Call for Grant Applications for doctoral theses in Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme, Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme and Education and ICT (e-learning) Doctoral Programme – 2019-2020

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In order to promote the training of researchers in the different research groups at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the UOC is awarding 15 grants for doctoral thesis in the framework of the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme, the Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme, and the Education and ICT (e-learning) Doctoral Programme. The number of places will be determined by and subject to the UOC’s budget.

This call is made in accordance with the criteria set forth by the UOC Research Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee for doctoral theses, appointed by the University's Governing Council.

The UOC grant programme for doctoral theses is regulated by Law 14/2013, of 27 September 2013, which approved the Supporting Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization, and Law 14/2011 of 1 June 2011, on Science, Technology and Innovation.

In accordance with Article 21 of law 14/2011, UOC grant holders will sign a one-year pre-doctoral contract, which is renewable for a maximum of three years. Renewal of this contract requires a favourable report from the programme’s Doctoral Commission and the UOC Research Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee, which assess the meeting of the training and research objectives agreed to by the grant holder in the period established.

The predoctoral contract will be terminated at the end of the three-year period, when the annual assessment of predoctoral research staff is not passed, when the doctoral degree is awarded (even if the term of the contract has not concluded) or for any other cause covered by law.

Grant holders may opt to request an extension for a one year of the contract if they have satisfactorily defended their doctoral thesis before the end of the third year of the contract and have been awarded the highest academic mark. The extension will depend on the budget available at the institution and requires a favourable report from the thesis director and the UOC Research Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee. In this case, the grant holder may spend this year producing scientific work related to their doctoral thesis and will sign a postdoctoral contract for this period.

The period to apply for another year on the contract will be made public in September and start in October. If a student is unable to apply during this period, they will have to wait until the following year.

The grants awarded are subsidiary to any other equivalent grants from public or private institutions. Therefore, grant-holders will be obliged to apply for equivalent grants from those public or private institutions deemed appropriate by the UOC.

The status of research intern with an UOC grant is incompatible with any contractual or statutory commitments that may restrict researchers' abilities to devote themselves fully to research. Nevertheless, the management of UOC and the doctoral programme may consider requests to carry out teaching activities (giving courses, presentations, speeches, etc.), collaboration in R+D+I work or contracted R+D+I work that is directly related to the training and research undertaken by the research intern, so long as these are occasional and not regular activities. These activities may not take up more than 60 hours per year.

If the research intern receives remuneration from any of the activities mentioned above, this may not exceed 30% of the gross annual sum of the grant.

If the teaching activity takes place at the UOC, the research interns will not receive any additional remuneration to the amount paid by means of the grant.

The length of the contract will be extended to cover any period of temporary incapacity, risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding, maternity, paternity, adoption or foster care. The same is true for any other situation covered by law.

Research staff in training will develop their research activities on the Doctoral School premises, wherever these may be.

The pre-doctoral contract for the Doctoral Programmes –it is, the grant–, will begin October 1st, 2019 The research interns should have to join up the University centre by October 1st, 2019. The start date for non-Spanish students depends on when they receive the permits and documents required to sign the contract.

Grant holders for Doctoral Programmes have to provide to Human Resources Area of UOC the administrative and legal documents required for their employment contract before September 19th, 2019: Census Registration in Spain, valid DNI/NIE (Spanish Identity Document), Spanish Social Security Number, Spanish account bank number. If the intern cannot provide the documents before September 19th, 2019, they will lose their right to grant.

The research intern expressly authorises the UOC to make whatever use it deems appropriate of the findings and reports submitted for the grant application or to justify the work carried out (except their publication) to undertake whatever proceedings may be necessary with the individuals or institutions that may be partially or fully funding the grant awarded.

However, in accordance with Law 14, of 27 September 2013, approving the Supporting Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization, they may exercise the intellectual property rights deriving from their own research training activities, depending on their contribution, as established in the revised text of the Intellectual Property Act, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April 1996.


Without being exhaustive in nature anyone receiving a grant has the right to:

  • Obtain the necessary support from the FUOC to carry out their research activities.
  • Use the services of the UOC and take part in their activities as a whole in accordance with internal regulations.
  • Participate in UOC calls for applications for grants.
  • Exercise the intellectual property rights deriving from their own research training activities, depending on their contribution, as established by the revised text of the Intellectual Property Act approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April 1996.
  • Receive the funding described in the "Provision and Method of Payment" section of this document.
  • If budgetary provisions allow, recover the grant in the event of interruptions caused by force majeure.
  • Carry out teaching activities, collaborate in R+D+I work or undertake contracted R+D+I work subject to the prior authorisation of the management of the doctoral programme and in accordance with the requirements set out in this document.
  • Make research visits to other centres. In each case, the management of the Doctoral School and the doctoral programme will decide on whether these visits are appropriate and whether this will involve temporarily suspending the grant and hence stopping payments.
  • The length of the contract will be extended to cover any period of temporary incapacity; high risk pregnancy; maternity, adoption or foster care; risk during breastfeeding or paternity.
  • Full payment of the corresponding grant will be maintained during both the interruption and the recovery period. The extension period will correspond to the amount of time of the interruption.
  • For beneficiaries of grants who are non-resident in Spain, when the grant is awarded they will be entitled to a return journey from/to their country of origin. This journey should be taken in one of the official holiday periods during the grant and is subject to prior authorisation from the management of the Doctoral School and the doctoral programme.
  • Beneficiaries of grants who are not resident in Barcelona when it is awarded will be granted a one-off payment of €600 gross to defray the costs of moving to Barcelona.

Selection process

The UOC Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee is the body responsible for evaluating and selecting candidates who have submitted applications for this Call, based on the proposals and prior appraisal of the Doctoral Programme Committee. The Committee will decide upon the awarding of grants at a single session, after their proposal has been approved by the Governing Council.

To assess the applications, the Committee will take into account the following criteria:

1. The academic excellence of the candidates (university degree and Master's academic transcript).

2. Adaptation of the candidates’ education, experience and research interests to fields of knowledge or subject areas associated with the doctoral programme.

Candidates' prior scientific production will also be valued as an additional merit.

In any event, the selection process also promotes entry to the doctoral programme by candidates who have recently graduated for a university Master's degree and who have completed a research pathway who do not generally have extensive previous scientific production.

The decision on the selection of candidates to be awarded a grant for the Doctoral Programmes will be made public before May 10th, 2019

Candidates will be notified by email at the address given on the application form, and the ruling will be published on the Programme website. The beneficiary must formally accept the grant by means of a standardised document and submission of the corresponding documents within a maximum of 30 days of the ruling.

The selected candidates must be able to present, before June 1st, 2018, the documents listed in the Annex I of this document.

In case that the selected candidates still do not possess the master degree on February 10th 2019, but could fulfil all the requirements to access at one of the Doctoral Programmes before September 19th 2019, they must submit all the documents with the legalized master degree, which could be submitted before September 19th 2019.

Offer Requirements

    ENGLISH: Good

Specific Requirements

The potential beneficiaries of an UOC grant for Doctoral Programmes, include individuals who, at the time of submitting an application, fulfil (or could fulfil in September 2019) the access requirements for the organised research period on a Doctoral Programme at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

Work location(s)
15 position(s) available at
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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