PhD Studentship in Fisheries and Integrated Ecosystem Analysis

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PhD Studentship 


The FishKOSM project is a collaborative project between the Marine Institute, UCC, GMIT, AFBI and QUB, funded by DAFM. The project aims to generate the knowledge needed to support an ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) aligned with the Common Fisheries Policy and Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), using management strategy evaluation and ecological risk analysis. At the core, we propose to build multi-species marine community models to calculate and evaluate maximum sustainable yield (MSY) management targets. These targets refer to mixed fisheries and the use of marine biological resources, conditioned by good ecological status in terms of risk to wider ecosystem and vulnerable species. Sustainable yield will be interpreted broadly in terms of ecosystem, economic and social objectives in the multi-species context. FishKOSM will provide information specifically on fisheries related pressures and impacts. In this part of the project we will use a wider Integrated Ecosystem Analysis (IEA), which will allows us to quantify the relative impacts of all human activities, induced pressures and ecosystem components.

The studentship will involve developing IEA work, and linking that to Ecological Risk Analysis. The student will use expert panel sessions working with scientists (similar to that used in ODEMM (Options for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Management (Knights et al. 2015)) and extend that to include stakeholders in defining the risks and threats to the whole marine ecosystem. The stakeholders would include fishers, eNGOs and the wider public including fellow students. The aim would be to identify where these stakeholders differed in perceptions from the “experts” and why. Depending on the selected candidate’s skills and aptitudes, there would be scope to explore a number of other avenues of research within IEA and ODEMM, for example:

  • Linking the outputs from the FishKOSM and other modelling work into the existing ODEMM or with stakeholder views.
  • Linking outputs to identify future challenges e.g. due to climate change, changes in fishing etc.
  • Developing the ODEMM to identify linkages with Ecosystem Goods and Services, and identify risks to those
  • Based on the above, identify management approaches that could address these risks.
  • Undertake formal, quantitative risk assessments for the main identified threats from the ODEMM analysis.
  • Include approaches to work with multiple pressures on a given ecosystem component. Identifying components subject to multiple pressures is straightforward, but identifying ways to integrate these would be the challenge – are they synergistic, additive or antagonistic.
  • Incorporate new understandings of ecosystem resilience into the assessment. Currently we consider resilience to be reflected by longevity. But new approaches to resilience are emerging that would make this much more sophisticated.
  • Include a more focused examination of “fishing” to include the gears used and other aspects of fishing behaviour.

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Additional comments

Qualified candidates should send their applications with a covering letter, a CV and names of two academic references - to: Prof. Emer Rogan (E.Rogan@ucc.ie), on or before the 19th October 2018. Informal enquiries can be made to Prof. Dave Reid (David.Reid@Marine.ie) or Prof. Emer Rogan (E.Rogan@ucc.ie).

We would anticipate that students would register in January 2019.

Closing date: 19th October 2018.

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