Eranshahr: Man Landscape and Society in Arsacid and Sasanian Iran. Texts, material culture and society from Arsaces to Yazdegard III. Three case studies: Pars, Pahlaw and Khuzestan (PRIN 2017)

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    21/10/2020 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
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This project focuses on the interplay between man, political power and territory in Arsacid and Sasanian Iran (2nd BCE – 7th CE), a period limited by two political transitions of considerable importance, the first between the Hellenistic dynasty of the Seleucids and the kingdom of the Arsacids, the second between the Sasanian dynasty and Islamic domination. In this perspective, the analysis will focus on the elements of continuitydiscontinuity that characterize this period, contributing to the creation of Iranian identity. Drawing upon two typologies of documents, written sources – primary and secondary - and landscape archaeology, we will study a key area of ancient Iran, the region of Khuzestan. In this particular frame of the project research on materiality on a territorial base is crucial. The present Project is characterized by a strong interdisciplinarity and has a twofold structure, vertical for territorial aspects and horizontal for disciplinary fields.

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