Bioelement Dynamics Research Group, Biogeochemistry Research Center (BGC), Research Institute for Marine Resources Utilization (MRU) Recruitment of Researcher(Ⅱ) or Postdoctoral Researcher

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    26/01/2021 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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We are soliciting applications for a Researcher (Ⅱ) or Postdoctoral Researcher position with the Bioelement Dynamics Research Group at the Biogeochemistry Research Center (Director: Naohiko Ohkouchi), Research Institute for Marine Resources Utilization (MRU) .

The Bioelement Dynamics Research Group seeks to understand biogeochemical processes, and discover the properties and applications of bioelements such as carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur, as well as biometal isotopes. This research involves the development of innovative methodologies. Further details are available at:

The successful applicant will be expected to contribute to the following research areas:
(1) Biogeochemistry in marine and terrestrial environments
(2) Development of new methodologies for understanding biogeochemical processes
(3) Solar materials and cosmochemistry
(4) Paleoenvironment reconstruction
(5) Applied biogeochemistry for solving societal problems

[Relevant Research Fields]
Geochemistry, oceanography, cosmochemistry, geology, analytical chemistry, and related fields.

[Job Type]

[Job Title]
Researcher (Science/Technology):
※Researcher (Science) is expected primarily to perform theoretical work, observations, and experiments related to research and development, through fundamental, original, or advanced research to conduct fundamental, originative, or advanced research based on theories, observations, and experiments.
※Researcher (Technology) is expected to conduct fundamental, originative, or advanced technology development and related research.
*At the time of appointment, the Job Title (Science/Technology) will be determined in accordance with JAMSTEC bylaws.

Researcher (Ⅱ):
Researcher (Ⅱ) is expected independently to conduct research and technology development and to share results through scientific publications and achieve technology innovation.

*There may be a change in affiliation in the event of reorganization of the Agency.


Postdoctoral Researcher:
To contribute to the Agency, a Postdoctoral Researcher should be able to independently conduct the research subject under direction of a leader, and to be appointed to improve his/her research qualities.

*There may be a change in affiliation in the event of reorganization of the Agency.

More Information


(1) Number of positions:
1 position for Researcher(Ⅱ) or Postdoctoral Researcher

(2) Type of contract:
Fixed-term employee

(3) Working Hours:
Discretionary labor system

(4) Contract Period:
*Effective date of employment is negotiable. However, it might be changed due to the influence of COVID-19 expansion.
Researcher (Ⅱ):
Period of employment is from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026
*One contract period is a maximum of five fiscal years. The contract period will not be renewed.
*After undergoing an evaluation during the period of employment, the contract may be modified to one without termination (termination of employment would be at the end of the fiscal year in which the employee reaches the age of 60, or the age of 65 if the employee is rehired after his/her retirement). For details on this system, please contact Human Resources Section.

Postdoctoral Researcher:
Total period will be terminated on March 31, 2024 after two contract renewals.
*First contract period is from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.
*Contract period can be renewed depending on the performance and working attitude of the successful applicant.
*In accordance with JAMSTEC bylaws, on reaching the age of 65 during an employed fiscal year, the contract period will expire at the end of the same fiscal year. This bylaw may change.
*This position is a non-tenure-track, fixed-term employee position.

Annual salary (paid in 1/12 equal monthly payments)
*Bonus and retirement allowance are included in the annual salary.

Researcher (Ⅱ):
e.g., JPY 6,000,000~7,000,000
*Salary will be competitive in accordance with JAMSTEC bylaw, based on the academic qualifications and demonstrated research skills of the applicant.

Postdoctoral Researcher:
JPY 5,250,000
*There is no raise.

For the details, please refer to the above "Job posting URL".

Additional comments

(1) Submitted documents will be managed safely according to strict rules. Personal information received during the recruiting process will be used only for recruitment screening and appointment procedures and not for any other purposes.
(2) The successful applicant should submit a certificate documenting his/her health upon appointment.
(3) Please kindly inform us in case of withdrawal of your application by E-mail.
(4) The above conditions may be changed at the discretion of the agency.
(5) For non-Japanese speakers, the interview and daily work will be conducted in English.

[Diversity and Inclusion]
In our quest to perform state-of-the-art research and develop scientific and technological innovations based on diverse values, JAMSTEC not only actively recruits women based on gender equality but also strives to create a work environment in which individuality is respected regardless of nationality, race, gender, self-recognition, age, or the presence or absence of disabilities.
In response to the diverse needs of our employees, we will also promote more flexible work styles and environments, including shorter working hours and opportunities for discretionary work.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

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