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ERC DiGe: 4 fixed-term collaborators (“collaborazione coordinata e continuativa”) to assist with research and fieldwork (ERC project DiGe - Ethnobotany of divided generations in the context of centralization)

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    Ca' Foscari University of Venice
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    01/12/2017 12:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Italy › Venice - Mestre
    H2020 / ERC
    ERC-2016-StG 714874

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice aims to identify 4 collaborator(s) to assist in the implementation of the ERC DiGe project activities via the comparison of the candidates’ curriculum vitae and interviews. 

The University is seeking candidates for the following role(s): assistance in research and field work.

More specifically, the candidate(s) selected will be assigned the following tasks and activities:

  • Four assistant researcher positions are available within the research project “DiGe: Ethnobotany of divided generations in the context of centralization”. The project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC-2016-StG 714874) and all positions are offered for 9 month.
  • The successful applicants will form a team of ten researchers whose collaborative effort will lead to creating an advanced understanding of the mechanisms of change in the practical use of plants for food, healing and ethnoveterinary medicine. This research will evaluate the effects of centralization (in education, medicine and government policies) and the sudden termination of such entralization with the subsequent impact of the attempted revival of discontinued traditional ethnobotanical knowledge. Four case studies will be conducted within compact but divided ethnic minorities that, for shorter (25 years: – Setu (between Estonia and Russia) and the Dzūkija region (Lithuania/Belorussia/Poland)) or longer (70 years – North Karelia (Finland/Russia) and Bukovina (Ukaine/Romania)) periods, have been subjected to various influences affecting their plant use as well as very different social conditions (including welfare and economy).
  • Applicants must be prepared for lengthy fieldtrips (up to 3 consecutive months in the field). Successful applicants are expected to take part in all joint project activities as well as in relevant research and educational activities and work as an integral part of the team. Candidates are expected to be in residence in Venice for the duration of the employment, except during data collection.


At the end of the selection process, a contract for 9 months of external employment of the type known in Italy as a Collaborazione coordinata e continuativa will be drawn up for the candidate(s) chosen for the appointment(s). The compensation indicated in the contract will be the total pay in 13 000 euros for the 9-month period (gross amount for the recipient).

The compensation will be paid to the selected candidate(s) in monthly installments on the basis of the progress of the activities that the appointment(s) requires to be carried out.

Selection process

Selection process

The selection will be carried out by a specially organized Committee, which will assess the knowledge and skills demonstrated by the candidates’ curriculum vitae and interviews.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation of application, CV and publications.

The convocation of candidates who merit an interview will be communicated by the Selection Committee via the email address indicated by each candidate in his or her application.

The candidates admitted to the interview must present themselves on the appointed day.

Candidates living farther than 200 Kms from Venice may ask to hold a telematic interview.

Results of the selection process

At the end of the selection process, the Selection Committee will prepare a report indicating the results and identifying who has been selected for the appointment(s)

Application Submission

Applications must be prepared using the appropriate form (Attachment 2 to the call for applications http://www.unive.it/phpapps/avv_selezione_personale/archivio/16527199_Ca...) and include a curriculum vitae, with both documents bearing the applicant’s signature; the application must be submitted no later than 1 December 2017, at midday, Bruxelles time.

The application including the candidate curriculum vitae can be delivered by:

  1. express courier: the complete application must arrive on 1 December 2017 before 12:00 am (full address available on attachment 2).
  2. a certified e-mail to the address protocollo@pec.unive.it

Applications that are unsigned or arrive after the deadline, regardless of the reason, will not be taken into consideration.

For more information, please contact Dr Renata Sõukand by e-mail: renata.soukand@unive.it



Additional comments


  1. Note that the deadline has been postponed and does not correspond to the one indicated in the pdf call. The final deadline is 1st December 2017, Midday, Bruxelles Time
  2. The call is now open to external candidates: therefore do not take into account art. 6 and 7 of the pdf file.


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