YUFE Career Tracks: Postdoctoral Programme on „European Identity“

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YUFE Career Tracks: Postdoctoral Programme on „European Identity“

Have you recently finished your PhD and you have a keen research interest in European identity? Apply for a three-year YUFE Postdoc position at one of our YUFE universities - and take part in the research activities of one of the first European Universities!

The YUFE Alliance is based on the joint vision of ten young research universities and four non-academic partners aiming to contribute to a more innovative, united, and competitive Europe addressing European and global challenges. It aims to bring radical change by becoming the leading model of a young, student-centered, open and inclusive European University based on the Quadruple Helix process, with cooperation between the education sector, the public and private sector, policy makers and citizens. The YUFE Alliance is united in commitment to build inter-connected education and research and innovation systems that are open, accessible and inclusive, founded on the principles of open science and social responsibility.



Guided by our vision to create a true European University, we pursue the following goals with this Postdoctoral Programme:

  • Build the first YUFE Career Track and improve career development opportunities within YUFE and beyond
  • Attract the most talented early career researchers to YUFE, providing excellent research conditions, dedicated mentoring and the opportunity to co-create one of the first European Universities
  • Foster research excellence in the field of European identity and responsibilities in a global world
  • Create an interdisciplinary network of experts in the field of European identity and responsibilities in a global world among the YUFE partner universities

The postdoctoral positions are open to promising early career researchers from all over the world holding a PhD. Preference is given to applicants who have just completed their doctorate and have not held a postdoctoral fellowship before. In-house applications are possible, however, the applicants are strongly encouraged to propose a postdoc project at another YUFE institutions which aren’t their alma mater. The programme is targeted at researchers from the Social Sciences, Humanities and or any other relevant field relating to the focus theme European identity and responsibilities in a global world.  

Programme structure

As a successful candidate …

  • you will be employed full-time as a postdoctoral researcher at one of the YUFE universities (“contract university”) for the duration of three years. The employment conditions and salaries of the contract university apply. Research expenses including travel allowances can be applied for – conditions vary between contract universities.
  • you will closely collaborate with colleagues from at  least one other YUFE university (“partner university”).  An outline of that collaboration and a mobility plan that proposes extended stays at YUFE universities other than your contract university are part of your application material.
  • you will be mentored by two faculty members - one at your prospective contract institution, one at your prospective (main) partner university. You propose these mentors together with your application. Both have to confirm their willingness to engage in mentoring.
  • you will work closely with your mentors, however, you will be given a high level of autonomy  in pursuing your individual project and establishing your future research agenda.
  • you will have the opportunity to engage in teaching and supervising. Teaching obligations may differ depending on the contract university, but these activities shall not exceed 10% of the full-time employment.
  • you will be in close contact with the other postdocs in the programme. The YUFE postdoc cohort will be part of the broader YUFE research network on European identity that we wish to create. You will be expected to contribute actively to joint activities of the YUFE postdoc cohort (e.g., a (virtual) jour fixe, peer-to-peer counseling and evaluation of progress reports, an annual research network event, co-organisation of research conferences or workshops).
  • you will participate in a mid-term state-of-play event in conjunction with the annual research network meeting. The state-of-play event is designed to showcase the postdoctoral projects, foster collaboration and provide you with feed-back and guidance from an experts’ committee towards further career steps.
  • you will be provided with an additional third mentor - your career mentor. The career mentor may be an expert in a different field and will assist you in your individual career development. If fitting to your project, the career mentor might be a professional from the public or private sector.
  • you will take part in the YUFE staff development programme. Moreover, there will be staff development opportunities tailored to the needs and interests of your cohort.



Please apply online in our application portal: https://www.uni-bremen.de/yufe-incoming.


You will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • a motivation letter (1 page)
  • your CV + list of publications (max 5 pages)
  • PhD certificate
  • a project outline (max 5 pages)
  • a mobility plan (max 2 pages)
  • confirmation of mentors at contract and partner universities


More Information

Selection process


The selection procedure is twofold:

  1. YUFE Expert Committee: The Committee evaluates all applications received before the deadline and draws up a ranked list for each university. The committee consists of experts from all YUFE universities and represents a broad range of disciplines pertaining to European identity.
  2. Final selection at the prospective contract university: Once the YUFE Expert Committee produces the ranking, each university that grants a position will assess the relevant applicant(s). The candidate has to fulfill national/local employment requirements (for detailed information please see the programme guideline).

Equality and diversity values will be fostered throughout the evaluation and selection process.

Additional comments


The closing date for applications is 12:00 noon (CET) on Friday, 8 January 2021. The YUFE Expert Committee will complete its work by the end of March 2021 at the latest. Offers by individual institutions may differ in time but are expected to be made as soon as possible. The individual funding period starts with the new academic year 2021 of the contract university (August-October).

YUFE-Postdoctoral Programme guideline

Annex to GDPR

Web site for additional job details

Offer Requirements


Eligibility and Requirements

  • Applicants must hold a PhD degree and have a research record in a subject area connected to the focus area of the programme. Applicants must be early career researchers who have completed their PhD no earlier than 3 years before the start of the programme. Thus, the PhD must have been completed on or after 1 September, 2018. Parental and other care (or medical) related leaves will be taken into account – where relevant - and the eligibility window may be widened accordingly.
  • Applicants must present a research project pertaining to the programme’s focus theme on European identity and responsibilities in a global world.
  • Applicants must present a mobility plan for the duration of the position together with a suggestion of both a mentor at the prospective contract university and a mentor at the prospective (main) YUFE partner university.
  • Applicants must have a strong track-record in research.
  • Experience of cooperation and networking in the scientific community is desirable.
  • Experience in communicating research to a broader audience (e.g. via a blog, engagement with citizens or societal actors, etc.) is not a requirement, but positively valued.


Specific Requirements

Eligible contract and partner universities

YUFE Alliance universities you can apply to as contract universities in the programme for this call:

  • Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
  • Universidad Carlos III De Madrid, Spain
  • University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • University of Bremen, Germany
  • University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • University of Rijeka, Croatia

All YUFE Alliance universities can be chosen as partner universities for your mobility stay(s).

These include:

  • Maastricht University, the Netherlands
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
  • Universidad Carlos III De Madrid, Spain
  • University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • University of Bremen, Germany
  • University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • University of Essex, the United Kingdom
  • University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy

This is the first call within the YUFE Postdoctoral Programme currently offering 7 positions at 7 of the YUFE universities (see list of contract universities above). We envision other calls in the coming years addressing other YUFE focus areas and possibly involving another set of contract universities. Note that all YUFE universities are involved as partner universities, faculty from partner universities serve as members on the selection committee, act as mentors and will host postdocs during their mobility stays.

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