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The postdoctoral researcher will contribute in particular to different aspects:
- The collection of new primary data through the realization of new recorded interviews.
- The making of a documentary (short film). The challenge will be to restore what archeology tells us about those who practice it from the filmed testimonies of former excavators of Arcy-sur-Cure, during the post-war period (1946-1963), already carried out under the 2ARC project and those newly collected under the ANTHROP'ARC project.
- Conducting an ethnographic investigation in order to observe and analyze the forms of social appropriation of the archaeological heritage from an ethnography of museum practice carried out at the municipal museum of Avallonnais, close to Arcy-sur-Cure and where are exposed some of the remains of the caves.
- The publication of one or more individual and / or joint articles on the analyses of the data collected during the project. It is expected that the data obtained, crossed with those of the other collaborators of the project, will ultimately produce a multidisciplinary study at the crossroads between two social sciences.

Name of the laboratory :
UMR 7041 ArScAn (dir. F. Villeneuve), team : Ethnologie préhistorique (dir. P. Bodu, F. Bocquentin and L. Mevel) — MAE, 21 allée de l'Université — 92023 Nanterre cedex. For presentation of the team : http://www.arscan.fr/ethnologie-prehistorique

Person in charge of the postdoctoral researcher : He/she will work under the supervision of Nejma GOUTAS (CNRS, UMR 7041, ArScAn, Ethnologie préhistorique, Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie René-Ginouvès, Nanterre) and Baptiste BUOB (CNRS, UMR 7186, Laboratoire d'ethnologie et de sociologie comparative, MAE, Nanterre).

Presentation of the position

The postdoctoral fellow will be part of the Prehistoric Ethnology team of UMR 7041 - ArScAn, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (UMR 7186). He will work under the supervision of Nejma Goutas (CNRS, UMR 7041) and Baptiste Buob (CNRS, UMR 7186) within the framework of the ANTHROP'ARC project, which aims to deal with fundamental epistemological and historiographical questions concerning the birth and development of French Prehistory inherited from André Leroi-Gourhan.
The postdoctoral researcher will be in charge of producing an anthropological study examining the relationship to time, memory, transmission of knowledge and history. He will carry out an ethnographic survey of local institutional actors as well as those who have acted during the history (past and present) of the French prehistoric site of Arcy-sur-Cure (Yonne, Bourgogne, France).

These questions will be developped from an original prism, since here will be considered especially the hidden face of this history. The official history of this archaeological site was built around the reputation of a few individuals (the most famous of which is André Leroi-Gourhan). Actually, all the actors acting on excavation sites are passers of memories. These people, often anonymous, also build the history of a site and participate as such (directly or indirectly) in the construction of knowledge whether scientific, academic or public. The stakes of this interdisciplinary research are therefore based on a cross-look between two human sciences: anthropology and archeology.

Context of work

The issues of the ANTHROP'ARC project are part of the research themes of the Prehistoric Ethnology team, within the UMR ArScAn (http://www.arscan.fr/en/the-prehistoric-etechnology/) where the researcher will benefit from the expertise of its members, largely involved in these issues. This project is part of the tradition of historiographic and epistemological studies developed within this team. He will also benefit from his research network in France and abroad.

She / he will benefit from scientific support, a place of work, access to the archives of the Prehistoric Ethnology team and all the documentation newly produced as part of the 2ARC project.

The candidate will also be associated with UMR 7186 - Laboratory of Ethnology and Comparative Sociology. She / he will benefit from the expertise of the unit in the field of the audiovisual practice (shooting, editing ...) and the maintenance, as well as various experiments concerning the study of the scientific archives, the phenomena of patrimonialization and museum practices. More generally, the axis of the unit entitled "Past News", concerning the study of memories and temporalities will provide a collective and stimulating framework to carry out the investigation.

