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    31/03/2021 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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The Nagamori Institute of Actuators at Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) seeks several Assistant Professors to collaborate with the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering. In addition to actively engaging in research activities, the Assistant Professor is expected to contribute to the department's teaching activities in part. Candidates should be highly motivated, have interests and expertise in one or more of the following areas, and will be expected to work closely with the relevant member of the Faculty of Engineering (indicated in parentheses).

A. Robotics (Prof. Fukushima)
B. Inorganic crystals and related materials for optical devices (Prof. Imai)
C. Systems engineering and design (Prof. Kawakami)
D. Programming systems and software (Prof. Piumarta)
Details of some fields will be described at the bottom of this


(1)Promoting research related to the above fields (A – D) in cooperation with the relevant faculty member.
(2)Aid for experimental subjects and practice subjects of the Faculty of Engineering.
(3)Supporting research guidance for undergraduate and graduate students.
(4)Other support for on-campus services such as open campus events.

As early as possible from April, 2021.

Discipline:Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Software Engineering

Assistant Professor

Full-time (Fixed term)
The appointment period is up to 5 years. Prior to the end of the term, a review for the promotion to the position of associate professor or junior associate professor will be made based on achievements. If not approved, one additional appointment term of up to 2 years will be given.


Our university changed its name from Kyoto Gakuen University to Kyoto University of Advanced Science in April 2019. A Department of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering, Division of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering launched in April 2020. The assistant professors recruited in this open call belong to Nagamori Institute of Actuators and will work with a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering.
URL: https://www.kuas.ac.jp/en/faculty-of-engineering/

Details of research fields

Field B: The research field includes researches on physical properties such as the electrooptic effect and crystal growth of inorganic crystal materials. It also includes their application to optical devices.

Field D: We investigate programming and programming systems, metaprogramming systems, programming language implementation, and related fields in support of both mainstream programming languages and domain-specific languages. Our current focus is on metaprogramming systems for mainstream languages that aid reliability and programmer productivity. Our lab is located in an interdisciplinary department that offers the potential of collaborating with other researchers working on practical problems in fields such as personal and ubiquitous informatics, AI/ML, data science, mechatronics, VR/AR/XR, the Internet of Things, communication technologies, etc.

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