Academic teacher. Professor in the field of civil engineering and transport.

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    Państwowa Uczelnia Stanisława Staszica w Pile
    Established Researcher (R3)
    Leading Researcher (R4)
    31/05/2021 23:00 - Europe/Athens
    Poland › Piła


DESCRIPTION (subject, expectations, comments):

1. The competition may be entered by persons with the title of professor of engineering and technical sciences or the academic title of habilitated doctor of engineering and technical sciences or the title of professor of technical sciences or the academic degree of habilitated doctor of technical sciences.

I. Needs:

1. Fulfillment by the University from October 1, 2018 of the requirement for the implementation of studies with a practical profile as part of the program - at least 50% of class hours by academic teachers employed at this university as their primary workplace.

2. Providing high-quality didactic classes in major subjects in the field of Transport.

More Information

Offer Requirements

    POLISH: Excellent
    ENGLISH: Good


II. Requirements: 1. The title of professor / The degree of habilitated doctor in engineering and technical sciences in the discipline of civil engineering and transport or the title of professor / academic degree of habilitated doctor of technical sciences in the discipline of transport. 2. Scientific achievements or professional experience in the field of transport or logistics in 2015-2020. 3. List of publications from the last 10 years. 4. Employment in PUSS in the basic place of work and full-time employment. 5. General availability and availability. 6. Knowledge of the English language at least B2. 7. Welcome: foreign scientific achievements and foreign experience in conducting scientific research. 8. Documents should be submitted only in Polish. The candidate is obliged to meet the requirements under Art. 113 section 1 and art. 125. of the Act of 1 of the Act of July 20, 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1668).

Specific Requirements

Documents required from the candidate: 1. Cover letter or employment application; 2. CV; 3. Copy of the diploma and other documents confirming the qualifications held and the fulfillment of the requirements set out in generally applicable regulations and additional requirements set out in the PUSS statute in Piła; 4. Photocopies of certificates, certificates of completed courses and professional development; 5. Information on scientific, didactic and organizational achievements with a list of publications; 6. Information on professional experience; 7. Declaration of having full legal capacity; 8. Declaration on the exercise of full public rights; 9. Declaration of no criminal record with a disciplinary penalty of deprivation of the right to practice the profession of academic teacher for an indefinite period or for a specified period; 10. Declaration of consent to employment in the primary workplace; 11. The candidate's declaration of consent to the processing of personal data in connection with the competition procedure. Additionally, the candidate may submit other documents or provide information which, in his / her opinion, may be useful in the award of the competition. The application for the competition should be sent to the following address: The Stanisław Staszic State University in Piła, ul. Podchorążych 10, 64-920 Piła, or by e-mail to the following address: kancelaria@puss.pila.pl 1. The competition procedure may be interrupted or canceled by the Rector at any time, without giving any reason, until the candidate is employed. 2. The results of the competition procedure shall not constitute grounds for candidates to submit any claims against the Stanisław Staszic State University in Piła, in particular claims for employment. 3. The decision to employ a candidate is made by the Rector. In substantively justified cases, the Rector has the right not to employ a candidate selected in the competition procedure. Documents should be submitted only in Polish. The University does not reimburse costs incurred by competition participants related to the entire process of participation in the competition.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Państwowa Uczelnia Stanisława Staszica w Pile
Podchorążych 10

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