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    Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences
    Environmental scienceEarth science
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    28/02/2020 15:00 - Europe/London
    Poland › Sopot


The main goal of the project is to determine diffusion coefficient of identified DOM fraction from sediments pore waters into near bottom water, and to relate its magnitude to oceanographic conditions: (salinity, dissolved oxygen concentration, DO, pH and sediment type). The working hypothesis of this project is that, the DOM optical properties are correlated with dissolved iron concentration in sediments pore waters and overlying waters. Project goal will be achieved through qualitative and quantitative characterization of the dissolved organic matter – DOM in the Baltic Sea deep’s bottom sediments pore waters and overlaying near bottom water and water column in different oceanographic conditions with use of absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy and High Performance Size-Exclusion Chromatography and established correlation between optical characteristics of DOM and concentration of dissolved iron and dissolved organic carbon. Spectroscopic analysis will include measurements of light absorption by chromophoric dissolved organic matter - CDOM, and measurements of DOM fluorescence excitation emission matrix spectra – EEMs. Chromatographic analysis will enable separation of different molecular weight fractions of DOM, and after fractionation spectroscopic analysis will be applied to characterize material grouped into molecular weight classes. Data achieved from spectroscopic, chromatographic and environmental and laboratory measurements will be analyzed statistically, to identify which molecular weight and qualitative DOM fractions were most susceptible to migrate and in which direction across sediments/near bottom water interface. Comparison of DOM composition, based on optical and chromatographic signatures, in collected samples will enable understanding of DOM transformation processes during its early diagenesis. This project will be executed through the field and laboratory work campaigns undertaken by team of experienced researchers during research cruises on board of r/v Oceania to Bornholm Deep, Gdansk Deep and Gotland Deep in the Baltic Sea.

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Offer Requirements

    Environmental science: PhD or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent


Profile of candidates:

• Ph.D. degree in Physical or Chemical Oceanography, Marine Science, Earth Sciences, or Geochemistry,

• documented scientific achievements including publications in recognized international scientific journals in the field of marine science/oceanography/biogeochemistry (candidates with documented publication record at journal with IF > 2 will be preferred),

• proven experience in participating in field work (candidates who participated in oceanographic cruises and expeditions will be preferred), practical knowledge of conducting physical and chemical oceanographic measurements with use of modern instrumentation, practical knowledge of methods for collecting water samples for determination of concentrations of optically significant sea water constituents and biogeochemical parameters, practical knowledge of methods for collection of sediments samples,

• experience and analytical background in absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy methods, laboratory analytical skills ,

• experience in data analysis and visualization, knowledge of Matlab or R computing environment,

• experience in analysis of spectral data and knowledge of multivariate statistical methods including knowledge of Parallel Factor Analysis and PCA models,

• passion for research, aptitude, and ability to learn new analytical techniques,

• independent thinking in data analysis,

• foreign experience: ability to work and live in diverse cultural environmentat, at least one short-term stay at a foreign university/research institute and presentations at international conferences,

• fluency in spoken and written English,

• ability for full involvement in the project, consisting in regular field and laboratory work, meetings with other members of the project and regular reporting on the progress of work to the PI, and presenting results on conferences and publications writing,

• experience in gaining independent funding for research is a plus.

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1 position(s) available at
Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences
Powstancow Warszawy 55

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