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Postdoctoral Fellow

5 Jan 2023

Job Information

Warsaw University
Research Field
Philosophy » Epistemology
Psychological sciences » Cognitive science
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Offer Description

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Type of position: research

Number of positions:

Time dimension: full time

Discipline: philosophy, psychology

Project title: Perceptual objects in the unimodal- and multimodal settings

PI & project supervisor: dr Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz

Funding Organization: National Science Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki, NCN) in Poland

Project type: OPUS-18

Project Duration: 2020–2025

Host Institution: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Philosophy


The recruitment procedure conforms with NCN regulations and the Statute of the University of Warsaw.


Application is possible for persons who fulfill the conditions specified in:

- Article 113 of the Act of 20 July 2018. Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 574, as amended) and the Statutes of the University of Warsaw (Monitor UW of 2019, item 190, as amended);

- the Regulations on awarding grants for the fulfillment of tasks financed by the National Science Centre in the framework of research projects, for the program OPUS 18.


Candidates will be evaluated in compliance with the requirements of the Statute of the University of Warsaw, the European Charter for Researchers. The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers ( and Order No. 106 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 27 September 2019. (consolidated text: Monitor UW of 2020, item 388) and the guidelines of the National Science Centre.


Key responsibilities:

  • completion of research tasks related to the analysis of: (1) the origin of perceptual objects, (2) conceptual and methodological aspects of the study of perceptual objects, (3) similarities and differences between perceptual objects in various sense modalities, and (4) multimodal perceptual objects; in particular, conduct of research within the tasks (3) and (4) – (3) comparisons of different senses to clarify what types of particulars are consciously perceived in the individual modalities; (4) analysis the structure of multimodal perceptual objects that are perceived with two or more sense modalities;
  • organization of, and regular participation in, the meetings of the research group; collaboration with the PI and other members of the group through paper exchanges, regular discussions, and jointly authored works;
  • presentation of research results at important domestic and international conferences;
  • publication of project outcomes in high-ranked international journals and publishing houses;
  • organization of seminars, workshops, and research visits with invited speakers.


Research Field
Philosophy » Epistemology
Education Level
PhD or equivalent


  • A doctoral degree in the field of philosophy, cognitive science, or psychology, obtained not earlier than 7 years before the year of employment within this project[1];
  • Substantial scientific output (confirmed by publications) in the field of sensory research within empirically informed philosophy of perception, philosophy of mind, psychology, or cognitive neurosciences;
  • Interdisciplinary research interests and experience relevant to the project topic (sense perception, object perception, sensory modalities, multisensory integration);
  • Experience in international scientific collaboration;
  • A very good command of spoken and written English.

[1] This period does not include breaks caused by maternity leave, leave under the conditions of maternity leave, paternal leave, parental leave granted in accordance with the principles stipulated in the provisions of the labour law, or breaks during which sickness benefit or rehabilitation benefit in connection with inability to work, including inability to work as a consequence of an illness necessitating therapeutic rehabilitation, were received. For women, the indicated seven-year period may be extended by 18 months for each natural or adopted child.

Specific Requirements


  • The candidate cannot be a person who has been employed at the University of Warsaw on the basis of an employment contract in the course of the last two years before the employment within the project.
  • The principal investigator in the project has not been research supervisor/auxiliary research supervisor of the candidate's doctorate.
  • The candidate's PhD degree has not been awarded by the institution planned to employ them at this post.


