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PhD Programme in History and Archaeology. Studies on Heritage, Memory and Cultures - Academic Year 2020/2021 - Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

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    ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Università di Bologna
    HistoryHistory of philosophy
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    21/05/2020 13:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Italy › Bologna


The PhD has many research fields - anthropology, archaeology, politics, oriental studies, history and other intercultural connections - that cover a wide chronological lenght, extended from prehistory to modern times. They follow an inter-disciplinary dimension and different methodologies, working together in a whole-crossing way. The PhD aims to form scholars able to play high qualified roles in the Universities, in scientific and cultural institutions, in the private firms, in preserving, safeguarding and promoting the territory and its historical-artistic heritage, both in public and private, by processing and interpreting historical sources, archaeological materials, sociological data, building databases, employing graphic instruments.

Main research fields:

- genesis and development of settlements and cities

- dynamics of territories occupation and economic and cross-cultural interactions between different peoples

- conceptual frameworks: social complexity and ideologies (analysis of theological, philosophical, political, juridical aspects concerning institutions and mobility of social structures)

- symbolic relationship between memory objects;

- philosophical texts, or schools of thought, which are relevant for intellectual history and intercultural dialogue.

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The yearly gross amount of the scholarships is € 15.343,28. Social-security contributions are deducted monthly from the gross scholarship by the University on behalf of the PhD candidates. Scholarships are paid to PhD candidates on a monthly basis, in arrears (payment is completed not earlier than the 25th day of the month).

Eligibility criteria

Please, see the Call for applications

Selection process

Qualifications and research project evaluation

Oral examination

More information in the PhD Programme Table

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Offer Requirements

    Other: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good


Regardless of age and citizenship, applicants holding the following academic qualifications can apply for admission:

a. Laurea specialistica or Laurea magistrale (second cycle master’s degrees);

b. Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento (degree obtained under the previous Italian regulations);

c. Degree granted by AFAM (Advanced Artistic and Musical Training) institutions;

d. Second cycle degrees obtained abroad, recognised as equivalent to those covered by letters a), b) and c) of the present paragraph.

Undergraduate applicants may apply on condition to obtain the necessary academic qualification to be admitted to the PhD programme by the PhD programme starting date.

Specific Requirements

- Abstract of the second cycle master’s degree thesis

- No more than 2 reference letters

- Multi-annual research project

- Motivational letter

-  Publications in extenso (monographs, articles published on scientific journals): max 8.

- List of the minor publications (conference papers, volume’s chapters, etc.): max 2

- Professional Master courses completed in Italy (1st or 2nd level) relevant to the PhD Programme

- Postgraduate vocational training programmes/specialisation programmes relevant to the PhD Programme

- Thesis defended within the framework of Specialization Schools

- Research activity

- Vocational internships

- Curricular and non-curricular training and guidance internships

- Foreign languages

- Other qualifications attesting the suitability of the applicants (scholarships, prizes, etc)

Please, see the Call for applications. More information in the PhD Programme Table.

Work location(s)
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ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Università di Bologna

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