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Early Stage Researcher (Ph.D. student) position on development of novel devices for synthesis of drug delivery systems in ophthalmological applications

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    InoCure s.r.o.
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    15/03/2018 12:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Czech Republic › Prague
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

We invite applications for a three-year Early Stage Researcher (Ph.D. student) position being part of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Initial Training Network transMed. The young researcher will be involved in a transMed project focused on development of novel devices and drug delivery systems in ophthalmological applications. The research position is focused on the development of novel devices for synthesis of drug delivery systems by cutting-edge electrospinning and electrospraying technologies. The position will be focused on development of novel electrospinning and electrospraying systems, characterization of particle properties, simulation of electrospinning and electrospraying using computer modelling, practical electrical and mechanical engineering, programming of advanced automation technologies, writing of publications, patents and product development including regulatory requirement.

The position is connected with enrolment in a PhD program at the Technical University in Liberec (top university in the field of electrospinning and nanotechnology).

transMed integrates partners across fields, sectors and countries. The PhD training program under transMed delivers training opportunities with top universities in the field and practical training courses delivering knowledge transfer from all project partners.


The work will be focused on practical training and research activities focused on gaining of maximal knowledge transfer and successful completion of PhD studies.

Specific research activities will be focused on the development of novel systems for electrospraying and electrospinning. The systems will be utilized within InoCure and transMed program for synthesis of novel drug delivery systems. The topic addresses socially important issue with the potential to treat retinal degeneration and blindness.

The activities during the enrolment will be specifically focused on:

  1. Computer simulation of electrospinning and electrospraying devices – modelling in COMSOL and Ansys for solving of most relevant topics in field of production of nanofibers and nanoparticles. The work will be focused mainly on optimal computer-aided design of emitter for production of nanosystems, optimization of electric-field distribution, air-flow and collection device design. The results of computer simulation will be further verified in practical use.
  2. Design and construction of devices for production of fibers and particles. The theoretical concepts will be verified by practical building of prototypes and devices. The work will include manufacturing by CNC milling, CNC drilling, welding, 3D printing (FFF and SLA), laser cutting and additional manufacturing technologies. Beside mechanical engineering, the student will be trained in electrical engineering and programming of automated devices (InoCure is partner of OMRON). This will enable to transform concepts to practical work.
  3. Certification and adaptation for GMP production. The work will include training in device development and certification in compliance with regulations for use in medical production.
  4. Development of particles by cutting-edge electrospraying and electrospinning technology – the student will be additionally trained in basic nanotechnological development – our team work on development of advanced drug delivery systems based on core/shell technologies, emulsion technologies, microfluidic and needleless high-throughput technologies. Besides production of systems, the training will include characterization methods by advanced microscopic (electron microscopy, confocal microscopy), analytical technologies (fluorescence spectroscopy, UV Vis spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy) and biochemical methods (i.e. interaction with proteins).
  5. Soft skills transfer – the successful candidate will be enrolled in research and development activities. The research skills will include preparation of research papers, newsletters, grant proposals, patents and presentations. The development and business skill will include development of business materials, management of applied projects, communication with certification agencies, development of standard operation protocols and quality testing.
  6. Training – enrolment in the transMed PhD program facilitates access to courses and secondments which deliver new knowledge, strengthens bonds between all PhD students and experienced researchers involved in the project.

Beside these activities we highly encourage initiative for new ideas and directions of both research and development.


  • Highly competitive salary based on Marie Sklodowska Curie Initial Training Network provisions.
  • Funds to participate in training activities of the transMed network.
  • Funds for presence on international conferences.

Eligibility criteria

The successful candidate should have finished a master degree or an equivalent degree. In addition, due to project requirements he or she:

  • shall not have worked/studied in the Czech republic longer than 12 months in the past 3 years
  • shall be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of his/her research career
  • shall have a degree allowing him/her to start a PhD thesis in the Czech republic (master degree or equivalent)
  • shall not have been awarded a doctoral degree

Additional comments

Please send your CV and a letter of intent to Matej Buzgo at info@inocure.cz

Required Research Experiences

    1 - 4

Offer Requirements

    Engineering: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good


We are searching for an Early Stage Researcher / PhD student who is interested and should have experience in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer modelling, chemical engineering and/or nanotechnology.

    The candidate should be communicative, innovative and passionate about development of novel tools and systems for medical and life-science. Our team is dynamic and combines knowledge across engineering, nanotechnology, material engineering, biology and medicine. The candidate should feel comfortable in rapidly evolving projects and in searching new and innovative solutions for problems.


    Other languages (except English): Optional Czech or Slovak, level: basic


    Specific Requirements

    1. Experience with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer modeling in COMSOL/ANSYS or equivalent program.
    2. Interest in development of hi-tech devices, nanotechnology, material science and/or pharmacology.
    3. Researcher is not afraid of working with high voltage and volatile solvents
    4. Researcher is willing to work both in development and construction of devices.
    5. Experience with automated system programming (PCL OMRON, Siemens and/or ARDUINO), electrostatics and nanotechnology is big advantage.

    Work location(s)
    1 position(s) available at
    InoCure s.r.o.
    Czech Republic
    156 00
    K Sadkam 158

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