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    Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures Polish Academy of Sciences
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    03/05/2021 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Poland › Warsaw


A position as digital specialist is offered in the Department of Ancient Cultures of Egypt and the Middle East, starting from May 31, 2021 (for 2 years maximum). The post holder will work within the ‘BORDERSCAPE Project: Egyptian state formation and the changing socio-spatial landscape of the First Nile Cataract region in the 4th-3rd millennia BCE’ under the supervision of the P.I. Dr Maria Carmela Gatto. The project is funded by the Norway Grants-Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 Basic Research Programme through the Polish National Science Centre-POLS Call (2020/37/K/HS3/04097). The post holder will oversee all the digital aspects of the research and its outputs.

General expectations include:

- management of digital, aerial, and space-born data;

- development and implementation of a relational database;

- performance of GIS-based spatial analysis;

- creation of digital products/illustrations for publications;

- development of a WebGIS application and related database;

- contribution to part of the publications;

- co-authorship of an open access paper on the WebGIS;

- management of the project website and social media;

- participation to the communication and dissemination activities.


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Basic maternity leaves 20 weeks (6 of these may be used ante partum, and 6 may be used by father if his social security allows. In case of multiple births basic maternity leave is longer and dependent on a number of children (e.g. for twins – 33 weeks), after that parental leave, which can be used by either of parents (depending on their social security) is 32 to 34 weeks depending on a number of children. During the maternity leave the parent receives 100% of her/his original wage, while during the parental leave she/he receives 60%, but mothers, who decide at once to stay with the child for 1 year receive 80% for all that time. Vacation is 36 work days.

Eligibility criteria

The competition can be entered by people who meet the requirements set out in the Act on the Polish Academy of Sciences of April 30, 2010 (and subsequent amendments). The basic eligibility criterion is to possess a master degree or a doctoral degree since no more than 7 years in Archaeology/Egyptology or related fields with a proved specialization in digital humanities.

Selection process

Selection process

Applicants should submit to the Secretary of the Institute via email: sekretariat@iksio.pan.pl (e-mail acceptable in form of secured *.pdf documents) the following:

1) application to the Director of IMOC PAN for employment,

2) cover letter (in English) showing experience, qualifications, and interest in the project (max. 2 pages),

3) curriculum vitae with list of publications (including the publisher and the number of pages),

4) personal questionnaire,

5) a copy of the master/doctoral diploma (or a certificate of completion of the doctoral dissertation). In the case of foreign candidates from countries whose diplomas are not recognized on the basis of international agreements or the Prague Convention, a certificate of recognition of the diploma or its notification by competent authorities,

6) a portfolio with short description of digital projects, including screenshots/layouts, and the mention of the used software,

7) a declaration that IMOC PAS will be the primary place of work in the event of winning the competition,

8) a declaration on the field of science and scientific discipline represented,

9) a declaration authorizing IMOC PAS, in the event of winning the competition, to be included in the number of employees conducting scientific activity at the Institute (the so-called N numbers) - [this declaration may only be submitted in one research unit],

10) declaration of consent, in the event of winning the competition, to be included in the number N in at least one of the disciplines represented in IMOC PAS,

11) two letters of reference from members of the scientific community familiar with the research conducted by you.

After a first ranking, the most relevant applications will be selected for an interview via Skype. Interviews will take place Wednesday May 5, 2021 at 11 am, Warsaw time.

The regulations of the competition for scientific positions at IMOC PAS are available via e-mail: sekretariat@iksio.pan.pl from where you can also get other employment information and all the required forms (nos. 1, 4 and 7 to 10 in the above list).

Additional comments

Skype name should be sent to sekretariat@iksio.pan.pl at least 1 day in advance of the interview.

Required Research Experiences

    4 - 10

Offer Requirements

    History: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent
    POLISH: Basic


- higher education in Egyptology, Archaeology, or related fields;

- master's degree or doctoral degree since no more than 7 years;

- well-documented expertise in digital humanities;

- documented publication achievements;

- fluent knowledge of English and at least basic knowledge of a second modern language;

- the ability to work alone, in close collaboration with the P.I., and as part of a larger international team;

- field experience in Egypt or in another MENA country;

- organizational talent.

Specific Requirements

Within the digital humanities, specific skills are required in: relational databases; GIS open-source platforms; WebGIS applications; use of historical maps, aerial photography, satellite images, and digital elevation models; remote sensing; and spatial analysis.


Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures Polish Academy of Sciences
Masovian voivodship
Nowy Świat 72

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