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    Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    04/04/2019 16:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Poland › Warsaw

“Models of sedimentation and post-sedimentary transformations of the Quaternary clastic sediments at selected archaeological cave sites in Central Asia”


Central Asia is a key area for studying the history of mankind, because it was the region where the ranges of three species, namely anatomically modern humans, the Neanderthals and so-called Denisovans overlapped during the Late Pleistocene. The most important sites are the caves, as there the Pleistocene archaeological materials and hominid remains have survived. This project aims at the identification of the geological context for cultural layers on representative archaeological and anthropological cave sites of Central Asia, and identification of any potential mixing of material between layers, indicating the intensity and the directions of this re-deposition. The analysis of grain size distribution and morphology of grains will enable the understanding of the sedimentation processes, while micromorphological and geochemical analyzes will allow the reconstruction of post-sedimentary disturbances. The goal of the project is to recognize the homogeneity of the layers which contain an archaeological and anthropological material, as well as the reconstruction of the processes responsible for the formation of the contemporary geological structure of the studied cave fills. The project is focused on the karst regions of Central Asia, where the caves occur: the margins of Ferghana Valley including the northern slopes of Pamir-Alay in Kyrgyzstan and western Tian-Shan in Uzbekistan; and the northern foothills of the High Altai in the Russian Altai Krai.


We offer:

  • Work in one of the leading research centers in Poland;
  • Participation in the interesting interdisciplinary research project,
  • Remuneration paid as a scholarship for the duration of the project, the amount is 2660 PLN per month for the time of 36 months;
  • Trips for research visits, training and international scientific conferences;
  • Possibility to obtain a doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. hab. Maciej Krajcarz.




Duties / Responsibilities

  • Participation in the free-of-expense doctoral studies organized in the IGS PAS.
  • Active participation in the NCN research project (ID 2018/29/B/ST10/00906) including: the literature survey, field works (e.g., sampling in foreign countries – Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan) and lab works (optical and electron microscopy; analysis of micromorphological samples; analysis of grain size and grain morphology). The workplace will be the Institute of Geological Sciences PAS, Research Center in Warsaw, Poland, but the project also includes the foreign research trips, trainings and participation in the conferences abroad.
  • Evaluation and interpretation of the analytical results.
  • Preparation of the scientific articles, presentations at the conferences and periodic reports.
  • Participation in the training activities to develop professional career.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria:

The recruitment commission evaluates the submitted applications taking into account:

  • Scientific achievements of the candidate based on the average grade from studies, scientific and popular science publications, awards and distinctions resulting from the research or student activities, scholarships;
  • Scientific experience of the candidate based on the participation in conferences, workshops, trainings and scientific internships, participation in research projects, involvement in scientific societies, obtained scholarships and distinctions;
  • Competence to carry out the tasks in the research project based on the candidate's knowledge in the field of geology, knowledge of the topics mentioned in the recruitment announcement, his/her motivation and predisposition to scientific work, ability to use the English language in the field of Earth sciences.

Selection process

Required documents:

  • Application for acceptance for the Doctoral Studies at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, and for granting the NCN scientific scholarship (please use the form provided in the Appendix 1 to this announcement);
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) containing a list of scientific and popular publications with short summaries and indication of the applicant’s role; list of conferences, workshops, trainings, scholarships which the applicant has participated in, with short indication of the applicant’s role; the list of achieved awards, distinctions and scholarships;
  • Master thesis in an electronic or printed version, which will be returned after completion of the recruitment procedure;
  • Cover letter containing a brief description of interests, scientific achievements, summary of the Master thesis, information on the involvement in scientific activities (e.g., involvement in research projects with a description of their role) and justification for the intention to undertake the doctoral studies and the position in the project;
  • A scan of the master's diploma or equivalent certificate of the finishing of the master’s study;
  • Optional: scans of the additional documentation confirming qualifications and achievements (e.g., certificates confirming the English skill, if the candidate possesses them, certificates of completed trainings etc.);
  • Optional: recommendation letters from researchers (e.g., supervisors of the master's thesis or former directors) with whom the applicant has previously cooperated;
  • Please read the GDPR information and provide the filled and signed “Information and consent clauses for recruitment purposes – GDPR” together with your application (the form is available on the Institute website: http://www.ing.pan.pl/1_rodo_E.htm ).

Additional comments

Form of submitting documents:

Applications should be submitted by 4th of April 2019, 4 p.m., to the Scientific Information Office of the Institute via e-mail: ingpan@twarda.pan.pl or to the project coordinator Dr hab. Maciej Krajcarz via e-mail: mkrajcarz@twarda.pan.pl with a title: "PhD student – Central Asia". Then, the Scientific Information Office invites all candidates who met the formal requirements for an interview, giving the place and date. The originals of the scans of documents must be provided at the latest at the time the contract is signed.


For any additional information, please contact Dr. hab. Maciej Krajcarz, Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warszawa, Poland (e-mail: mkrajcarz@twarda.pan.pl ).

Offer Requirements

    Geosciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    Geography: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good

Specific Requirements

Requirements / Expectations:

  • Eligible candidates are graduates of master's studies in geology, geography or similar discipline. This criterion must be fulfilled at the latest on the day of the interview.
  • Willingness to conduct the extensive geological fieldwork at Asian archaeological sites; these works will be necessary for proper sampling and carrying out the subsequent stages of the research.
  • Experience in laboratory works; particularly the experience in optical microscopy and/or analysis of the sedimentary structures and/or grain size analysis and/or analysis of the chemical and mineral composition of sediments will be an additional advantage.
  • Good organizational skills and multiple task handling.
  • Strong analytical and independent thinking skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team.
  • Very good command of English in speech and writing is required allowing for active participation in the lab works and presentations at conferences abroad.
  • Professionalism in approach to duties: reliability, diligence, punctuality.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
Twarda 51/55

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