Seeking Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher or Research Associate (W20196)(Knowledge Acquisition and Dialogue Research Team)

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    18/12/2021 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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Knowledge Acquisition and Dialogue Research Team
Guardian Robot Project
RIKEN Information R&D and Strategy Headquarters (Scheduled to be moved on April 1, 2021.)
(Team Leader: Koichiro Yoshino)

[Research field]
RIKEN launched a robotics project in April 2019, aiming at a future society where humans and AI/robots coexist flexibly. This project is promoting R & D for the social implementation of next-generation robotics ("brain x AI") that synergistically incorporates the strengths of AI research into brain science and cognitive science. The project will be moved under the Center for Quantum Computing, which is a new research center to be launched in April 2021. Knowledge Acquisition & Dialogue Research Team focuses on knowledge representation and dialogue systems on communication robots, interacting with human users in cooperative behaviors.

[Job title and job description]
Job title, available positions:
Seeking Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher or Research Associate for 3 positions

Research Scientist
Carries out research and other work in accordance with team research themes.

Postdoctoral Researcher
Carries out research and other work in accordance with team research themes under the direction of supervisors.

Research Associate
Carries out the research in the team under the direction of their supervisor.

*Job judgment will be decided based on applicant's ability, aptitude etc.

Research Associate who receive a Ph.D. degree in the related area after the arrival may advance to Postdoctoral Researcher in the future.

Job description:
Each member will work for research and development of robot dialogue systems and publish papers on the related areas. We have the following 3 positions:

1) One position on the area of language understanding, grounding, and distributed representation
This position member will research language understanding and grounding systems toward building robots working in the real world. In particular, we will develop a new distributed representation system to cope with this problem.

2) One position on the area of dialogue management and language generation
This position member will research a decision-making system that receives various observations of the robot. The member also will research a language generation system to transfer necessary information in cooperation with human users.

3) One position on the area of dialogue robot
This position member will work for system integration of a robot system, to incorporate the language systems with the robot system. This position member will research embodied dialogue management.

We may change the number of positions according to the number of applications.

[Work location]
Branch and address:
RIKEN Keihanna Campus (In Keihanna Science City, 2-2-2 Hikaridai, Souraku-gun Seika-cho, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR))

[Start of employment]
From 2021.4.1 or later, Negotiable

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