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    Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute
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    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    09/07/2020 21:00 - Europe/Athens
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NeuroSmog: Determining the impact of air pollution on the developing brain.Project is carried out within the TEAM-NET programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IEP-NRI) in Warsaw, Poland, Integrated Environmental Monitoring Department.            IEP-NRI was established by order of the Minister of Environmental Protection on 1st April 1986. Institute was entrusted with comprehensive environmental studies, including the processes and effects of environmental degradation and the development of state policies at national and international levels. The scope of activities of the Institute includes in particular development of scientific and technical basis for environmental protection, national environmental policy and programs counteracting climate change. Research and development are performed in the areas like: comprehensive environmental studies including processes and effects of environmental degradation; integrated monitoring and modeling, air pollution, climate change; noise; protection of natural wildlife; protection and renewal of water resources; waste and chemicals management.

One of the main substantive tasks include development and implementation of air quality standards and indicators, conducting air pollutions and deposition monitoring, development and implementation of integrated methods of air quality assessment including mathematical modeling with health impact assessment and air pollutions emission inventories.

Project description:

NeuroSmog combines four scientific teams in the fields of air pollution assessment, child psychology, neuroimaging and epidemiology with the common goal of determining the impact of ambient air on the developing brain in school age children. Using MRI scans and in-depth psychological testing of cases of ADHD and a control group selected from the general population as well as the use and development of various techniques for assessing population and individual exposure to air pollution. The Neurosmog project endeavours to investigate the effects of air pollution on behavioural and neural changes in school-age children.

The candidate will have a unique opportunity to investigate these effects in a region where air pollution levels are considerably higher than elsewhere in Europe, and where air pollution is a major growing concern for society. The NeuroSmog project provides ample research funding for equipment, database access, software, conferences and collaborative travel. Air Pollution Exposure Team Leader will be in charge of a research budget of approximately 768 000 EUR (incl. overheads).

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Participation in different tasks to achieve the assumed results of the Neurosmog project;
  2. Acquiring and processing relevant data for health risk assessment
  3. Participation in the elaboration of IT tools and data for numerical methods and statistical algorithms supporting the health risk assessment for air pollution.
  4. Preparation of project reports.
  5. Cooperation with Institute team members and other project teams, including epidemiologists.
  6. Participation in the analysis and evaluation of the obtained project results in comparison with the latest research results, reviewing research papers in this field.
  7. Participation in the preparation of scientific publications for peer-reviewed journals.
  8. Participation in national and international conferences with presentation of project results.

More Information


The NeuroSmog project provides some research funding for equipment, database access, software, conferences and collaborative travel.

The position is initially available for 33 months with possible extension.

Further extensions and tenure are possible based on successfully attracting additional external research funding.

The gross salary will be 120 000 PLN/ 28 000 EUR per annum (approx. 77 500 PLN/18 000 EUR net after all deductions).

Eligibility criteria

  1. To apply, please send:
    1. one page Letter of motivation,
    2. a two-page CV,
    3. employment certificates photocopies,
    4. list of publication (incl. peer-reviewed publications and monographs) and published in conferences materials,
    5. list of participated projects (incl. title, founder and start/end dates) with a brief description of the scope of work (per project),
    6. One page description of research interests.
  2. Under Foundation for Polish Sciences’ procedures, it is possible to file complaints or remarks regarding the recruitment process. Complaints should be filed to m.szwed@uj.edu.pl within 7 days from receipt of decision

Selection process

Deadline for applications is a month from the job offer publication date, expected end of June, 2020.

We will contact for interviews aprox. one week after application deadline.

Additional comments

Project leader: Prof. Marcin Szwed, NeuroSmog consortium leader m.szwed@uj.edu.pl

For more details about the position please visit (website/webpage address): http://ios.edu.pl/




Offer Requirements

    Environmental science: PhD or equivalent



  1. PhD (or equivalent) degree in a field that uses statistical methods (e.g. regression analysis, bayesian methods, machine learning) for analysing medium-sized to big datasets. The degree must have been obtained not earlier than in 2015.
  2. Expertise in a programming language with statistical capabilities
  3. Good written and spoken English
  4. Ability to work independently and in an international and interdisciplinary team

Other experience appreciated

  1. Any knowledge about health impact assessment of air pollution
  2. Experience with GIS software
  3. Experience with air pollution modelling, in particular LURs
  4. Experience with processing of satellite imagery (specifically, AOD measurements)
  5. Polish language

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