Post-doc position – Structure, function and roles of nitric oxide synthases in algal responses to environmental stresses

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    09/06/2018 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
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*Job description:*

A two years post-doc position is available to investigate the structure, function and role of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in algae.
NOS are the main enzymatic sources for nitric oxide (NO) in mammals. We recently demonstrated that although these enzymes are absent in land plants, they are conserved in few algal species.
First sequences and in silico analyses revealed that algal NOSs display specific features (Jeandroz et al., Science Signaling 2016, 9(417):re2; Santolini et al., Nitric Oxide 2017, 63:30-38).
By combining biochemical, biophysical, cellular and physiological approaches, our current efforts are directed at deciphering the structural features, enzymatic properties, regulation and physiological roles of the NOS from the algae Klebsormidium flaccidum and Cosmarium subtumidum.
The role of these proteins and of their enzymatic products (mainly NO) in algae growth, innate immunity and responses to abiotic stresses will be particularly analyzed through the identification of their protein partners and of proteins undergoing S-nitrosylation, a NO-dependent post-translational protein modification.

*Desired skills and experience :*

We seek a highly motivated individual with experience in protein biochemistry, NO production and signalling. Individuals with experience in plant immunity and S-nitrosylation, are especially desired.

*Minimum Requirements:*

* Graduation from an accredited university with a PhD in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
* Experience in working with plants
* Ability to handle and process detail-oriented documentation and meet designated research deadlines
* Excellent in writing, reading and communicating in English
* The ability to work independently and efficiently within the research lab
* Must be team-oriented, flexible, and able to communicate with others
* Minimum of 2 year(s) post-doc experience would be preferable.

Supervisors: WENDEHENNE David, david.wendehenne@u-bourgogne.fr (or david.wendehenne@inra.fr)

*Host laboratory :*

Agroecology Joint Research Unit - UMR 1347 - AgroSup Dijon INRA/Université de Bourgogne ; Plant-Microorganism Interactions Department - ERL CNRS 6003 ; team Immunity and Signalling

*Address Host laboratory:* INRA, 17 rue Sully, BP 86510 , 21065 Dijon cedex France

*URL Host laboratory:*


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Contract duration: 24 months
Application deadline: 2018/06/15
Anticipated starting date: 2018/09/01
Keywords : Algae, Nitric Oxide Synthase, Nitric Oxide Signalling, Plants, Protein Biochemistry, S-nitrosylation

*Application :*

Please send the following documents (all in one PDF file) by e-mail to job-application@ubfc.fr:

* *For EU candidates:* Copy of your national ID card or of your passport page where your photo is printed.

* *For non-EU candidates*: Copy of your passport page where your photo is printed.

2) Curriculum Vitae (may include hyperlinks to your ResearchID, Research Gate Google Scholar accounts).

3) Detailed list of publications (may include hyperlinks to DOI of publications).

4) Letter of motivation relatively to the position (Cover Letter) in which applicants describe themselves and their contributions to previous research projects (maximum 2 pages)

5) Copy of your PhD degree if already available.

6) Coordinates of reference persons (maximum 3, at least your master thesis supervisor): Title, Name, organization, e-mail.

If you have questions regarding the application, please contact the supervisors.

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Postgraduate - Doctorate/PhD

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