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    Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences
    ChemistryHeterogeneous catalysis
    Environmental science
    Established Researcher (R3)
    10/06/2018 17:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Poland › Warsaw

Research studies in the frame of OPUS 13 project entitled “Understanding the mechanism of lignin-based model molecules selective conversions to phenolics via ultrasound-assisted heterogeneous photocatalysis” funded by the National Science Centre in Poland (based on the National Science Centre OPUS 13 Call Regulations).


Highly competitive Polish salary for a Full Time contract for 18 months and full social benefits, including health and retirement insurance. In special cases it is possible to allocate guest rooms at the Institute.

Eligibility criteria

a. Creativity measured by the quality and number of scientific publications in which the candidate is the first author, corresponding author, or a significant author (the importance of the candidate's work in a given publication may be highlighted by the corresponding author/person conducting the research in a separate letter to the committee) and patent applications/patents and/or implementation (if applicable);
b. Mobility in his/her scientific career (including completed research internships, change in the scientific profile, internships and work in industry);
c. The number of citations of the candidate's work, especially those works in which the candidate is the first author, corresponding author or a significant author (if applicable);
d. Creativity measured by the quality and number of research projects the candidate has led and publications resulting from implementation of these projects (if applicable);

Selection process

As part of the competition proceedings candidates may be requested to publically present the results of their hitherto work in the form of a seminar and/or interview (on-site or online) at the IPC PAS and/or for additional clarification.
Candidates who have been issued a negative opinion by the Competition Committee have the right to appeal against the results of the evaluation. The appeal shall be lodged with the Director of the Institute within 7 days from the date of receipt of the negative recommendation of the Competition Committee. The decision of the Director of the Institute is final.
Competition applications should be sent by e-mail to Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Colmenares (jcarloscolmenares@ichf.edu.pl ) and/or to the following address:
Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
ul. Kasprzaka 44/52, 01-224 Warsaw
Please write on the envelope: "Competition for the position of Postdoc in Colmenares’s group "
The deadline for the submission of applications is 10.June.2018 at 17 p.m
The Competition results shall be made known on 02.July.2018.
Employment shall be in accordance with the National Science Centre in Poland (OPUS 13 Call Regulations) and the Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAS regulations for a period of eighteen (18) months and it is planned that the winner of the competition will start to work tentatively from September 2018 (in the case that the winner of the competition resigns from signing the contract, this position will be awarded to the second person from the ranking list).
The employee's remuneration shall be financed by OPUS 13 Project Nr. 2017/25/B/ST8/01592.

Required Research Experiences

    4 - 10

Offer Requirements

    Chemistry: PhD or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent

Specific Requirements

1. A job application. 2. Curriculum vitae. 3. A summary of professional accomplishments (not exceeding 3500 characters), containing concise information about scientific interests, past achievements pointing out the three most important ones, participation in and running research projects and the candidate's own research plans. 4. A scan or photocopy of the candidate's university degree. 5. A scan or photocopy of the candidate's post-graduate degree. 6. A list of publications indicating a maximum of five of the most important studies carried out in the last 5 years of the candidate's research work (after deduction of breaks in research), patent applications, patents, implementations, research projects. 7. The number of citations of publications without self-citations, the h index and the number of years worked effectively in science (after deduction of breaks), (if applicable). 8. Information about any breaks in performing research work, e.g. maternity leave, internship in industry, etc. (if applicable). When assessing the achievements of the candidate the Competition Committee shall take into account breaks in research and shall convert the candidate's indicated achievements into effective years of scientific work. 9. A list of research projects (application, implementation), which were headed by the candidate or where he/she was the main researcher and 1-3 most important publications that were a result of the implementation of this project, or other tangible results of the project (if applicable). 10. At least two opinions of the candidate from independent researchers, a specialist in the field of heterogeneous (photo)catalysis and sonochemistry. 11. Consent to the processing of the candidate's personal data for the purposes of the competition: http://ichf.edu.pl/gen_inf/gen_pl/formul/zgoda_na_przetwarzanie_danych_o... 12. The candidate's declaration he/she has become acquainted with the General Rules Governing Competitions for Research Posts at the IPC PAS in Warsaw.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Kasprzaka 44/52

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