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Development of new method for remote acoustic measurements of large building envelope structures

Czech Technical University in Prague The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers
12 Dec 2022

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Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Engineering » Electrical engineering
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First Stage Researcher (R1)
Czech Republic
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Offer Description

This PhD focuses on the method for remote acoustic measurements of large building envelope structures with special emphasis on ETFE cushion systems, and fits in the framework of the ACTAREBUILD EU - DN - project.

The actual standardized measurement and evaluation methods for building elements are not suitable for large structured inhomogeneous façades as glass or plastic curtain façades. The main goal of this PhD is to find suitable methods for measuring this type of façades, which would be applicable in both the laboratory and remote measurement in situ.

The expected steps to be followed during the development of the project are:

1) Selection of the cushion systems to be used. Depending on their availability and the characteristics, the more suitable will be selected. Application of existing methods will be used as a reference measurement. Selection of potential measurement methods will be based on the measurement of acoustic pressure, acoustic intensity as well as the measurement of vibrations of the structure using a laser Doppler scanning vibrometry. For application on large façades reciprocity principle will be taken into account.

2) Production of scale models scale model(s): Scale models will be used for laboratory testing, which will enable the development of in situ methods.

3) Comparison of laboratory measurements with in situ measurements: The developed methods will be tested on real façades (primarily based on ETFE cushion systems).

4) Evaluation of measurement uncertainties, uncertainty budget: The evaluation of individual contributions to uncertainty will be an essential part of the evaluation of both laboratory and in situ measurements.

5) Validation of developed method(s).



This interdisciplinary research is hosted by the Department of Physics - Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU in Prague (Prof. Ondřej Jiříček) and will be done in close collaboration with exchange visits to the Vector Foiltec company, KU Leuven and STU Bratislava (Dr. Daniel Urbán). Facilities and guidance will be available at all universities. Samples and know-how will also be exchanged with industrial partners of the ACTAREBUILD project consortium.



Research Field
Engineering » Electrical engineering
Education Level
Master Degree or equivalent

If you recognize yourself in the story below, then you have the profile that fits the project and the research group.

  • I have a master degree in physics or engineering.
  • I am proficient in written and spoken English.
  • During my courses or prior professional activities, I have gathered experience with acoustic and measurements, data-acquisition and processing, numerical simulations and mathematical modeling and I have a profound interest in these topics.
  • As PhD researcher at the Czech Technical University in Prague, I am willing to perform research in a structured and scientifically sound manner. I read technical papers, understand the nuances between different theories, and implement and improve methodologies myself.
  • I work goal-oriented and have a getting-things-done attitude, always with scientific rigor.
  • In frequent reporting, varying between weekly to monthly, I show the results that I have obtained and I give a well-founded interpretation of those results. I iterate on my work and my approach based on the feedback of my supervisors that steer the direction of my research.
  • I feel comfortable working as a team member and I am eager to share my results to inspire my colleagues and be inspired by them.
  • I value being part of a project that aims at finding sustainable solutions in the domain of building applications and I am eager to learn how academic research can be linked to industrial innovation roadmaps.
  • During my PhD I want to grow towards following up the project that I am involved in and representing the research group on project meetings or conferences. I see these events as an occasion to disseminate my work to an audience of international experts and research colleagues, and to learn about the larger context of my research and the research project.
Research Field
Physics » Acoustics

Additional Information


A stay in a lively and young environment. The university is located in Prague, a capital of the Czech republic of approximately 1.2 million inhabitants. This strategic positioning and the strong presence of culture, lead to a safe town with high quality of life, welcome to non-Czech speaking people and with many opportunities for social and sport activities.

Selection process

For more information please contact Prof. Ondrej Jiricek by mail and mention ACTAREBUILD in the title.

You can apply for this job no later than 20/02/2023 via via email

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