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EVOCATION MSCA Innovative Training Network: One Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) Fellowship (PhD position) available at CRS4

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    Computer science
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    11/11/2019 12:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Italy › Cagliari
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions



We are happy to announce the availability at CRS4 of One Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) PhD position in the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network on Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication (EVOCATION). This project has received funding from the European Union’s (EU) Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN Project under grant agreement No 813170.

1. FIRST, REGISTER HERE: https://evocation.eu/recruitment/apply/

2. THEN, APPLY HERE, SENDING ALL REQUIRED FORMS BY EMAIL: http://jobs.crs4.it/show/jo-48-0564


EVOCATION, started in October 2018 and lasting four years, is a leading European-wide doctoral Collegium focusing on scalable and high-fidelity shape and appearance acquisition, extraction of structure and semantic information, processing, visualization, 3D display and 3D fabrication in professional and consumer applications.

The EVOCATION network of public and private entities is naturally multidisciplinary and multi-institutional and will: (a) advance the state-of-the-art in geometry and material acquisition, geometry processing and semantic feature extraction, interactive visualization, computational fabrication, as well as high-bandwidth / 3D display systems; (b) bridge complementary approaches for cost-effective data digitization, visualization, fabrication, and display through the integration of different methodologies in the 3D capture, processing and fabrication pipeline; (c) promote, through domain-specific challenges, multidisciplinary research applied to concrete problems of the real world, in strict cooperation with end users in engineering, science and humanities; (d) demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of scalable cost-effective end-to-end techniques to virtually and physically capture and create objects with complex shape and appearance; (e) increase awareness of the benefits of advanced visual and geometric computing technology in both professional and consumer domains.

The network will host 14 ESRs distributed among 6 public institutions and 2 companies across Europe. The ESRs will receive scientific skills in cutting-edge techniques in a highly stimulating and collaborative international environment.

Further information on the EVOCATION network is available at http://www.evocation.eu/

About CRS4

The Center for Research, Development, and Advanced Studies in Sardinia (CRS4) is an interdisciplinary research center focusing its activities on enabling computational technologies and on their application in thematic areas characterized by a high economic and social impact. In the field of Visual Computing, CRS4 is at the forefront of research in the acquisition, storage, processing, distribution, and interactive exploration of massive data.

More information on the Visual Computing group is available at http://vic.crs4.it/

Open ESR fellowship

The open position at CRS4 is for an Early Stage Researcher in computer science with a focus on interactive 3D computer graphics and computer vision. The specific research topic is the following:

  • ESR03: Scalable reconstruction and exploration of complex indoor environments – the fellow will study techniques to apply prior knowledge for the extraction of structured representation of multi-room environments from incomplete and noise sampling data. Methods for the representation and display of the recovered structures will be also studied. Expected results include scientific publications and prototype implementation of indoor capture and exploration systems

On the part of the applicant, this requires interest not only in visual-computing-related algorithms and data structures but also in collaboration with domain scientists and other institutions. Furthermore, a strong interest and good skills in learning new programming frameworks, 3rd-party code and applied mathematics is necessary, as the targeted research project also builds on other and previously developed techniques.

The main goal is to conduct excellent research, generating results which are published and presented in top international journals and conferences, while being practically applicable for solving challenging large scale visualization problems. The activities will not only include research and continuing education for network participants, but also support in teaching (esp. to other network participants), as well as system/software maintenance and administrative tasks. The work will include also pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Cagliari.


Training: You will receive scientific skills in cutting-edge techniques in a highly stimulating and collaborative international environment.

PhD: You will have the opportunity to register for the Doctorate program in Computer Science of the University of Cagliari.

Salary: You will receive a highly competitive salary according to Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions rules. The salary will include living and mobility allowances.

Hosting conditions: Each recruited fellow will have a supervisory team to develop training and career plans.

Eligibility criteria

The candidates must have registered in the recruitment section of the EVOCATION project website https://evocation.eu/recruitment/apply/ before applying for the ESR positions hosted at CRS4 following the instructions at http://jobs.crs4.it/show/jo-48-0564 . All the required application forms are included in the PDF file that can be dowloaded from http://jobs.crs4.it/show/jo-48-0564 . The forms must printed, filled, dated, and signed and sent by e-mail or courier following the instructions.

Selection process

All the details on the selection process are available at http://jobs.crs4.it/show/jo-48-0564

Offer Requirements

    ENGLISH: Excellent


The prospective candidate should have an excellent background in computer science and systems, as well as theoretical and practical experience in computer graphics and computer vision. Exposure to parallel programming and distributed systems is also welcome. Strong interest in collaboration with domain scientists is of further importance as well.

Specific Requirements

The position is subject to the eligibility requirements within Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks.

Please refer to the detailed description at http://jobs.crs4.it/show/jo-48-0564

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
CRS4 / Visual Computing
Via Ampere, 2

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