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    01/12/2017 23:00 - Europe/Athens
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Enhancing cellular reprogramming by directed factor evolution


My laboratory studies the sequence-function relationship of transcription factor (TF) mediated cell fate conversions to help decoding the molecular basis for genome regulation. We use structural modeling and quantitative biochemical assays to analyze the formation of TF complexes on regulatory DNA in combination with deep sequencing and bioinformatics techniques. Lesson learned from these studies allowed us to rationally engineer pluripotency and lineage reprogramming factors with enhanced and switched function. The future direction of the laboratory is to combine rational design with directed evolution in mammalian to identify artificially evolved biomolecules that more effectively direct cell fates. The vision of this program is that artificial reprogramming factor evolution presents a general paradigm that can be applied to any biomolecule-driven cell conversion system with utility in regenerative biomedicine. I seek to recruited energetic students to join my group at the University to join this endeavor.


Themes and projects in the laboratory

  1. High-throughput biochemistry and biophysics to elucidate the molecular basis for the combinatorial reprogramming factor function
  2. Developing methods for the re-engineering of endogenous reprogramming factors by the directed evolution in mammalian cells
  3. Decoding the molecular basis for the enhanced activity of artificially evolved reprogramming factors
  4. Applying directed factor evolution in direct lineage reprogramming to produce functional cells for regenerative biomedicine


Message from Graduate School

The University is now inviting applications for admission to MPhil and PhD programmes for 2018-19.

To encourage students with outstanding academic performance to join our programmes, fellowships/ scholarships are offered as follows:

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You may wish to know that the University Grants Committee (UGC) will assess institutions’ performance in research postgraduate (RPg) training through various indicators, including the entry quality of the incoming RPg students and the institutional successful rate in the HKPF Scheme. It is crucial for the University to demonstrate her ability in attracting top students and therefore, academic staff members are strongly encouraged to reach out to outstanding students, inviting them to apply for our RPg programmes and the HKPF Scheme. The application periods are as follows:

Hong Kong PhD Fellowships (HKPF)

Initial application to the Research Grants Council: September – December 1, 2017 noon

Full application to HKU: September – December 1, 2017

Main round application

September – December 1, 2017

Please note that MPhil students should enrol on either September 1, 2018 or January 1, 2019, and PhD students can enrol on the first day of any calendar month. As for the awardees of Hong Kong PhD Fellowships, students are expected to start their studies on September 1, 2018.


As many of our research postgraduate students are HKU graduates, your support and encouragement is vital for the maintenance of a vibrant research postgraduate programme. Please remind your students so that they will not miss the deadline. Because of limited places, it is to their advantage to apply early in the aforesaid application exercise.

This year, the Graduate School has produced some new videos and is pleased to share with you the following links (for showing to potential applicants where appropriate):

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    Biological sciences: Bachelor Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent
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