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PhD Position at the Innovation Unit of Cherry Biotech (France)

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) - Innovative Training Networks (ITN)

Systems Biology, Microfluidics, Biochemistry, Lab on a Chip


Contract/Duration: PhD Position – 3 years

Employer: Cherry Biotech – innovation Unit

Location: Rennes, France

Start: January, 2019

Date of publication: 22/10/2018

Salary: approx. 35k€/year (before taxes)


The candidate must have been graduated with a M.Sc degree (and no more than 4 years fulltime research experience) at the hiring date (latest 1st of December, 2018), must not have spent (lived or worked) more than 12 months in France during the past 3 years and comply to the eligibility rules of the University of Strasbourg1.


We are currently seeking a PhD Candidate to be enrolled in a prestigious H2020 program context (MSCA-ITN-PROTOMET). The candidate must have an M.Sc degree in Bio-Engineering, Physics, Biotechnology or Biomedical engineering and shows a strong interest in multidisciplinary research. The candidate should be keen on learning new skills and expertise, be able to interact with other researchers with complementary scientific backgrounds in order to boost the project outcomes. She/he will be fully integrated in a Start-up environment thus also participating in business activities and learning how to drive the path to market of disruptive technologies.

The candidate will be directly interacting with the top management (CTO and CEO) of the company thus having the opportunity to understand in deep the entrepreneur mindset. Teaching to young scientists entrepreneurship skills is part of Cherry Biotech's strategy to valorize science in Europe, she/he will be enrolled in the first Entrepreneurship school for hardware/biotech valorization.


ProtoMet Project (“Protometabolic pathways: exploring the chemical roots of systems biology”).


PhD Project Title

Conception and development of microfluidic systems dedicated to mimic metabolic pathways in a system biology approach (Lab on a Chip).

Scientific synopsis

Metabolism is the organic chemistry of life in water. Therefore, organic chemistry serves as the foundation from which all of the projects grow. The chemistry of life does not proceed without control and without providing some type of tangible benefit to a cell. Instead, molecules are shuttled down competing reaction paths in response to the needs of the cell. Such regulatory control in contemporary organisms generally comes from the activity of protein enzymes, some of which may have emerged from shorter, prebiotic, peptide sequences. The ability to regulate flux ultimately derives from the controlled lowering of activation energy barriers. However, product inhibition could impede metabolic flux. Encapsulation within selectively permeable vesicles would solve this problem by functioning similarly to a dialysis bag that releases smaller, hydrolysed end products.

ProtoMet will exploit this small set of chemical reactions to demonstrate the interconnecting, life-like complexity that can emerge from a network of overlapping chemical pathways.

The consortium

ProtoMet will train young, entrepreneurial, early stage researchers (ESRs) to see biotechnology through the lens of fundamental chemistry. This will be achieved by investigating the chemical roots of metabolism.

ProtoMet is multidisciplinary and intersectoral in combining organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, biochemistry, engineering, and philosophy into a cohesive research program.

The ProtoMet consortium consists of six outstanding academic groups that run Systems Chemistry and Synthetic Biology research programs, plus four companies that will help translate fundamental studies into innovative technologies.


Aim of the PhD Project

Development of a microfluidic device (Lab on a Chip) aimed at controlling and checking physical parameters that, once integrated with the consortium partners’ developments, will allow simulating inner cell environment and obtained controlled chemical reactions. The whole system will be designed, conceived and then validated in collaboration with the other Protomet partners.

On the other hand, the PhD project also aims to be a useful experience and a unique opportunity for the PhD candidate to experience the complex and existing journey of bridging academic research and industrial innovation. He will be welcomed in a dynamic start-up environment, learning about scientific results valorization, industrialization and entrepreneurship, while also interacting with all the different hierarchical levels.

The PhD title will be awarded by the University of Strasbourg under the co-direction of Prof. Joseph Moran2.

Candidate Profile

The essentials: excellent English skills; a strong interest in understanding fundamental biochemical process; capability to find technical solutions. She/he should be fascinated by systems biology and Lab on a Chip technologies. The candidate is willing to work in a fast and dynamic start-up culture; interested in learn the entrepreneurship mindset; be open-minded and able to work in multi-cultural and diverse environment. Candidate is keen to think out of the box and use creativity to solve problems.

Finally: She/he is ready to integrate in the specific culture of Cherry Biotech: Pareto, empathy, tolerance to ambiguity, customer care but also have fun.

Candidate Main Responsibilities

The candidate will be responsible of the follow up of the ProtoMet scheduled activities (research and training, deliverables, articles and communications). Furthermore, the candidate will have to assimilate the Cherry Biotech’s culture and mindset.


How to Apply

Send a CV and a motivation letter to our Innovation Unit3: innovation@cherrybiotech.com mentioning “Protomet PhD recruitment” in the subject. The deadline for application is December the 15th, 2018.


1 http://ed.chimie.unistra.fr/admission-des-doctorants/conditions-pour-etre-candidat/


3 Personal data will be only used to select the candidates and can be shared within the consortium.

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