Type B Research Grant - Innovative and excellent research projects proposed by independent young scholars in all scientific areas of interest to the Department

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    Università degli Studi di Padova, Dipartimento di Scienze storiche, geografiche e dell'antichità
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    Established Researcher (R3)
    Leading Researcher (R4)
    14/05/2021 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
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A selection announcement has been published to award no. 1 research grants in
in support of innovative and excellent research projects proposed by young independent scholars in Scientific Sector and Discipline (SSD) GEO/04, IUS/19, L-ANT/02, L-ANT/03, L-FIL-LET/04, L-FIL-LET/05, L-FIL-LET/06, L-LIN/01, L-OR/03, M-DEA/01, M-FIL/08, M-GGR/01, M-STO/01, M-STO/02, M-STO/04, M-STO/05, M-STO/06, M-STO/07, M-STO/08, M-STO/09, SECS-P/12, SPS/03, SPS/05 that will be carried out at the Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World.
The proposed activity must be in line with the study areas of the project "Nuovi paradigmi per lo studio della mobilità nelle scienze umane".

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  • Employment contract with full social security: no
  • Total amount per fellowship per year: 25177
  • Currency: Euro
  • Covers salary: yes
  • Covers travel and subsistence: no
  • Covers research costs: no
  • Covers other costs: The winning projects will be provided with financial contribution towards research expenses as specified hereunder: maximum 5,000 euros, intended to cover expenses such as travel costs, participation in conferences and workshops, publications and translations, research infrastructures (es. pc). Research activities expenses will be covered by the budget of the “NEW PARADIGMS FOR THE STUDY OF MOBILITY IN HUMAN SCIENCES” project.
  • Maximum duration of fellowship: 24

Eligibility criteria

Selection Committee has 100 points to evaluate the candidates and they shall be awarded for:
- Qualifications: PhD, specialisation degree, postgraduate certificates: maximum points 10
- curriculum vitae: performance of documented research activity at public and private organisations with contracts, grants or appointments (both in Italy and abroad) relevant to research stated in this selection announcement. Participation in competitive calls promoted by the European Union, with relative evaluation, will be positively evaluated: max. 20 points
- Publications: quantity and quality of publications, including PhD theses: max. 10 points
- The interview and the letters of presentation: max. 30 points.
- The research project: max. 30 points

Eligible destination country/ies for fellows:


Eligibility of fellows: country/ies of residence:


Eligibility of fellows: nationality/ies:


Additional comments

  • Contact email: research.dissgea@unipd.it
  • Contact phone: 0498278561
  • Annual budget: 25177
  • Frequency of calls: 1
  • International mobility required: no

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Università degli Studi di Padova, Dipartimento di Scienze storiche, geografiche e dell'antichità

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