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    30/09/2020 15:00 - Europe/London
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The Witold Chodźko Institute in Lublin



FOR THE POSITION of research – 1 job position

(at the Independent Laboratory for Isobolographic Analyses)

at the Witold Chodźko Institute of Rural Health


More Information

Eligibility criteria

List of required documents:

  1. CV and completed questionnaire which is the Annex 5 to this Form.
  2. Copies of appropriate documents/diplomas confirming education possessed.
  3. Statements possibly documented confirming experience possessed within the scope specified in the announcement.
  4. List of publications and participation in scientific conferences.
  5. Current participation in realization of research projects.
  6. Statement possibly documented concerning the level of knowledge of foreign languages.
  7. Consent to the processing of personal data together with information clause which is the Annex to this Form.
  1. Certificate of good conduct with respect to criminal, disciplinary, and occupational proceedings.
  2. Statement concerning full use of public rights.
  3. Statement concerning agreement to be employed at the Institute as the primary place of work.

Selection process

    1. 1. Date of job interview: 6 October 2020 at 10:00-12:00
    2. 2. Date of settling competition: 7 October 2020
    3. 3. Competition procedures will be conducted in Polish.
    4. 4. The Competition Committee has the right to verify documents submitted by applicants, including compliance of statements with the facts.5. Contract of employment will be signed with the selected applicant if it is possible to verify the data submitted by the applicant in the integrated system of information concerning higher education POL-on and indication of the Institute as the primary place of work.
    5. 5. Employment will take place on the date of making the decision by the Director IMW. The Director IMW will apply to the Scientific Council for an appropriate opinion.
    6. 6. Place of work will be the Witold Chodźko Institute of Rural Health in Lublin.
    7. 7.Documents will be submitted by 30 September 2020 to the Secretariat of the Institute in Lublin, or sent to the address: Witold Chodźko Institute of Rural Health, Jaczewskiego 2, 20-090 Lublin (the date of posting will be accepted as the last date for application), with a note appended on the envelope ‘Competition for position of research assistant at the Independent laboratory for Isobolographic Analyses’.

    Offer Requirements


    1. Requirements for applicants for the position of research assistant at the Independent laboratory for Isobolographic Analyses:
    1. Profiled academic education in biotechnology, with at least professional title of Master of Arts obtained.
    2. At least 3-year scientific experience in work thematically associated with scientific-research activity of the Independent Laboratory for Isobolographic Analyses IMW.
    3. At least 3-year scientific experience in work with laboratory animals.
    4. Communicative knowledge of English.
    5. Fluent knowledge of Polish.
    6. Documented scientific accomplishments after obtaining Doctor’s degree (including author or co-author of minimum 5 articles published in journals indexed in the ISI databases).
    7. Possibly formally confirmed experience in realization of research projects, including experience in the preparation and obtaining research grants within competitions addressed to young researchers.

    Specific Requirements

    1. Possibly formally confirmed experience in coordination of research projects.
    2. Formally confirmed by the certificate training for persons performing activities associated with the use of animals for scientific purposes.
    3. Excellent skills in the operation of: computer equipment and office software (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point), software for data analysis (GraphPad Prism), and software used in molecular biology and behavioural studies (ImageJ Software; VideoMot System; Olympus Cell F; Nis Elements Microscopic Imaging Software ).
    4. Full use of public rights.

    Work location(s)
    2 position(s) available at
    Institute of Rural Health
    Jaczewskiego 2

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