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    08/03/2021 15:00 - Asia/Hong Kong
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Project Overview

The Disruptive & Sustainable Technologies for Agricultura Precision (DiSTAP) interdisciplinary research group aims to revolutionize how food is produced to meet the demands of a growing population in an increasingly resource constrained world. While this technology and science facilitates Singapore’s agricultural independence and ensures access to high-quality foods for the future, this technology can also be applied around the world – making Singapore a leader in precision agriculture and urban farming.

DiSTAP is using nanotechnology, microelectronics and biomaterials to create new technologies that can (1) measure, in real-time, the flow of nutrients and hormones within plants; (2) leverage on these knowledge and tools to select and develop plant varieties that are richer in nutrients and can grow in high density; and (3) influence plant metabolism and plant health by precise delivery of bioactive payloads.

This interdisciplinary team comprises engineers, biologists, plant scientists, food scientists, and data analytics experts from multiple MIT academic units, and multiple Singapore-based universities and research centres of excellence.

All postdoctoral associates (PDAs) in SMART DiSTAP based in Singapore will work in a diverse team of experts including several principal investigators (PIs) and PDAs, and receive direct mentorship from mentors both based in Singapore and at MIT. PDAs with a strong inclination for faculty position and/or enterpreneurship will strongly benefit from the vibrant community of academics and enterpreneurs that gravitate around the DiSTAP ecosystem and from the opportunities offered by SMART.

The proposed research project is based on the development of new delivery systems that can impact plant metabolism, with the ultimate goal of studying plant metabolism, boost crop production, and mitigate environmental stressors.

Job Responsibilities

  • Focus on developing biomaterials and nanotechnologies that can be interfaced with plants and food.
  • Employ a multidisciplinary approach to this investigation with a focus on biomaterial synthesis and fabrication as well as drug delivery.
  • Collaborate closely with other DiSTAP team members who are developing technologies to be delivered in plants and food.
  • Develop a workflow for micro and nanofabrication of biomaterials that can be rapidly scaled up and translated in a GMP production environment.
  • Perform experiments to assess the entrapment of cargo molecules in biomaterials, their preservation and deployment in plant tissues using standard as well as newly developed protocols.
  • Interfacing with the greater biomaterials and food community in Singapore, which includes other researchers, enterpreneurs and regulatory science experts in SMART, NUS, NTU.

Job Requirements

  • Ph.D in biological/biomedical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or a related field is required.
  • Applicants with a general background in plants and food science are strongly encouraged to apply. An interdisciplinary research background in biomaterials, micro/nanofabrication, materials characterization, drug delivery and biology is an asset.
  • Knowledge and demonstrated skill set in biomaterials, drug delivery, bio/molecular assays and experimental techniques including microscopy (confocal), FTIR/Raman, qPCR/RNAseq, etc.
  • Experience with plantal handling and experimentation is desired but not required
  • Experience with food is desired but not required.
  • Experience with synthetic biology is desired but not required.
  • Able to work well and communicate ideas effectively in a multidisciplinary team of researchers with different training backgrounds
  • Good track record of publications and scientific output
  • Self-motivated, independent, with superior organizational and analytical skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Able and committed to work in Singapore


Interested applicants are invited to send in their full CV/resume, cover letter and list of three references (to include reference names and contact information). We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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