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    14/11/2018 12:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Project leader:

Roman J. Szczesny


Project title:

Mitochondrial double-stranded RNA: its origin, turnover and involvement in human diseases.

The project is carried out within the FIRST TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science.


Project description:

A PhD student position is available in the Laboratory of RNA Biology and Functional Genomics, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The laboratory is located in one of the best research institutions in Poland. The home institute is very well-equipped and localized in the Ochota research campus, where other life sciences institutes are placed.


We are looking for a highly motivated candidate who would like to join a mitochondrial research group working under the supervision of dr. Roman Szczesny. The main aim of the project is to gain insight into double-stranded RNA metabolism in human mitochondria.

In collaboration with a few other teams we have recently found that the transcription of the mitochondrial genome is a major source of dsRNA in humans (Dhir, Borowski…. Szczesny & Proudfoot, Nature, 2018). We discovered that dsRNA can be released from mitochondria, which results in activation of the innate immune system and can contribute to human disease. We revealed that the mitochondrial degradosome, a complex of RNA helicase SUV3 and ribonuclease PNPase, is responsible for controlling the levels of mitochondrial dsRNA (mt-dsRNA). To identify other proteins involved in mt-dsRNA metabolism we conducted a genome-wide siRNA screen, where the level of mt-dsRNA was measured by high-throughput fluorescent microscopy. This resulted in the identification of several putative factors related to mt-dsRNA, including known mtRNA players as well as proteins whose link to mtRNA metabolism was unexpected.

The project mostly builds on our yet unpublished results and will be the continuation of our research into dsRNA of mitochondrial origin. Our long term goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of dsRNA metabolism in human mitochondria and explore potential links between mt-dsRNA and human diseases.


We offer ambitious scientific goals, friendly and stimulating scientific environment, well-equipped laboratory, ability to apply various research strategies (including high-throughput siRNA screenings, proteomics, NGS-based studies), strong support from the technical staff.

Eligibility criteria

Master degree in biology, biochemistry, genetics or other related life science discipline.

The successful candidate will need to be enrolled at the School of Molecular Biology IBB PAS: https://www.ibb.waw.pl/pl/struktura/szkola-biologii-molekularnej https://www.facebook.com/DoktoranciIbb

Selection process

Selection process:

Application deadline is 14-11-2018, 12:00:00 (local time).

Applications submitted after the deadline will be still considered if positions are not filed.

Selected candidates will be invited for interview (interview via Skype is possible).

Application deadline:

14-11-2018, 12:00:00 (local time)

Additional comments

Please include in your offer:

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Required Research Experiences

    Biological sciencesBiology
    1 - 4

Offer Requirements

    Biological sciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent


Key responsibilities include:

  1. Establishing an improved NGS-based protocol for analysis of mitochondrial dsRNA.
  2. Performing functional studies of selected mt-dsRNA factors.


Profile of candidate/requirements:

  1. Master degree in biology, biochemistry, genetics or other related life science discipline.
  2. Passion for science, love of experimental research, creativity.
  3. Ability to work independently as well as in a team.
  4. Ability to analyze data and draw conclusions.
  5. Outstanding university records.
  6. Good communication and organization skills.
  7. At least one year of experience in experimental research (molecular and/or cellular biology).
  8. Interest in various life science disciplines would be an advantage.
  9. Any experience in next-generation sequencing or involvement in studies on mitochondrial biology would be an advantage.
  10. The successful candidate will need to be enrolled at the School of Molecular Biology IBB PAS: https://www.ibb.waw.pl/pl/struktura/szkola-biologii-molekularnej https://www.facebook.com/DoktoranciIbb

Specific Requirements

Required documents:

  1. CV including scientific achievements, short description of research project(s) conducted so far, list of known/used methods by the applicant, any other relevant information (prizes, honors, IT skills, organization of scientific meetings)
  2. Copy of MSc diploma or any other document which confirms MSc promotion
  3. List of academic grades (diploma supplement), if available
  4. Contact information for at least one professional reference
  5. Optional documents: reference letter(s), motivation letter - summary and relevance of your current research and why you are interested in the position (maximum 1 page, Calibri, 12 pts)
  6. All documents (written in English or Polish) should be merged into one pdf file. The file should be named as follows: Last name_First name_CV.pdf
  7. After evaluation of submitted documents selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Pawinskiego 5a

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