Post-doctoral Fellowship in Taxonomy and Molecular Phylogeny of Marine Macroalgae

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We are looking for a post-doc to develop research project at the Center for Research in Phycology, under the supervision of Dr Mutue Toyota Fujii, aiming to diagnose the seaweed biodiversity and to certify the identifications of scientific collections of the Institute of Botany, through morphological and molecular data.

The project, with the total duration of 12 months will be funded by São Paulo State Research Foundation – FAPESP (www.fapesp.br/en), through its Post-doctoral Fellowship (http://fapesp.br/en/4479), as part of the Institutional Project “Challenges for biodiversity conservation in the face of climate change, pollution and soil use and occupation” (grant number 2017/50341-0). The selected candidate will receive a fellowship from FAPESP for 12 months in the monthly amount of BRL 7,174.80 free of Income Taxes, and an additional 02 months abroad with the value according to the FAPESP table.

1. Description of the Institute

The Institute of Botany, belonging to the Secretariat for the Environment of the State of São Paulo (SMA), has a long tradition in scientific research directed to know and preserve the plant and fungi biodiversity from the existing biomes in the State of São Paulo. Its scientific staff has different specialties, covering the different areas of Botany, including: taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, ecology and biotechnology. Researchers at the Center for Research in Phycology, in particular, develop scientific projects in the following topics: biodiversity, biogeography, ecology, ecophysiology, chemistry of toxins and others metabolites of algae and cyanobacteria.

2. Position summary and required experience

The post-doc investigator will carry out studies about identification of seaweeds, DNA extraction of historical and contemporary material, use of computer programs for sequence editing, phylogenetic analysis and tree editing and ability to conduct scientific discussions based on scientific publications. The post-doc will also help other researchers from the Phycology Center in supervising undergraduate and post-graduate students, developing other projects and writing and revising scientific papers. The fellowship demands full time dedication to the research project.

The following prerequisites are required for the application:

a) PhD in Plant Biodiversity or equivalent area, with emphasis on taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of seaweeds or equivalent area;
b) The title must have been obtained no longer than five years;
c) Previous knowledge and experience in identifying diagnostic reproductive and morphological characters at different hierarchical levels of seaweeds, as well as ability to handle equipment and computational programs for molecular analysis, substantiated by publication of at least two articles as the first author in high impact refereed journals;
d) It is desirable that candidates already have had postdoctoral experience and carried out courses in phylogenetic analysis
e) Fluent English. 

3. Documents required for application 

3.1. A motivation letter evidencing your intention and pre-requisites required (200 words maximum);
3.2. Curriculum vitae showing your experience and highlighting your publications in indexed scientific journals according to FAPESP instructions (short CV FAPESP Instructions -http://www.fapesp.br/en/6351; 04 pages maximum);
3.3. Two recommendation letters. 

The candidates' curriculum, considering profile and trajectory, with proven experience on the topics described above, scientific quality of the proposal and its compliance with the research line, are key elements in the selection process. Please, send ALL the information as a SINGLE.pdf file to Mutue Toyota Fujii (mtfujii@ibot.sp.gov.br). 

4. Deadlines for application and result 

The applications will be received until 15 August 2018. The candidate will receive an email with the final decision.

More information about the fellowship is at fapesp.br/oportunidades/2257.

More Information

Eligibility criteria

Eligible destination country/ies for fellows:

  • Brazil

Eligibility of fellows: country/ies of residence:

  • All

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  • All

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São Paulo
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