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The aim of the present resolution is to award five (5) contracts for the incorporation of Spanish or foreign PhDs with wide-ranging research experience in established research units, to improve the productivity thereof and favour the rejuvenation of research personnel, by way of a competitive process in accordance with the principles of publicity and objectivity.





1.- The UVa shall execute a employment contract in the “Distinguished researcher” category with the selected candidates, as set out in Article 23 of Law 14/2011, of 01 June, on Science, Technology and Innovation. Said contract shall have a duration of five (5) years and shall be extended by a further five (5) years, if your follow-up report, according to section 12.1. is positive and in the event that I3 accreditation, or equivalent, is achieved. During the final two (2) years of the initial five (5)-year period, and throughout the five (5)-year extension period, accreditation of the candidate as a PTUN (Profesor Titular de Universidad, tenured lecturer) or CAUN (Catedrático de Universidad, Full Professor) will lead to the appointment of that person in the corresponding area.

2.- Each researcher recruited shall receive a sum of €31,600 gross per year (similar to that of a Ramón and Cajal Researcher 2018) by contract.

3.- Research personnel recruited shall have the right to assume teaching duties of up to 120 hours per academic year, subject to agreement between the researcher and the teaching unit (which must appear in the POD (teaching plan) for the corresponding teaching unit), also subject to compliance with current legislation concerning incompatibilities of Public Administration employees.

Eligibility criteria

1.- Evaluation shall be carried out in accordance with Appendix II of the EVALUATION GUIDE: RESEARCH RESULTS AND MERITS FOR POST-DOCTORAL RECRUITMENT (version 2018) available at http://www.acsucyl.es/acsucyl/opencms/investigacion/postdoctoral/index.html

2.- Applications will be evaluated with a maximum of 100 points. In order to opt for one of the contracts offered in this call for proposals, the final score must be 80 points or higher.

3.- Applications will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria for evaluating the merits of each candidate.

a) Curricular merits of the candidate over the past fifteen (15) years The maximum score for this section shall be 85 points.

a.1) Selected scientific contributions: maximum of 25 points.

a.2) Other publications: maximum of 20 points.

a.3) Research projects, especially international projects: maximum of 20 points.

a.4) Knowledge transfer: maximum of 20 points.

a.5) Stays at other research sites, especially international stays and the prestige of the host centre: maximum of 10 points.

a.6) Contributions at conferences, especially invited lectures and communications at international events: maximum of 5 points

a.7) Other curricular merits, such as membership of international committees, project evaluation, conference organisation, prizes received, etc.: maximum of 5 points.

b) Proposed research project: maximum of 15 points. The presentation of a correctly based project, with clear and coherent objectives that is viable and related to the candidate’s profile will be evaluated. The project should also be of current interest in the candidate’s specialist field, or should clearly be novel, and the expected results of the proposed project should be publishable in high-quality journals, have a high socioeconomic impact, etc.

4.- These criteria are intended to determine the way in which evaluation will be performed, although the application thereof is not automatic and should be varied depending on the characteristics of each discipline and in the framework established in article 16.2 of Law 14/2011 of 01 June.

Selection process

8.- The call for proposals will be resolved according to the following procedure:

a) All applications that fail to achieve the minimum score established in section 2 of point 11 will be rejected.

b) The application with the highest score from amongst those applicants with a disability of 33% or higher will be assigned the contract corresponding to that field. The remaining applications will be resolved under the same conditions as those from other candidates.

c) Unless already assigned in the previous section, the candidate with the highest score in each field of knowledge will be selected.

d) If any of the five contracts to be awarded remains vacant after following the previous steps, it will be awarded to the candidate with the highest score from among those who have not been selected previously.

