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Offer Description

The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) hereby opens this Call for Applications for one research grant for the Research Line “Rethink Domestic Space” financed by Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and developed at FAUP.


1. Research field / Scientific area: Architecture


2. Admission requirements:

To apply for the research grant, applicants must comply with the following requirements, for which documentary evidence must be provided:

  1. Bachelor degree in Architecture;
  2. Enrollment in a Master course in Architecture.


If the candidate holds a degree awarded by a foreign higher education institution, it must be recognized by a Portuguese higher education institution, in accordance with the provisions of article 25 of Decree-Law no.  66/2018 of 16 August, which approves the legal regime for the recognition of academic degrees and higher education diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions and Article 4 (2) (e) of Decree-Law no. 60/2018 of 3 August, and any formalities established therein be fulfilled up to the date of the contracting act.


3. Preferred requirements:

a) To be enrolled in the 5th year of the Integrated Master;

b) Knowledge in an academic context on themes about Housing;

c) Skills in computer-aided design software, specifically in ArchiCAD;

d) Software skills in the field of graphic and image production and editing, specifically InDesign and Photoshop;

e) Skills in data processing software, word processing, among others;

d) Immediate availability (to be indicated in the Motivation Letter).


4. Work Plan:

The main tasks to be performed within the scope of the Scholarship will be:

a) Project redesign;

b) Development of comparative analysis, interpretation, and elaboration of graphic communication elements;

c) Support for organizing an event, setting up an exhibition and disseminating research.


5. Applicable Legislation and Regulations:

The present call is governed by the FCT Regulations for Research Fellowships approved by the Regulation n. º 950/2019 and by the Research Fellowship Holder Statute (approved by Law no. 40/2004, of 18th of August, in its current version). Regulation of Research Grants of the University of Porto – approved by Regulation no. 184/2021, published in the Diário da República, 2nd Series, no. 43, of March 3rd; Legal regime for the recognition of academic degrees and higher education diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions and the Code of Administrative Procedure (CPA), approved by Decree-Law no. 4/2015, of 7 January.


6. Workplace:

The work will be developed at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto or in other places necessary for the execution of the work plan, under the scientific guidance of Professor Raquel Alexandra Geada e Paulino, Assistant Professor at FAUP and Researcher at CEAU-FAUP.


7. Duration:

The scholarship will last for 11 months. The contract, in an exclusive basis, can be renewed for equal or different periods depending on institutional need and the availability of financial resources, until the maximum duration of the project 31 December,2023.


8. Monthly maintenance allowance amount:

The monthly maintenance allowance is 875,98€, according to the table of scholarship values attached to the Scholarship Regulations of the University of Porto. Payment will be made by FAUP by bank transference. In addition, the grant holders will be covered by personal accident insurance.


9. Evaluation methods:

Selection will be made by curriculum evaluation (60%). The selection process may be complemented by a professional interview (40%), if the Jury deems it necessary, for the three (3) candidates with the best classification in the curriculum evaluation. In case there is no interview, the final classification will be the same as the classification obtained in the curriculum evaluation.

The Curriculum Assessment will consider the following assessment factors and weighting criteria:

  1. Final Licentiate Classification (from 0 to 10 points);
  2. Classification obtained in the curricular units Project 1, 2, 3 and 4 (from 0 to 10 points);
  3. Knowledge in an academic context on the themes of Housing (0 to 20 points);
  4. Skills in computer-assisted design software, graphic and image editing - Archicad, InDesign and Photoshop -, data processing, text processing, among others (0 to 20 points);
  5. Motivation letter (0 to 20 points);
  6. Work presented by the candidate as being the most representative of his/her academic path (from 0 to 10 points);
  7. Works selected by the candidate as being representative of the domain of the required software (from 0 to 10 points).


The evaluation factors of the selection interview, if it is to be carried out, will be:

  1. Breadth and specificity of knowledge in the area of the research line (from 0 to 20 points);
  2. Communication skills (0 to 20 points);
  3. Domain of required software (from 0 to 30 points);
  4. Motivation, availability (from 0 to 30 points).


Based on the final ranking list, a reserve list will be created, to be used until November 2023, which will be used for the eventual hiring of new scholarship holders within the scope of this Research Line in case of withdrawal of the candidate ranked first. If none of the candidates demonstrates that they have the profile indicated to carry out the work plan, the jury reserves the right not to award the scholarship to the competition.


10. Selection panel:

President: Professor Doutor Domingos Manuel Campelo Tavares, Professor Catedrático da FAUP;

Effective member: Prof.ª Doutora Raquel Alexandra Geada e Paulino, Professora Auxiliar da FAUP;

Effective member: Prof.ª Doutora Marta Rocha Moreira, Professora Auxiliar da FAUP;

1st Alternate member: Prof.ª Doutora Maria José Lopes Casanova, Professor Auxiliar da FAUP;

2nd Alternate member: Prof. Doutor Helder Francisco Valente Casal Ribeiro, Prof. Auxiliar da FAUP.


11. Disclosure of the results:

Evaluation results will be communicated by email to the address provided by the candidates in the application form.

In compliance with the provisions of the Article 121 of the Code of Administrative Procedure (“Código do Procedimento Administrativo”), after being notified, candidates have 10 working days to submit a formal rebuttal.


12. Submission of applications:

The Call for Applications is open until o8th February 2023.

Applications and all the supporting documents described in this Call must be submitted at FAUP site in the following address: FAUP - Processos de Recrutamento.

The following documents are mandatory, under penalty of exclusion from the Call:

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Copy of the certificate(s) of the required qualifications and recognition of degree(s) if obtained in a foreign Higher Education Institution (this recognition can be delivered until the act of hiring);
  3. Proof of enrolment in the master’s degree program (to be presented until the act of contracting);
  4. Motivation letter, with indication of immediate availability to start the Work Plan;
  5. Work selected by the candidate as being the most representative of his/her academic or professional career;
  6. Works selected by the candidate as being representative of the domain of the required software;
  7. Declaration of eligibility (attached);
  8. Other supporting documents that candidates consider relevant for the evaluation;
  9. Evidence of the preference conditions (if applicable).


Documents must be attached directly to the application message, without links to external platforms/drives.

In order to guarantee the reading of all documents, the preferred recording format is the Portable Document Format (.pdf). The files must be named with the candidate's first and last name and must not exceed, as a whole, 5 MB. These can be compressed in .zip format.


13. The University of Porto actively promotes a policy of non-discrimination and equal access so  that  no  applicant  may  be  privileged,  benefited,  damaged, or  deprived  of  any  right  or exempted from any duty due to ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family situation, economic situation, education, origin or social condition, genetic heritage, reduced work capacity, disability, chronic disease, nationality, ethnic origin, territory of origin, language, religion, political or ideological convictions, and trade union membership.


Research Field
Architecture » Other
Education Level
Master Degree or equivalent

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Fcauldade de Arquitetura


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