Large estate and small rural property in Tiberius Gracchus’s agrarian law. A memorable clash between tribunes

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    Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Diritto Privato e Critica del Diritto
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    04/02/2019 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
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The project tries to trace the troubled legislative process of the agrarian law, proposed in 133 b.C. by tribune Tiberius Gracchus to limit the relentless growth of large estates, which was the result of an unequal distribution of ager publicus, more favorable to noble landowners to the detriment of little farmers. Special attention will be paid to the political confrontation between Tiberius, representative of the rural plebs, and his colleague Marcus Octavius who supported the landlords. This fight ended with an unusual act for the roman republic: Octavius’s abrogatio, suggested by Tiberius to bypass his colleague’s veto. The project will also analyze if this removal from office was compliant with the roman constitution: whether it attempted on the tribune’s sacrosanctitas or if that was the only remedy, precisely in defense of the plebs, to counteract Octavius’s veto, that seemed a dangerous expression of partisanship, not in line with the res publica’s principles

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