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    CES/01/2021-PD – UNPOP


The Centre for Social Studies (CES) – Associate Laboratory - University of Coimbra (Portugal), opens a call for applications for 1 post-Doctoral researcher in the project “UNPOP - UNpacking POPulism: Comparing the formation of emotion narratives and their effects on political behaviour” (project no. 3850), financed by Portuguese funds through FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, coordinated by PhD Cristiano Gianolla.

CES provides a stimulating intellectual environment in the domain of social sciences and humanities. The project UNPOP is part of a Research Group about Democracy, Citizenship, Law and Justice (DECIDe). Research, training and outreach activities focus on: innovative processes of democratic participation and deliberation; local politics and participatory budgeting; (post-colonialism, knowledge production and social memory; the redefinition of human rights and grammars of human dignity; the fight against institutional racism; decolonial thinking; LGBT rights and sociopolitical transformation; religious diversity policies; access to law, operation and reform of the courts of justice and justice theories and new constitutionalism.


CES: www.ces.uc.pt

DECIDe: http://www.ces.uc.pt/pt/ces/nucleos/decide


a. Project Description

Project title: “UNPOP - UNpacking POPulism: Comparing the formation of emotion narratives and their effects on political behaviour”

While populism may be considered alien to democratic practices, or a degenerated and irrational expression of political discourse, populist parties master the use of emotion in politics. UNpacking POPulist emotion narratives enables a deeper analysis of how populist phenomena constitute themselves and how they impact on political behaviour. The literature increasingly shows that in order to UNderstand the POPping of populism in European politics (and beyond), a much deeper engagement with emotions is needed. UNPOP advances and applies a mixed methodology and develops a comparative research plan focusing on ‘EMOTION NARRATIVES’. These are frames in which both positive and negative emotions are mobilised to stimulate political behaviour, in order to define both ingroup and outgroup characteristics. UNPOP aims to contribute to democratic theorisation by defining an innovative mixed methodology to analyse the construction of populist politics, and offering solid empirical evidence of mechanisms employed by right-wing populist parties in Portugal and Italy to impact on political behaviour.

Expected duration of the project execution: 36 months, from March 22nd 2021.


b. Scientific field: Social Sciences


c. Work plan, tasks:

The selected researcher is expected to have the following responsibilities:

- Perform the necessary tasks on research: contribute to the literature review, collection and analysis of publications and media content, management and update of the project databases of publication and research contacts, drafting research documents such as the methodology outline and internal scientific and organisational procedures, participate in qualitative and quantitative fieldwork (including digital ethnography) and make qualitative and quantitative data analysis;

- Participate in management and coordination activities: support the PI to create and manage the project management system, liaise with CES and UC offices on project implementation, manage internal and external communication, manage the networking with research partners and colleagues of other institutions, draft project reports;

- Participate in communication and dissemination activities: present research at national and international events, draft publications, review manuscripts, make translations and proofreading of texts, contribute to the editorial work of collective publications, coordinate implementation of collective publication series (text and multimedia), collaborate in dissemination activities, including producing contents for website, social media and project’s newsletter, co-organise public events and dissemination initiatives (i.e. CES goes to School).


d. Preferred selection criteria and their weighting:

Applicants must demonstrate expertise on the topic of the project, by fulfilling the following criteria:

1. Academic background and research carried out in the area of political psychology, political science, political sociology or related field, with demonstrated research related to populism and emotions (publication, participation in research projects, membership in research groups or networks); (25%)

2. Experience of qualitative and quantitative data collection (including online ethnography) and analysis through quantitative and qualitative (MAXQDA) software, through critical discourse, frame, semiotic, principal component, and reliability analyses; (20%)

3. Relevant experience in research project administration, organisation and dissemination, event organisation and publication editorial work; (20%)

4. Language proficiency in English and at least one between Portuguese (preferably) and Italian; (20%)

5. Work experience with academic software (SPSS, MAXDA, Zotero) and project management systems, collaborative software, social media and website editing. (15%)


e. Applicants

The tender accepts applications from national, foreign and stateless people who have a doctoral degree in Social Sciences or other relevant field. Candidates must also have a professional and scientific curriculum indicative of a profile that fits the work plan and tasks for the available position. If the doctorate was awarded by a foreign higher education institution, it has to follow Law no. 341/2007 of the 12th October, and any formalities provided therein must be fulfilled until the date of signing the contract.


f. Mandatory admission criteria:

1. PhD in the field of Social Sciences or Humanities obtained (defence process finalised) before the deadline of this tender.

