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Vacant position - Modelling University-Industry-Government cooperation

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    University of Pardubice, Pardubice, Czech Republic
    EconomicsLocal public economics
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    14/05/2021 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Czech Republic › Pardubice
    UPa 2021_3


UNIVERSITY OF PARDUBICE, Faculty of Economics and Administration

is hiring 1 postdoctoral researcher in the following field:

KA05 - Modelling University-Industry-Government cooperation

Research position summary and field:

The postdoctoral researcher will contribute to the research carried out at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, specifically in the field of Public and Regional Economics. The stay will focus on the analysis of innovative environment and its determinants, evaluating the outputs of the innovative systems in the European Union, modelling the effects of cooperation, collecting and preparing empirical data, and preparing related publications.

Objectives and expected benefits

The Research and Development Centre of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of the Pardubice will benefit from new knowledge about innovative cooperation in today’s globalized economic environment and from the use of methods used for modelling the effects of cooperation. The research carried out by the postdoctoral researcher will follow up on the existing research activities of the Centre in the field of Public and Regional Economics. During the entire stay, the postdoctoral researcher will be assigned a mentor, Ing. Viktor Prokop, Ph.D., the Research and Development Centre.


- Ph.D. or its foreign equivalent (ISCED Level 8) awarded not earlier than 7 years before the beginning of the mobility[1],

- over the past 3 years, the candidate has spent a minimum of 2 continuous years (as of the beginning of the mobility) outside the Czech Republic working as a researcher (with FTE of 0.5 and more) or did Ph.D. studies abroad;

- over the past 3 years the candidate has published a minimum of 2 papers (as of the beginning of the mobility) in journals indexed in Thomson Reuters Web of Science, Scopus or ERIH PLUS databases.

The winning candidate should not be employed by another university or similar institution as of the commencement date. This requirement may be waived if applied for in the hiring procedure.

Place of work (including the name of the institution and workplace)

University of Pardubice, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Studentska 95, 532 10 Pardubice, Czech Republic. The Research and Development Centre.

What we offer

  • 6-month fixed-term employment
  • expected commencement date: September 1st, 2021
  • full-time work (8 hours/day)
  • gross monthly salary: CZK 63.500,-
  • employee benefits: annual leave, contributions for meals
  • friendly environment, induction training

The application must contain:

  • Application form (filled in)
  • CV
  • A copy of university diploma, or a decision on its recognition
  • A certificate on a language exam passed during the studies or a statement of the institution from which the candidate graduated - for English language as a minimum[2]
  • A list of publications, especially publications in journals indexed in Web of Science.
  • A motivation letter including a description of the benefit for the receiving institution.
  • A brief description of the existing research
  • A list and a brief description of research projects (national and international) in which the candidate participated (including the position)
  • Other documents evidencing research activities carried out outside the Czech Republic
  • List of international stays and their brief description
  • A letter of recommendation of the previous supervisor or the head of the department or team where the candidate worked

All of the documents must be submitted in English. A university diploma or a decision on its recognition and a language exam certificate may also be submitted in Czech or Slovak. If an original of a document is not in Czech, Slovak or English, an official translation into one of these languages is required. An authenticated copy is not required for the purposes of the selection procedure, a printed or an electronic (pdf) one is sufficient.

The application, including the attachments, must be sent by 14th May 2021 electronically to libuse.cermanova@upce.cz or to the following address:

Ing. Libuše Cermanová

University of Pardubice

Studentská 95

532 10 Pardubice, Czech Republic

(please state „Neotvírat – výběrové řízení“ (Do not open – selection procedure) on the left side of the envelope).

Timetable of the selection procedure

  • Announcement of the call on the website of the University of Pardubice and Euraxess: by 7th May
  • Deadline for submitting the required documents: by 14th May
  • Evaluation: by 28th May 2021
  • Notification of the results and their announcement on the website of the University of Pardubice: by 4th June 2021

Each candidate will be notified in writing and will receive his or her record. The record will also define the appeal procedure and its time schedule. The results of the selection procedure will be published on the website of the University of Pardubice.

Appeals must be filed within 10 business days after the results were published on the University website. The appeal must be delivered to the contact person (Mrs. Libuše Cermanová) at the University of Pardubice within the set time. The appeal will be dealt within 10 business days after received. The selection committee will give its opinion on the appeal.


[1] The period may be extended to account for maternity and parental leave, long-term sick leave exceeding 90 days, family caregiver leave exceeding 90 days, medical pre-certification training and military service

[2] Not required for native speakers.

More Information

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Czech Republic
Studentska 95

EURAXESS offer ID: 629992


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