute to the development of a high-resolution coupled atmosphere-ocean-sea ice-ice sheet model configuration covering the Totten glacier region, Antarctica, in collaborations with the other scientists working on the project. The technical aspects associated to model development will be supported by a HPC consultant. You will analyse the interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and ice shelves at scales between a few hundreds of meters and a few kilometres, the way they are represented in models and their impact on the variability and predictability of the system. Special attention will be given to atmospheric feedback processes like those between clouds and radiation and those between surface albedo and atmospheric processes(for example the darkening of the surface due to scouring by the wind).

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PhD CandidateStarting date: 1 September 2021Full time position for 4 yearsLocation: Department Earth and Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Eligibility criteria

Required qualifications:- To have a Master degree in Earth - or Environmental Science, Climatology or related field (geography, meteorology, physics, mathematics, informatics, bioscience engineering, civil engineering, etc.);- To have experience in computational programming;- To have demonstrated verbal and written communication skills in English;- To have interest in working in a multidisciplinary team environment

Selection process

Applicants should send (i) a statement of experience, qualification and interest, (ii) a complete CV, (iii) academic transcripts and publication record and (iv) the names and e-mail of at least two references to the online application system of KU Leuven.For more information please contact Prof. dr. Nicole Van Lipzig, tel.: +32 16 32 64 53, mail: nicole.vanlipzig@kuleuven.be.
Interviews will take place on Wednesday 9 June 2021 using teleconferencing.
You can apply for this job no later than 31/05/2021 via the online application tool

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