PhD scholarships in: Systems Biology in Immune and Infectious Diseases

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    Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Perugia
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*Introduction:* We are seeking candidates for 7 PhD scholarships at the Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Perugia, Italy (http://www.dimes.unipg.it/didattica/dottorato). This PhD gives young graduates the opportunity to undertake a formative course involving frontier research in the field of systems biology applied to immune and infectious diseases. Specifically, PhD students will address novel mechanisms of regulation of immune responses by metabolic and genetic pathways and in studies of genomics and genetics of the host-pathogen interaction. The research will involve a good range of multidisciplinary activities from immunology, microbiology, parasitology, pharmacology, genetics, entomology, bio-informatics, and biochemistry. A wide array of training experiences will be offered to PhD Students. These will consist of specifically focused courses, direct supervision by well-known researchers in the field and planned periods of mobility in various international institutions, such as the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam (Netherlands) and others in United States, Europe and Australia.

*Curriculum of the PhD:*
• Genomics and genetics of host-pathogen agent relationship: introduces students to recent advances in the biology of parasitic and infectious diseases and provides background for conducting research on said diseases. The Programme emphasizes molecular biology, immunology, cell biology, and the epidemiology of parasites. Specifically, given the expertise of several of the Doctorate supervisors in the field, great attention is paid to the study of fungi, bacteria and etiologic agents of malaria.
• Translational immunometabolism, immunogenetics and immunology: focuses on the interface between immune and metabolic responses in immune diseases as possible important targets for novel therapies. More specifically, given the expertise of several of the Doctorate supervisors in the field, great attention is paid to immunosuppressive enzymes catabolizing amino acids. Moreover, these studies are implemented by understanding the complex traits of immunometabolic genes in infectious and immune diseases.

*Qualifications:* Candidates should have a master's degree in the field of Science such as: biology, pharmacology, chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, bioinformatics or a degree ranked at the same academic level as a master's degree. Moreover, the candidate should have very good laboratory skills and should be highly motivated.

*Approval and Enrolment:* The scholarships for the PhD degree will be subjected to academic approval. For information about general requirements for enrollment and scholarships planning, please visit University of Perugia website (http://www.unipg.it/en/courses/phd-program).
Assessment and appointment terms: The applicants’ assessments will be made available by end of September 2019 and enrolment will start at the beginning of November 2019.

The salary and appointment terms are in accordance with Italian rules. The period of appointment is 3 years.

*Application:* PhD call for application for the admission to PhD program XXXV cycle and related documents have been published, both in Italian and in English, at the following page https://www.unipg.it/didattica/dottorati-di-ricerca/bandi-avvisi-e-modul...
In the documents, you will find the necessary information on how to apply.
If you need any help with the preparation of the application or more information related to the PhD course, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: unipgjobs@gmail.com

*Selection procedure:* Evaluation of qualifications and interview
The evaluation of qualifications will be performed with regards to the candidate’s university education, training and research, scientific publications (candidates are advised to declare and attach proof of all relevant qualifications, certificates, along with all the elements that can help for evaluation (including grades obtained within each course and pdf of master’s degree thesis.

The evaluation will also include the elaboration of a research project to be discussed during the interview. The research project must be presented together with the application. The research project will be only used to evaluate the aptitude in the research activity of the candidate. This will not be necessarily the project that the PhD student will carry-out during the PhD programme.

The interview will regard topics related to the PhD curricula "Genomics and genetics of host-pathogen agent relationship" and "Translational immunometabilsm, immunogenetics and immunology" and will aim at verifying the candidate's aptitude towards research. During the interview, the candidate must be prepared to illustrate the research project presented together with the application. The interview will be in English or Italian. The candidates can opt for the teleconference interview by Skype. Interviews begin on September 9, 2019, starting at 10:00 am, Central European Time.
Deadline for the call application is 31 July 2019.

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Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Perugia

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