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Laboratory for Genome Information Analysis
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
(Team Leader: Chung Chau Hon)

[Research field]
Our mission is to understand the origins and functions of non-coding transcription in human genome, with a focus on long non-coding RNAs and enhancer RNAs. We have been at the forefront of annotating these non-coding RNAs using large-scale in-house transcriptomic datasets (e.g. FANTOM consortium). We also integrate our in-house datasets with public epigenomic and genetic (e.g. GWAS and eQTL) datasets to gain insights into the roles of non-coding RNAs in human diseases. Our team is primarily composed of bioinformatic analysts specialized in transcriptomics, but we are working closely with experimental biologists to provide bioinformatics support on technology development (e.g. single-cell transcriptomics), as well as participating other collaborative projects (e.g. Human Cell Atlas).

Our research focuses on the following areas: 1) Improving the annotation of non-coding RNAs in human and mouse genome by integration of transcriptomic data in large-scale; 2) Integrating genetic data with single-cell and bulk transcriptomic/epigenomic data (i.e. GWAS and eQTL) to gain insights into human diseases; 3) Functional characterization of non-coding RNAs in human diseases, through in vitro disease modeling and genome editing.

About the Laboratory for Genome Information Analysis:
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About the Center for Integrative Medical Sciences:
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Relevant publications:

-Hon CC et al, An atlas of human long non-coding RNAs with accurate 5' ends. Nature (2017)
-Hon CC et al, The Human Cell Atlas: Technical approaches and challenges. Briefings in Functional Genomics (2018)
-Kouno et al, C1 CAGE detects transcription start sites and enhancer activity at single-cell resolution. Nature Communications (2019)
-van der Wijst et al, Single-cell eQTLGen Consortium: a personalized understanding of disease. arXiv (2019)

[Job title and description]
Job title:
One opening for a Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher

Job description:
Project Name: "Impact of Genetic Variations across Human Cell-Types at Single-cell Resolutions"

The successful candidate will be responsible for analyzing the population-scale single-cell transcriptomic and epigenomic datasets generated within the Human Cell Atlas consortium and single-cell eQTL consortium (see above references). These analyses include but not limit to basic processing of single-cell data, unsupervised cell clustering, automated cell-types annotation, single-cell eQTL identification, cell-type specific enrichment of GWAS signal, polygenic risk scores, single-cell gene co-expression network and beyond. The project highlights the integration of genetic data with single-cell RNA-Seq/ATAC-Seq data to identify active functional non-coding elements across cell-types, aiming to facilitate the interpretation of causality of non-coding variants in human disease predisposition. The candidate is expected to apply the most cutting-edge computational and statistical methods for single-cell omics and genetics to construct personalized (based on genetic variations) gene regulatory networks, which would ultimately provide guidance for precision medicine in the future. Candidates with interests in either single-cell omics or human genetics are encouraged to apply.

The difference in positions is as follows:

*Research Scientist: Carries out research and other work in accordance with lab's research themes.
*Postdoctoral Researcher: Carries out research and other work in accordance with lab's research themes under the mentorship and training of supervisors.

[Work location]
Branch and address:
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0045, Japan

[Start of Employment]
Earliest date possible (negotiable)

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