One Associate Professor, lecturer or Assistant Professor(Finance)

    Kanazawa University
    Management sciences
    Leading Researcher (R4)
    Established Researcher (R3)
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    26/02/2021 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
    Japan › Ishikawa
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[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]

(1) Research body: Faculty of Transdisciplinary Sciences
(2) Education body: School for the Future of Innovation in Society

2.Field of Specialization: Finance

3.Duties and Responsibility: Education and research in finance.
(1) Class duties:
Bachelor's General Education:
Lectures and Seminars in Common Education
Undergraduate specialized education:
"Introduction to Finance", " Introduction to FinTech and Advanced Business",
"Financial engineering", etc.
Other courses as required by College of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Sciences.
Notes: You may be required to provide teaching and supervision of research in graduate courses.
Some of the above subjects may need to be taught in English.
(2) Non-class duties:
Student guidance, students' recruitment, admissions, job guidance, social contribution, etc.
(3) Other necessary duties deemed by the head of the department.

[Address of work location and other information]
Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

[Available positions (Job title, number of positions, etc.)]
Number of Positions:
One Associate Professor (non-tenured), lecturer (non-tenured) or Assistant Professor (non-tenured)
The term of the employment is for 5 years.
However, in the case of those who have been continuously employed by Kanazawa University, the term of employment will be for the total of no more than 10 years. Tenure will be granted upon successful completion of a performance review and will be re-appointed during the term of employment.
Re-appointment Performance Review Criteria
(1) Educational activities: such as lectures, practical training, seminars, research supervision, and student guidance
(2) Research activities: such as presentations of research papers and conferences
(3) Research funding and contributions to the university and society
If a tenured faculty member of Kanazawa University is hired, he / she will be count as “transferred" and no fixed term will be given.

[Starting date]
Scheduled date of hire: As soon as possible after July 1, 2021.

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[Details of salary, working hours, holiday, period of employment and insurance, accommodation, etc.]

The salary shall be in accordance with the salary regulations for employees of Kanazawa University Educational Corporation. Please refer to the following URL for the details of the salary regulations and working regulations of Kanazawa University Educational Corporation.
Please refer to the following URL: https://www.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/university/administration/regulation/rules (Japanese only)
A new annual salary system will be introduced and applied based on the new framework of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's annual salary system.

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Additional Information:

※In the College of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Sciences, we aim to develop human resources for social change by promoting education and research that integrates literary and science. Please refer to the following URL for College of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Sciences.
https://innov.w3.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/ (Japanese only)

※Kanazawa University is working to strengthen English education by improving the English teaching skills of its faculty and increasing the number of courses offered in English.

※Kanazawa University is actively promoting gender equality. For details, please refer to the following URL

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Kanazawa University

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