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    22/02/2018 12:00 - Europe/London
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The Dean of the Medical Faculty Medical University of Gdansk hereby opens a competition for the position of assistant professor - a didactic and research university employeea full time academic teacher - Department of Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery (a fixed term employment contract)

The competition may be entered by candidates who meet the requirements stipulated in Art. 109 of the Act of 2005, July 27, the Law on Higher Education (Journal of Laws No. 164, item 1365 as amended), and in particular:

  1. have full legal capacity,
  2. have not been sentenced by any legally binding decision for intentional offence,
  3. have not received any disciplinary penalty specified in Art. 140 Item 1 Point 4 (i.e. the penalty of being deprived of the right to practise the profession of academic teacher either permanently or temporarily),
  4. enjoy full civil rights,

and meet the requirements for the position in particular:

  • hold the title of M.D. and an irrevocable licence of practising the profession
  • hold a scientific Ph.D degree in medical sciences
  • hold the title of a specialist in cardiosurgeryand hold the title of a specialist in clinical transplantology
  • obtaining a postdoctoral degree within the period of employment is viable
  • heir research interests are clearly defined, confirmed by publication of the obtained results (including publications based on the Ph.D. dissertation);
  • can demonstrate their scientific achievements (literary output at least 75 MNiSW points, IF at least 3,0);
  • have a good command of the English language
  • have excellent command of the Polish language,
  • candidate's statement to the effect that when qualified for employment through this competition, the Medical University of Gdansk will be his or her primary place of work as defined by the Law.

Selection process

Candidates entering the competition must submit the following documents to the Human Resources and Financial Department, Medical University of Gdansk , ul. M. Sklodowskiej-Curie 3a Room 307(tel. 48-58-349-10-16, 48-58-349-11-07):

  • a written statement about entering into the competition ,
  • personal questionnaire,
  • information on candidate's scientific achievements so far, the research topic, organisational attainments, and the prospects of earning the habilitated doctor’s degree,
  • the list of publications and the information about point classification (Impact Factor and the scores from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the number of citations), the magazines that have published candidate's scientific papers or articles,
  • diploma stating the professional titles the candidate has earned (along with the supplement),
  • PhD diploma, or habilitated doctor’s diploma,
  • have a currently valid licence,
  • professional specialization documents if any,
  • copies of the former employment records and certificate of current employment,
  • candidate's statement on his satisfying the requirements quoted in Art. 109, item 1 points 2,3,4,5 of the Law on Higher Education,
  • candidate's statement to the effect that when qualified for employment through this competition, the Medical University of Gdansk will be his or her primary place of work as defined by the Law,
  • candidate's consent to the processing their personal information.

The deadline for the submission of documents is 2018, February 22

The possible date of settling the competition – within two months z after the closing date for document submission.

The Medical University of Gdansk will not secure any accommodations.

Offer Requirements

    POLISH: Mother Tongue
    ENGLISH: Good
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