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A full-time indivisible position (1ETP) in the field of the socio-technical approach to architectural production

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    15/12/2018 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
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A full-time indivisible position (1ETP) in the field of the socio-technical approach to architectural production, with a maximum of 250 teaching hours, including lectures and practical work, combined with research activities and involvement in the life of the University. This field is developed under the research axis High Quality and Sustainable Built Environment.

General context:

Building today has reached a level of extreme complexity. This complexity is twofold: on the one hand, the materials and techniques available are continuously expanding and evolving. On the other hand, we are experiencing unprecedented augmentation of quantitative and qualitative demands (standardised or non-standardised), resulting in a multiplication of the actors involved or to be involved in the process.

Among the phenomena driving this movement, "sustainability" encourages us to question, both locally and globally, our societal choices and their impact on the architectural discipline in order to identify the principles that will guide us with relevance and realism towards a "sustainable and socially based architecture".

Understanding and mastering this double movement requires a knowledge of historical trajectories, along with a significant understanding of the contemporary reality of the discipline. Such an attitude requires sharing knowledge with communities of practice in order to address these principles within a realistic framework of actions and actors. This is something that the University has to provide through its teaching, its research, and the partnerships it nourishes, in particular with the political and professional world.

It requires an exploration of potentials within design processes combined with an in-depth analysis of built components. A key challenge is to address the cleavages between, on the one hand technical, social and economic dimensions of architectural production, and on the other hand, its theoretical quality (supported among others by norms and regulations) and effective quality (involving constructors and users).

A critical analysis of the contribution of science and technology will contribute to a socio-technical and systemic approach of designed, produced and experienced architecture. It is based on a reflexive approach of present social, technological and regulatory challenges.

This research/teaching field will be developed in close collaboration with other Faculties, i.e. Humanities and Social Sciences (psychology, anthropology, sociology, economy…), the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

It will support research and training through research, as in the "Healing environment" project, as well as lifetime learning in project management assistance (AMO).

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Additional comments

Initially covering a four-year period, the position could lead to a permanent post following the scheduled three-year assessment.

Additional information about research and education activities is available from the Faculty of Architecture: M. Jean-Philippe POSSOZ – tel.: +32 4 366 56 36 – JP.Possoz@uliege.be

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Offer Requirements

    Architecture: PhD or equivalent


The applicant will hold a PhD or Doctorate in the field described above.

They should have a solid background or significant experience in the field of sciences and techniques applied to architecture. He/she should also demonstrate a socio-technical and systemic view of architecture in its produced and experienced dimensions.

They should demonstrate a reflexive attitude to social, technical and regulatory change. Experience in humanities and social science is an important asset.

They should also be able to demonstrate professionalism and be able to develop a critical view with regard to his/her work. An involvement in research oriented towards professional practice can be considered an asset if it contributes to the experience of the applicant in the field.

They will have to integrate a community of teaching practice and research, in order to support the field and faculty development through active collaborations with his/her colleagues.

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