Full Professor in NAOJ SOLAR-C Project

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    National Institutes of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
    Leading Researcher (R4)
    29/01/2021 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
    Japan › Tokyo
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[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has been playing a key role in the science satellite missions of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). NAOJ has the SOLAR-C Project, which participates in and contributes to the Solar-C (EUVST: the EUV High-Throughput Spectroscopic Telescope) mission of JAXA/ISAS, aiming to explore key propositions in space science of how the plasma universe is created and evolves, and how the Sun influences the Earth, other interplanetary objects and the heliosphere. The Solar-C (EUVST) can trace and grasp dynamic solar plasma phenomena in the chromosphere through the corona by advanced capabilities; they are seamless entire temperature coverage and about ten times higher spatial and temporal resolution than ever. It enables us to study the most fundamental question in solar physics: how does the interplay of solar plasma and magnetic fields drive solar activity? The SOLAR-C Project will contribute to the design and development of overall mission instruments, particularly the telescope section, in collaboration with JAXA and the several US and European institutes. The oversee institutes plan to provide the critical components of the spectrograph section. The SOLAR-C Project is responsible for the science community to provide high-quality spectroscopic imaging data under the leadership of ISAS/JAXA.
Solar-C (EUVST) has been selected by ISAS/JAXA (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of JAXA) as the unique candidate of the 4th Medium-Class science satellite mission. The target launch date is in the solar maximum of the mid-2020s. We invite applications for a full professor position at the SOLAR-C Project of NAOJ. A successful candidate for this position is expected to lead the project as the leader of the NAOJ SOLAR-C project, develop overall mission instruments as the Telescope Principal Investigator, and maintain the strong collaboration with NAOJ Solar Science Observatory aiming to strength solar physics activities in NAOJ. In particular, the successful candidate is expected to lead the development of the Solar-C (EUVST) telescope and its functional & performance verifications of the telescope with contractors and the project members. In addition, the successful candidate has an important role of “point of contact" with science community for solar physics, through this project. The responsibilities of the leader include continuously demonstrating leadership and outstanding performance in research activities, besides promoting collaborations among NAOJ scientists and engineers to stimulate the productivity of science and development by making the best use of NAOJ's strengths. Fostering young scientists including supervising students in the PhD's program, is also required as part of the responsibility.

[Area of Expertise]
Astronomy and/or related fields

[Address of work location and other information]
Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan

[Available positions (Job title, number of positions, etc.)]
Full Professor, one position

[Starting date]
The successful candidate should be able to start as soon as possible after the job offer has been accepted.

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Work Type: Discretionary Work (Deemed working hours: 38.75hrs/week)
Standard Work Hours:38.75hrs/week,from 8:30 to 17:15 with an hour intermission.
No Work Days:Saturday and Sunday, National Holidays, New Year Holidays(December 29-January 3)
Paid Annual Leave Entitlement:20 days(to be prorated for the first year),Summer Holidays(3days),etc.
Shall be paid based on National Institute of Natural Sciences Regulations (this position will be employed under the scheme of the annual salary system of NAOJ and will be paid monthly in 12 equal payments).
Allowance (including Retirement Allowance):
Shall be paid based on National Institute of Natural Sciences Regulations.
Health Insurance: Pension Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Industrial Accident Insurance

Additional comments

• The application documents should be converted to PDF (max 50MB each, 100MB in total, at most 10 files).
• Candidates selected in the final short list may be interviewed by the selection committee either via the internet or face-to-face. The expense for the interview will not be covered by NAOJ.
• The NAOJ Advisory Committee for Research and Management will make the final decision for the appointment.
• NINS Employee Regulations (NINS, or the National Institutes of Natural Sciences, is an executive institute that manages NAOJ) shall be applied to this position.
• The successful candidate will be employed under the scheme of the annual salary system of NAOJ and will be paid monthly in 12 equal payments. Retirement Allowance shall be paid.
Policy for Equal Employment Opportunity: Abiding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, NAOJ is committed to the realization of a society with gender equality. If two candidates are deemed equal in their performance evaluation, NAOJ will take positive action to employ women. If you have taken a leave(s) such as for maternity, childcare, and/or family care, please indicate it in your curriculum vitae. We will consider it when assessing your performance. For details, see
https://www2.nao.ac.jp/~open-info/gender-equality/ (currently in Japanese only).
• Smoking is prohibited on the premises excluding designated outdoor smoking areas.
• Information submitted in your application documents will not be used for any purpose other than the selection process and for contacting you with necessary notices in connection with the selection. Once the selection process is complete, we will securely dispose of all application documents and personal information, except for those submitted by the successful candidate.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
National Institutes of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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