The application should contain:

  1. Application letter addressed to Vice-Rector of the University of Warsaw, prof. dr hab. Sambor Grucza;
  2. Personal questionnaire for applicants (available at with a photo and an e-mail address;
  3. Information on the processing of personal data (information and consent clause); cf. Appendix No. 1 to this announcement;
  4. Document confirming the PhD degree in philosophy, cognitive science, or psychology;
  5. Scientific CV - (with particular reference to and justification of any career breaks) including information on participation in research projects,  and conferences, scholarships, scientific awards, membership in scientific organisations, in editorial teams of scientific journals;
  6. List of publications – divided into publications relevant to scope of research foreseen in the project and other publications;
  7. Copies of the two most important publications from the applicant’s output;
  8.  An outline proposal (up to 4 pages) including how the candidate’s previous research is relevant to the topic of perceptual objects and what new research is proposed within this project;
  9. Two reference letters by professors in the field of philosophy, cognitive science, or psychology (other than from the University of Warsaw), or in the case of foreign researchers – reference letters from persons with a substantial scientific output and an established reputation in the international scientific community;
  10. Employment certificates, if applicable;
  11. A declaration by the candidate that he/she has not been found guilty of breaching standards of good research practice in disciplinary, administrative or judicial proceedings;
  12. Statement of the candidate confirming that they are acquainted with and accept the rules for carrying the recruitment procedure for the position of the academic teacher (Appendix No. 2 to this announcement)


Research Field
Philosophy » Epistemology
Internal Application form(s) needed
No. 1 - Information on personal data processing.pdf
(560.52 KB - PDF)
(273.94 KB - PDF)
Personal questionnaire for the person applying for employment.pdf
(395.14 KB - PDF)

Additional Information


Conditions of employment:

  • Employment duration: 12 months with a option of extension for up to 12 more months
  • Salary: 120.000 PLN (including the employer’s costs) for 12 months of employment
  • Expected starting date: the earliest possible date after the decision in the recruitment procedure
Selection process

All documents shall be submitted electronically in the form of pdf files sent to the following addresss: 


Applications shall be sent by28 February 2023


Attention! Incomplete applications, or applications not fulfilling formal conditions will not be considered.


The decision will be made by 31 March 2023


Applicants will be informed about the results of the procedure per e-mail.


This is the first stage of the employment procedure specified by the Statute of the University of Warsaw. Its positive result is the basis for further procedure.

Additional comments


  • In the period of remuneration within the project, the post-doc must not receive other remuneration from the funds granted within the scope of direct costs in research projects financed in NCN programs.
  • In the period of remuneration within the project, the post-doc must not be employed by another employer on the basis of an employment contract, including by an employer with the seat outside Poland.

The University of Warsaw does not offer accommodation, reserves the right to contact shortlisted candidates, invite them for an interview as well as not select any candidate.


Project outline:

“Perceptual objects in the unimodal and multimodal settings”

There is an intuitive sense in which we can see, hear, and smell some objects (the crackling campfire), whereas other objects of perception (rainbows) seem confined to a single modality. Perceptual objects are the events or entities that we perceive; they are those individuals to which perceptual mental states attribute properties. The most plausible candidates for perceptual objects presented through vision include ordinary, persistent material objects and/or spatiotemporal regions; those presented through audition include sounds and/or ordinary objects; and those presented through olfaction include odors and/or ordinary objects. Although the topic of perceived objects and properties is of great importance for philosophy and psychology, many issues remain puzzling.

The project seeks to fit in with the recent interdisciplinary work between philosophy of perception, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. Based on research on object processing in various sensory modalities, this project aims to develop a comprehensive account of perceptual objecthood by accommodating a sensory specific and multisensory perspectives. The project embraces four main subtasks devoted to analyses of the origin and development of object perception, the conceptual and methodological aspects underlying the investigation of unisensory and multisensory perceptual objects, the differences and similarities between perceptual objects in various senses, and the multisensory level of perceptual objecthood. The research group will classify the kinds of entities we can perceive through individual sense modalities, explore the concept of “object”, the structure, and characteristics of perceptual objects in various sensory modalities as well as the degree to which different sensory modalities can work together to construct a multimodal perceptual object.


Additional information about the project may be obtained from PI Dr Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz ( ).


Work Location(s)

Number of offers available
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw
Nowy Świat 69

Where to apply



Nowy Świat 69