Additional comments

1.- All applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

a) Merits of the candidate over the past fifteen (15) years:

i. Curriculum Vitae. This must be completed using the standardised curriculum vitae (CVN) form available on the web page of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECyT). The CV may be submitted in Spanish or English. This document will be used to assess the research background of the candidate and that person’s main research interests.

ii. List of the five (5) most relevant contributions over the past fifteen (15) years from those contained in the CV, using the form provided in Appendix III.

iii. Research project that will be carried out by the candidate if selected, using the form provided in Appendix III

iv. Copy of the PhD certificate or academic certification expressly stating the date on which the doctorate was awarded.

v. Certificate/document accrediting the candidate’s post-doctoral stays, as required by section 2 of the call for proposals, signed by the legal representative of the institution in which said stays were carried out. Said certificate/document must expressly statethe position of the signatory and the research work carried out. Any documentation that fails to comply with these requirements will not be accepted, and the applicant will therefore be excluded, notwithstanding the provision in section 9.2.

b) Copy of a valid passport (only for non-Spanish applicants not resident in Spain). In the case of Spanish citizens or non-Spanish citizens resident in Spain, participation in this process will imply consent for the examining body to consult and irrefutably confirm the identity information provided in the application using the Identity Data Verification System, as established in Article 3 of Royal Decree 522/2006, of 28 April.

c) If applicable, accreditation of a disability. Applicants wishing to be considered for the contract reserved for disabled persons must state this in the application form and attach a document confirming a degree of disability of 33% or higher. A failure to accredit this degree of disability will result in the application being considered as part of the general access quota.

d) Candidates claiming one of the interruptions contemplated in point 2.1.a) must state this in the application form and attach the corresponding supporting documents.

e) Approval from the GIR coordinator or Head of Institute (using form provided in Appendix II).

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Offer Requirements

    Other: PhD or equivalent

Specific Requirements

1.- Notwithstanding the requirements of a general nature established in Legislative R.D. 5/2015, of 30 October, which establishes the revised text of the Law on the Basic Statute for Public Employees (EBEP) concerning access to public employment, the following requirements, which must be complied with on the last day of the period established for submission of applications for this call for proposals, are established:

a) Hold a doctorate. Said doctorate (first doctoral thesis) must have been awarded in the period 01 January 1995 to 31 December 2013.

In the event of one of the situations established below, the lower cut-off date for award of a doctorate indicated in the previous paragraph (01 January 1995) shall be extended.

i. Care of a child, either natural or adopted, or in the event of custody for the purpose of adoption or permanent foster care, when the date of birth or, if applicable, judicial or administrative resolution falls within the period 01 January 1995 and 31 December 2013. This will also be applicable when the period of three years, starting from the date of birth or, if applicable, judicial or administrative resolution coincides with at least one year of the period 01 January 1995 to 31 December 2013. An extension of one (1) year per child shall be applied.

ii. Serious disease or accident of the applicant, with sick leave of three (3) months or more, in a consecutive and uninterrupted manner, in the period 01 January 1995 to 31 December 2013. An extension equal to the justified period of sick leave shall be applied, rounding up to a whole month.

iii. Care of dependent persons, as per the provision of Law 39/2006, of 14 December, on the promotion of personal autonomy and care of dependent persons, for a minimum period of three (3) months in the period 01 January 1995 to 31 December 2013. An extension equal to the justified period shall be applied, rounding up to a whole month.

Said periods shall be duly indicated and accredited when submitting the application.

b) Having undertaken post-doctoral stays of at least 24 months at one or more R&D centres other than the centre where the doctorate was awarded (different CIF). Said stay must have been carried out subsequent to defence of the doctoral thesis. For the purposes of this section, the centre where the doctorate was awarded shall be considered to be that at which the majority of the research activities that led to acquisition of the competences and skills required for award of the doctorate, and at which the candidate defended his/her first doctoral thesis, were carried out.

The head of the host unit (GIR coordinator or Head of Institute) must approve the application, as per the model in APPENDIX 2.

Work location(s)
5 position(s) available at
several job centers at Universidad de Valladolid
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