Scientific area/subjects, description of the research project

Title of the project: From the production of scientific knowledge to the social appropriation of the past - The case of the excavations of the Paleolithic site: Arcy-sur-Cure (Yonne, France)

The epistemological and historiographical perspectives of ANTHROP'ARC concern a whole section of the history of prehistoric sciences that directly concerns the international scientific community of prehistorians. André Leroi-Gourhan, historical figure of the Arcy-sur-Cure site, is one of the founding fathers of prehistoric research in the second half of the 20th century. This site was for him and his collaborators a first experimental laboratory to test new techniques and methods of excavation. It was too a structuring place in the theoretical construction of the palethnological approach. The latter has spread far beyond our borders.

This project is an extension of the research conducted as part of the framework of the 2ARC project (Archives de fouilles, dir. N. Goutas, P. Bodu and L. Mevel, 2015-2018) of the Labex Past in the Present, carried by members of the laboratory ArScAn - UMR 7041 (Prehistoric Ethnology team) in close collaboration with various services of USR 3225 and external partners. The aim of the 2ARC project was to preserve, enhance the history, heritage and memory of documents relating to excavations carried out since the 19th century in various caves of the Arcy-sur-Cure, and in particular those of André Leroi-Gourhan (1946-1963). This initial project was based on the interdisciplinary analysis of different types of archives : « archaeological archives » via technological studies, dating etc. ; « excavation archives » (via studies of field notebook, plans, photographs and old field films based on approaches linking epistemology and the history of science). In this context, an anthropological component was just sketched through gathering of interviews with former diggers (visual and audiovisual recordings according to the authorizations obtained). In this context, this first work of data gathering came solely to meet a conservation objective (to keep traces of the memory of diggers and thus preserve an intangible heritage).

The ANTHROP'ARC project aims today to deepen this last aspect, by initiating a real anthropological analysis of these stories, according to an original angle of approach. Arcy-sur-Cure is indeed a place of memory, a real crossroads where a large number of actors have crossed paths (professional archaeologists and amateur, volunteers, curators, speleologists, local notables, etc.). In this respect, it offers a rich historical and social context where each one is now able to produce and transmit in turn other regimes of knowledge about tangible (archaeological data) and "immaterial" (knowledge, networks of collaborations, etc.) heritage of this site.

More Information

Eligibility criteria

Training, scientific skills required, professional experience desirable

The candidate must have a thesis in anthropology and have developed solid skills in the epistemology of prehistoric archeology and ideally in sociology of work, sociology of museum reception and / or field investigation in the context of archaeological excavations. She / he must have a perfect knowledge of French (written and oral) to carry out his investigative work (analysis, synthesis and critical thinking), to demonstrate autonomy, organizational capacity and aptitude for collective work in a interdisciplinary project.

She / he will have knowledge bases on the French prehistory of the second half of the 20th century. She / he will have the skills to lead the creation of a corpus of semi-structured interviews, an ethnography in a museum context, the production of a documentary (short film) and the dissemination of its results in the form of publication (s) in peer-reviewed journals and / or works. At the end of this contract, a day of scientific restitution of this work is ideally envisaged, whose candidate will be one of the co-organizers.

The application file must demonstrate adequacy to the job profile (missions, skills required and experiences).

• Keywords / theoretical approach: anthropology of sciences; epistemology of prehistoric archeology; sociology of work; sociology of museum reception.
• Keywords / research topics: memory, French prehistory, excavations of Arcy-sur-Cure, inheritance of the works of André Leroi-Gourhan.
• Investigative methods envisaged: constitution of a corpus of semi-directive interviews; ethnography in museum context; production of a documentary.

Additional comments

Procedure and timetable of the recruitment procedure:

The file will include:

- a detailed letter of motivation;
- a detailed Curriculum Vitae;
- the list of publications with internet links (if possible);
- thesis dissertation in .PDF format;
- the defense report (except for candidates who have defended their thesis abroad and for candidates who have defended their thesis very recently). The latter must then send an attestation of thesis defense (delivered by the person in charge of the Doctoral School);
- a copy of the Doctor's diploma (or certificate).

Candidates selected after a file review will be auditioned the week of September 16th, 2019 and will be informed of the results from Friday, September 20, 2019.

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Required Research Experiences

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Offer Requirements

    Anthropology: PhD or equivalent
    FRENCH: Basic
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