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The University of Helsinki www.helsinki.fi/en/university is among the leading multidisciplinary research universities in the world. In addition to its 11 faculties, the University includes several independent institutes, some of which are jointly operated with other universities. Some 36,000 students are currently pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the University of Helsinki.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki www.helsinki.fi/en/faculty-of-law is the leading Finnish institute of legal research and education. Some of the degrees awarded by the Faculty are completed at its bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies www.helsinki.fi/en/faculty-of-law/faculty/vaasa-unit-of-legal-studies. The Faculty’s mission is to train qualified, ethically responsible legal professionals for both the Finnish and international markets through high-quality international research and research-based teaching. The Faculty offers undergraduate degrees in Finnish, Swedish and English as well as a bilingual degree in Swedish and Finnish. The Faculty has a teaching and research staff of around 130 people and 2,400 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Faculty of Law invites applications for the position of


The education provided by the Faculty of Law to Finnish- and Swedish-speaking undergraduate students is divided into the Bachelor’s Programme in Law and the Master’s Programme in Law. The appointee to the present position will provide teaching in both programmes. Studies in the Bachelor’s Programme in Law are organised into the following thematic areas

•Public law
•Private law I
•Private law II
•Crime, procedure, administration, environment
•Economy, society and law
•General jurisprudence

The Bachelor of Laws degree is similarly divided into thematic areas, with the teaching provided in them always encompassing several branches of law.

The appointee is expected to provide teaching in at least two thematic areas or, if the appointee’s expertise focuses on a single thematic field, to provide teaching in more than one field of law. The position may also include the provision of teaching in other courses included in the degree, degree studies in the University’s other disciplines, the Faculty’s international master’s programmes and in the Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies. The Faculty offers teaching in Finnish, Swedish and English. The appointee’s duties include student assessment in all these languages.

The successful applicant may be appointed to a permanent professorship or a fixed-term
associate/assistant professorship (tenure track system), depending on his or her qualifications
and career stage. Further information on the career path and a description of the tenure track model at the University of Helsinki, please see https://www.helsinki.fi/en/university/careers-at-the-university-of-helsi...

An appointee to the position of assistant/associate professor within the tenure track system
shall hold a doctoral degree, have the ability to conduct independent scholarly work and have
the teaching skills necessary for the position. In addition, applicants for assistant/associate
professorships shall demonstrate their capability and motivation as regards an academic career
through publications and other means.

An appointee to a full professorship shall hold a doctoral degree and possess top-level scholarly
qualifications in the field of private law and experience in the supervision of scientific research, along with the ability to provide top-level research-based teaching as well as to supervise theses and dissertations. In
addition, the appointee shall present documentation of international cooperation in the field of
research that he or she represents. Holders of professorships shall also have the skills
necessary to serve as academic leaders.

Particular consideration will be given to applicants with extensive expertise in private law. The ability to provide teaching on the general doctrines of property law and law of obligations will be considered an asset.

Pursuant to section 1 of the Government Decree on Universities (770/2009), appointees to teaching positions at the University of Helsinki must be proficient in the language in which they provide instruction, i.e., Finnish or Swedish. In addition, they must have at least satisfactory oral and written skills in both languages.

To successfully attend to the duties of the position, the appointees must have good English skills.

Before an employment decision is made, the language proficiency stipulated in the Government Decree on Universities and the other language skills required for the position must be verified, in accordance with section 32 of the Regulations of the University of Helsinki, through application documents and, where relevant, a teaching demonstration and an interview. The above section of the Regulations also determines the possibility of granting an exemption from the language requirement laid down in the Government Decree.

When considering the qualifications of applicants, attention will be paid to both scientific and teaching qualifications. Scientific qualifications include scientific publications and other research results of scientific value, success in obtaining external research funding, scientific work outside Finland, and international specialist and elected positions. Teaching qualifications include teaching experience and pedagogical training, the ability to produce learning materials, other teaching merits and, if necessary, a teaching demonstration, as well as participation in doctoral education. Furthermore, the applicants’ leadership and interaction skills, as well as activity in the research community, will be taken into account.

The salary will be based on levels 7 (assistant/associate professor) and 8–10 (professor) of the job requirement scheme for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal work performance. The appointee’s gross monthly salary will range from approximately €5,000 to €8,000, depending on his or her qualifications and career track stage.

How to apply
Applicants are requested to enclose with their applications a single PDF file that includes the following documents in English:

•A curriculum vitae
•A report on teaching experience and qualifications
•A full list of publications
•A plan (max. two pages) for the development of research and teaching
•Or, alternatively, an academic portfolio containing the above documents and information. More information on the University Portfolio can be found at https://www.helsinki.fi/en/university/careers-at-the-university-of-helsi...

Applicants are kindly asked to be ready after the application period to submit for assessment no more than 10 publications of their choosing from their list of publications.

Applications must be submitted through the University of Helsinki electronic recruitment system by clicking the link below. Current employees of the University of Helsinki must submit their applications through the SAP HR portal (https://saphr.it.helsinki.fi/irj/portal).

The closing date for applications is 24 February 2020.

Further information on careers at the University of Helsinki: www.helsinki.fi/en/university/careers-at-the-university-of-helsinki

Further information on the assessment of teaching skills:

Further information on the position can be obtained from Dean Pia Letto-Vanamo, pia.letto-vanamo(at)helsinki.fi
Further information on the recruitment process can be obtained from HR Specialist Minna Boström minna.bostrom(at)helsinki.fi
Technical support for using the University’s electronic recruitment system: rekrytointi(at)helsinki.fi

Due date

24.02.2020 23:59 EET

More Information

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Required Research Experiences

    Juridical sciences
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    Juridical sciences
    4 - 10
    Juridical sciences
    4 - 10
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