Applicants with an academic degree or diploma issued by a foreign institution must provide proof of recognition of the academic degree in Portugal, pursuant to Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29th, altered by the Law no. 57/2017 of July 19th. Any applicant without recognition of the PhD degree (s) may be admitted to the competition, but the jury may not, during the application evaluation process:

a) recognize the applicant's degrees and evaluate according to their possession of such degrees;

b) give equivalence, or consider valid, a degree that is not recognized and registered;

c) use that note or its conversion as an evaluation parameter.


In case of selection, the candidates must present the degrees recognized under the terms of Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29th, altered by the Law no. 57/2017 of July 19th, within 30 days from the date of the communication of the final results, under penalty of not contracting out.


g. Applicable legislation and regulations:

The doctorate will be hired under Law no. 57/2016, 29th August, altered by Law 57/2017 which approves a doctoral hiring regime with a view to boosting scientific and technological employment in all areas of knowledge (RJEC). The hiring will also be governed by the Labour Code approved by Law no. 7/2009 of the 12th February, as currently worded.


h. Work place

The work place is the Centre for Social Studies' facilities in Coimbra, and/or other locations as required by the work plan, under the scientific supervision of the Principal Investigator.


i. Duration of the contract

The employment contract will be a temporary position (termo incerto) abiding by article 6, no. 1 b) Law no. 57/2016, 29th August, starting in June 2021. 


j. Monthly salary:

The monthly salary is set in accordance with the provisions of line a) number 1, of article 15, Law nº 57/2017, corresponding to level 33 of the single salary scale approved by Decree no. 1553-C/2008 of the 31st December, at 2.134,73 Euros gross.


l. Selection process:

The applicants’ selection will be carried out taking into account their scientific and curricular path. The assessment process includes, in case of applicants with an equal or very similar assessment, an interview with the applicants selected by the jury, in order to value the results of their research in its innovative content and relevance to the objectives and priority scientific areas at CES. If carried out, the interview will weigh 30% over the whole assessment. The scale applied to each criterion is 0 to 20.

The jury reserves the right to not select applicants for the vacancy, if the applicants do not have the adequate quality and profile in terms of absolute merit.


m. Selecting jury

- Cristiano Gianolla (President, UNPOP Project’s PI)

- Lisete Monico (effective member)

- Giovanni Allegretti (effective member)

- Sara Araújo (effective member)


n. Communication of Results:

The final results of the evaluation will be communicated to all applicants by e-mail. The minutes of the selection process will be made available for public consultation in the facilities of the Centre for Social Studies.


o. Period for presenting the applications:

Between March 22nd and May 22nd 2021.


p. Application process:

Applications must include:

a) Presentation/Motivation letter of maximum 2 pages sent by the applicant in English;

b) Full Curriculum Vitae;

c) Copy of the qualification certificates and other relevant documents for eligibility purposes (it is mandatory to be holder of a PhD degree by the ending of the tender). If, for the duration of the applications period, the applicant does not have proof of recognition of the academic degree by the Portuguese Higher Education System (law DL66/2018), it must send a declaration of honour ensuring to deliver the recognition of the degree within 30 days after the communication of the results.

d) Two selected publications demonstrating research related to populism and/or emotions or on other topics but demonstrating skills of the candidate that are relevant for UNPOP research, preferably in English, Portuguese or Italian.


Applications should be sent by electronic mail to concursos@ces.uc.pt for the duration of the applications period. The e-mail subject must be “CES/01/2021-PD - UNPOP – NAME OF THE APPLICANT”. The application should be considered delivered after receipt of a confirmation email.


q. Non-discrimination and equal access policy:

The Centre for Social Studies actively promotes a policy of non-discrimination and equal access, so that no applicant can be privileged, beneficiated, harmed or deprived of any right or exemption from any duty due to ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, economic situation, education, origin or social condition, genetic heritage, reduced working capacity, disability, chronic disease, nationality, ethnic origin or race, territory origin, language, religion, political or ideological convictions and trade union membership.


r. The Centre for Social Studies approved all the terms included in this notice at the Board Meeting on Abril 11th 2018.


s. In accordance with Law no. 29/2001 of 3rd of February, applicants with disabilities have preference in case of equal classification, which prevails over any other legal preference. In the presentation letter, applicants must declare, on oath, their degree of disability, the type of disability and the means of communication/expression to be used in the process of selection, in accordance with the above mentioned law.


t. Final remarks


Centro de Estudos Sociais/ Centre for Social Studies

Gabinete de Gestão de Projetos/ Project Management Office



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